Fort Shaw Industrial Indian Boarding School opened in 1891 in Montana. It was discontinued 30 June 1910, due to declining enrollment. In 1904, it had a famous girls’ basketball team that barnstormed its way to St. Louis playing basketball and performing, and won the “World Championship” at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. This census was requested by the Department of the Interior for a listing of all the Indians enrolled at Fort Shaw Indian School for June 1910 in answer to Circular #448.

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Key to Relation
Father – F    Mother – M
Sister – S    Brother – B
Aunt – A    Uncle -U
Guardian – G

NameAgeFamily RelationTribeResidence
Adams, Matthew20No RecordGros VentreHarlan, Montana
Adams, Fanny15No RecordGros VentreHarlan, Montana
Adams, Daisy6M, Mrs. L. AdamsGros VentreHarlan, Montana
Arrowtope, Silas19PieganBrowning, Montana
Archambeau, David18M, Mrs. A. VollinSiouxFrasier, Montana
Anderson, John14F, Chas. AndersonCreeBrowning, Montana
Anderson, Alice11F, Chas. AndersonCreeBrowning, Montana
Anderson, Viola9F, Chas. AndersonCreeBrowning, Montana
Allein, Mary6G, Pat LaFromboiseChippewaAnaconda, Montana
Allein, Marion7G, Pat LaFromboiseChippewaAnaconda, Montana
Arrowmaker, Maggie17No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Ameline, Rose6No RecordChippewaSaype, Montana
Ameline, Albert8No RecordChippewaSaype, Montana
Ashley, Mary14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Ashley, May17No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Bear Paw John15No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Boy Chief, Wm.15No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Bear Chief, Sebas14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Blackbied, Perry24No RecordGros VentreHarlan, Montana
Blackbied, Chas22No RecordGros VentreHarlan, Montana
Burland, Gilbert14No RecordFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Burland, Theo11No RecordFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Bruno, Frank9No RecordCreeChoteau, Montana
Bruno, Mike8No RecordCreeChoteau, Montana
Bruno, Oliva12No RecordCreeChoteau, Montana
Bruno, Minnie7No RecordCreeChoteau, Montana
Bonneau, Geo8No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Brenner, John9F, Malcolm BrennerCreePeakan, Montana
Brenner, Alice7F, Malcolm BrennerCreePeakan, Montana
Brenner, Mary5F, Malcolm BrennerCreePeakan, Montana
Belgard, Pat12F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Joe42F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Geo.9F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaBig Sandy, Montana
Belgard, Joe7F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaBig Sandy, Montana
Belgard, Isadore9F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Henry10F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Robert9F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, August14F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Frank11F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Victor7F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Robert8F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Neil C.11F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Ed. A.7F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Mary11F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Lena13F, Gabriel BelgardChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Belgard, Edward A.10F, Gabriel Belgard½ ChippewaSt. Peter, Montana
Buffalo, Mary13No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Beauvais, Clara12No RecordFlatheadPolson, Montana
Bradley, Julia10No RecordChippewaHarlem, Montana
Blount, Alice17No RecordSiouxHarlem, Montana
Brewster, Louise9No RecordSiouxHarlem, Montana
Bauer, Lydia13No RecordSiouxCulbertson, Montana
Blacktongue, Sadie15No RecordChippewaBrowning, Montana
Big Beaver, Rosa14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Big Beaver, Flora20No RecordCheyenneLemedder, Montana
Burton, Julia7No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Blevins, Amelia16No RecordChippewaFt. Benton, Montana
Buckles, Jean15No RecordSiouxHavre, Montana
Bushman, Mary7No RecordChippewaElizabeth, Montana
Bushman, Mabel14No RecordChippewaElizabeth, Montana
Bushman, Grace11No RecordChippewaElizabeth, Montana
Crow, Dick19No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Chamberlain, Frank14No RecordGros VentreHarlem, Montana
Carr, Arthur12No RecordChippewaGt. Falls, Montana
Chase, John11F, J. ChaseSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Chase, Florence15F, J. ChaseSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Chase, Phebe9F, J. ChaseSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Collins, Mabel14ChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Collins, Susie12ChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Collins, Alice7ChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Courchene, John11F, J. CourcheneSiouxAugusta, Montana
Courchene, Jas.9F, J. CourcheneSiouxAugusta, Montana
Courchene, Louis17B, Philip CoucheneSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Courchene, Rebecca19B, Philip CoucheneSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Courchene, Helen8SiouxAugusta, Montana
Courchene, Alvena13
