The subject of this sketch was born August 10, 1849, son of Watie Robinson and Diana Conrad, daughter of Hair Conrad, the first signer of the Constitution of 1839. Jefferson was educated at the public school in Tahlequah, and during the war served in the Federal army under Colonel Phillips, of the Indian Home Guards, being present at the battle of Cabin Creek and other engagements. At the conclusion of the war he followed lead mining for a livelihood for eight years, at Joplin, Mo. In 1875 Mr. Robinson married Miss Lou Rountree, by whom he had one son named Evans, born in 1880. In 1887 he married Annie O’Reilly, of Irish descent, daughter of John O’Reilly. For many years Mr. Robinson worked in and around Tahlequah, supplying water to the citizens and otherwise employing his time to the best advantage, conducting himself honorably and soberly throughout. The citizens of Tahlequah, to show their appreciation of Mr. Robinson’s diligence and usefulness, appointed him mayor of their chief town in December, 1891, which office he is now filling to the satisfaction of the citizens.