Cornatzer—Cyrus Cicero Cornatzer, whose Shawnee name is See-tah-way-see-cab, and who belongs to the Rabbit Clan, was born February 11, 1853 on One Hundred and Ten Mile Creek in Kansas Territory. He is the son of Samuel M. and Caroline Cornatzer. The former was born May 6, 1824 in Oxford, North Carolina, and the latter was born in December 1834.

Cyrus C. Cornatzer married Lydia J. Boggan March 23, 1871. Several years after her death he married on October 11, 1911 Miss Kate, daughter of Joseph Tyson and Martha Jane Zimmerman.

Cyrus C. Cornatzer was educated in the Johnson county Kansas schools; is a master Mason, and, elected Solicitor of the Delaware District August 4, 1879, and a member of the Council from Cooweescoowee District August 5, 1895 and August 7, 1899

Four were born to the first marriage: Cornelia B. born February 18, 1872; Ninia Jane, born May 22, 1873; one boy, early deceased, Walter Cyrus, born April 24, 1878. Ninia Jane married R. L Madison, Big Cabin, Oklahoma; Caroline B. married Earl Galbreath, Big Cabin, Oklahoma. Mrs. Kate Cornatzer is a sister of Mrs. J. C. Starr, Vinita, Oklahoma. Has two brothers H. Zimmerman, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Joseph Clarence Zimmerman, St. Joseph, Missouri.