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Battle of the Big Hole

Map of Battle of the Big Hole

Map of Battle of the Big Hole

A History of General Gibbon’s Engagement with Nez Perce Indians in the Big Hole Valley, Montana, August 1877… referred to as the Battle of the Big Hole

When reading the history of any civilization it is important to remember there are two sides.  We have provided two different accounts of the Nez Percé Indian War this one and Northwestern Fights and Fighters. Josephs request for Compensation from the United States Government is also included – In the compensation article, read the portion Lands in the Wallowa Valley, Oregon, check the dates closely in comparison to this book.

Battle of the Big Hole TOC

Big Hole Battlefield Panorama

Big Hole Battlefield in 2003
Photograph by Phil Konstantin

The following is a list of the American soldiers casualties that occurred at the Battle of the Big Hole:

Killed Wounded
Officers Seventh Infantry 2 5*
Enlisted men Seventh Infantry 20 30§
Enlisted men Second Cavalry 1 1
Volunteers (citizens) 5 4
Bostwick (citizen)
Total 29 40
* One officer since died, §Ono enlisted man since died, Post guide at Fort Shaw.

John Gibbon
Colonel Seventh Infantry, Com’d’g Dist. Montana.
September 2, 1877.