Pvt. Clarence Spotted Wolf

Pvt. Clarence Spotted Wolf

“If I should be killed, I want you to bury me cession. It is pleasing to fancy the spirits of

One of the hills east of the place where my brave warriors long departed watching benign grandparents and brothers and sisters only from the Happy Hunting Grounds, Other relatives are buried. As for the empty saddle — who knows?

“If you have a memorial service, I want the soldiers to go ahead with the American flog. I want cowboys to follow, all on horseback. I want one of the cowboys to lend one of the wildest of the T over X horses with saddle and bridle on. “I will be riding that horse.”

Such were the written instructions left by Pvt. Clarence Spotted Wolf, full-blood Gros Ventre, with his tribesmen. He was killed December 21, 1944, in Luxembourg.

Pvt. Spotted Wolf was born May 18, 1914. He entered the service in January 1942, and a year later was transferred to o tank battalion. He went oversees in August 1944.

On January 28, in Yellowwoods, North Dakota, the memorial service he had foreseen was held in his honor. It was on impressive ceremony. The Stars and Stripes presided over the winter bare hills where Clarence Spotted Wolf’s family and friends carried out his wishes. There were soldiers; there were cowboys; and his own saddle had been placed on the T over X horse, which was led in the procession. It is pleasing to fancy the sprits of brave warriors long departed watching benignly from the Happy Hunting Grounds.

As for the empty saddle — who knows?