The subject of this sketch was born August 18, 1855, at Park Hill, five miles south of Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, the youngest son of the well-known missionary, Rev. Stephen Foreman, and Sarah E. Reilly, a Cherokee. Austin was sent to the public schools until his thirteenth year, after which he went to Cane Hill College, Arkansas, where he spent five years. On leaving school he went to Louisville, Kentucky, where he studied medicine for three years, and in 1876 graduated at Louisville Medical College. In the same year he went to Virginia, where he remained about twelve months, afterwards settling in Vinita, where he has been practicing his profession ever since. January 13, 1880, he married Miss Emma Ridenour, A Missourian, by whom he has one living child, named Ermina, born November 6, 1881. Dr. Foreman has a fine farm near Vinita, containing 640 acres, a large orchard, and home buildings that cost him $1,200, besides a small stock of cattle, horses, and mules. His handsome residence in Vinita is worth $3,000 while he has a good deal of property which he rents. Dr. Foreman has been practicing in Vinita for fifteen years, and stands among the highest. He has been one of the examining board of physicians for the past two years, also examining physician for several of the leading life insurance companies in the United States. Dr. Foreman is a member of the Methodist Church, and is a benevolent, charitable and good Christian. At one time he was an elder in the Presbyterian Church, but being persecuted for his belief in a certain religious rite by one of the brethren, he felt that he could do better Christian work elsewhere, and therefore joined the Methodists.