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1910 Sioux Census

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This is the most interesting piece of information, especially for those who have lost Sioux ancestors in 1910.

All give South Dakota as their birthplace and the birthplace of both parents.  All say they are full-blooded Sioux.  All give occupation as “Wild West Shoe.”

New Jersey, Mercer County, Hamilton Township, North District, Enumeration District #32, Sheet No 18 A. Enumerated on 22 April 1910 by John Magowan.


Mother of how manyChildren still living
Iron TailHeadM57M121
Sam Lone BearHeadM32S
Andrew KnifeM36M110
Jeff Strikes PlentyM30M110
Joe Pacer [may be Racer]HeadM48M120
Lone ElkSonM6S
Ben American Horse*HeadM34M111
Patrick Bitters [? hard to read]M39S
Rooms [? hard to read] Close to LodgeM46M128
Joe Bronze [? could be Brings”]M39M111
Kills [?] in LodgeHeadM42M17
Paints YellowHeadM34M110
Thomas Loafer [? Hard to read]HeadM33M111
Adelia [?]WifeF29M11111

*Ben American Horse indicates that he is a graduate of the Carlisle School, Pennsylvania.

NameRelationshipSexAgeMarital StatusHow many years marriedMother of how manyChildren still living
Holy BearHeadM39M118
[?] Rock Comes to LifeWifeF36M11822
Looks [?] Plenty Bird [?]HeadM42M124
Susan [?]WifeF43M12422
Iron HandHeadM54M135
Robert Spotted HorseM28M18
Henry Eagle Bull [?]M33Wd
George Left HandM33M110
Louis Brown HandM21S
Wendel Holy EagleM35M110
Oscar Jealous of HimHeadM39M113
Smooth QuiverM37M15
Joe Bring Boy[?]M34M113
Ghost DogM47M122
John Return from SouthM21M14
Fred Shaft [?] Painted [could be Pointed]M27S
James Charging CrowM26S
Louis Red PaintM21M11
NameRelationshipSexAgeMarital StatusHow many years marriedMother of how manyChildren still living
Frank K—-ing [?] BearM24S
John Plenty WolfM28M17
S—— [?] HolyM47M1
Alfred Running [?] BearMS
Feather on HeadMS
Walking ElkMS
Charles Ghost BearMM13
Bushy Top [?] PineM33M120
Lee High FortM32M110
George Left Hand*M33M110
S—- [?] Brook [?]M32S
William Ghost BearM33M119
Joseph White CoyoteM39Wd
Sl—- [?] WeazelM28M14
Thomas Running HorseM27M16
K— [?] in ——– [hard to read]M19S
——– [?] Black HorseM48M130
Thomas Walking F— [?]M34M13
George RandellM34M112
Bronze [could be Brings] BessieF6S
 Bronze AlliceF31M111

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