Buffington, Charles Ross (See Grant, Downing and Daniel)—Charles Ross Buffington was born at Bryan’s chapel May 29, 1894, educated in the Cherokee public schools, Male Seminary and North Eastern State Normal. Was assigned to Co. C., 3 60th Inf. Reg. 90th Div., sailed for France June 14 1918, at Hampton Roads Dec. 30, 1910; discharged as Corp. at Ft. Sill Jan. 23, 1919. He is a member of the Pryor Post American Legion and the A. H. T. A. Returned to his home, took up school teaching and later became connected with the post office.

John Ross Buffington, born April 11, 1833, married Nancy Jane Bryan, born October 8, 1835. He died August 22, 1870 and she died December 12, 1888. They were the parents of John Buffington, born June 2, 1864, married July 6, 1891 Sadie Highland, born October 7, 1865 in Denver, Colorado. They are the parents of the subject of this sketch.