(See Oolootsa and Ross) -Frank Garland, son of William Hercules and Jennie (Lowrey) Martin, was born in Tahlequah District on August 9, 1884.

Jennie, daughter of Henry and Mary (Parris) Lowrey, married August 6, 1875 John Hubbard, born May 24, 1849. He died March 11, 1880.

She married on September 9, 1883, William Hercules Martin, born March 9, 1855.

By her first marriage she had two children, Joanna and Mary Hubbard; and by the second marriage her children were, consecutively: Frank Garland, Eugene Warren, William Henry, Susie Lowrey, Teresa Josephine, Ellen Cordelia, .Jennie, and Sequoyah Raymond Martin.