Courville, Roy9F, G. CourvilleFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Courville, John B.10F, G. CourvilleFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Courville, Julia10F, G. CourvilleFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Courville, August13No RecordFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Courville, Willie14No RecordFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Courville, Alfonse10No RecordFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Courville, Albert9No RecordFlatheadSt. Ignatius, Montana
Culbertson, Maggie17No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Camp, Bertha10No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Camp, Frances11No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Coopoole, Judith16No RecordShoshoneRossfork, Idaho
Crawford, Ellen16No RecordPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Cook, Isabel16F, G. C. CookPieganBrowning, Montana
Cook, Laura14F, G. C. CookPieganBrowning, Montana
Dacota, Fred16No RecordChippewaMatla, Montana
Dacota, Wm17No RecordChippewaMatla, Montana
Descamp, Joe12No RecordChippewaKalispel, Montana
Descamp, Gabe11No RecordChippewaKalispel, Montana
Descamp, Louise11No RecordChippewaKalispel, Montana
Descamp, Rose8No RecordChippewaKalispel, Montana
Ducharme, Madeline12F, Gelatine DucharmeFlatheadPolson, Montana
Dolson, Esther10No RecordChippewaThief River Falls, Montana
Davis, Pearl16No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Delorme, Frank15No RecordChippewaWhitefish, Montana
Delorme, Roger13No RecordChippewaWhitefish, Montana
Delorme, Jim9No RecordChippewaWhitefish, Montana
Delorme, Mary11No RecordChippewaWhitefish, Montana
Deschamp, Margaret12No RecordChippewaBox Elder, Montana
Deschamp,9No RecordChippewaBox Elder, Montana
Deschamp,10No RecordChippewaBox Elder, Montana
Dunbar, Andrew19M, Mrs DunbarPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Dunbar, James11M, Mrs DunbarPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Dunbar, Carrie14M, Mrs DunbarPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Dunbar, Frances17M, Mrs DunbarPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Dunbar, Hazel9M, Mrs DunbarPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Dunbar, Esther13M, Mrs DunbarPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Dubois, Joe13No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Dubois, Geo.11No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Dubois, Louie9No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Dayrider, Oliver13No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Dumont, Edw.7No RecordSiouxSt. Peters, Montana
Dumarry, Julia10No RecordChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Dumarry, Emma12No RecordChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Eder, John17No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Eder, Chas.16No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Emeline, Albert E.8No RecordChippewaSaypo, Montana
Evans, Jim13F, Joe EvansPieganBrowning, Montana
Everybody, Geo.15No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Edwards, Lizzie14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Edwards, Rose10No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Fountain, Peter14No RecordChippewaGold Butte, Montana
Fountain, Leslie12No RecordChippewaGold Butte, Montana
Fountain, Agnes10No RecordChippewaGold Butte, Montana
Flynn, Birdie6No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Fadden, Lester14No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Fadden, Hallie13No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Fine Bull, James16No RecordPieganPoplar, Montana
Four Horns, James16No RecordPieganPoplar, Montana
Ford, Sam17No RecordPieganAugusta, Montana
Gangroo, Eli14No RecordKootenaiFlathead, Montana
Gangroo, Wm.11No RecordKootenaiFlathead, Montana
Gangroo, Harry14No RecordFlathead, Montana
Gardner, Geo.12No RecordChippewaDodson, Montana
Gardner, Harry13No RecordChippewaDodson, Montana
Gardner, Flora11No RecordChippewaDodson, Montana
Grenier, Hercules13No RecordChippewaGt. Falls, Montana
Gardipee, Henry7F, John GardipeeChippewaSt. Peters, Montana
Gardipee, Elsie14F, John GardipeeChippewaSt. Peters, Montana
Gardipee, Cecelia10F, John GardipeeChippewaSt. Peters, Montana
Gardipee, Mary6F, John GardipeeChippewaSt. Peters, Montana
Gardipee, Louise17No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Gray, Franklin15No RecordChippewaChoteau, Montana
Gray, Mabel12No RecordChippewaChoteau, Montana
Gardipee, Helen14No RecordChippewaBrowning, Montana
Grant, Cecelia15No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Haymes, Robert18No RecordChippewaWolf Point, Montana
Headdress, Henry21No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Henderson, Edw.12No RecordChippewaPeakan, Montana
Henderson, Jos.10No RecordChippewaPeakan, Montana
Henderson, Jas18No RecordChippewaPeakan, Montana
Hill, Dan15No RecordPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Harvey, Vina17No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Hope, Olive13No RecordShoshoneRossfork, Idaho
Hardrobe, Mollie17No RecordCheyenneLamedeer, Montana
Hylard, Cath.17No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Ironcloud, Issac19No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Jackson, Fred10No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Johnson, John15No RecordChippewaForest Grove, Montana
Johnson, Francis9No RecordChippewaForest Grove, Montana
Johnson, Ella16No RecordChippewaForest Grove, Montana
Johnson, Ida11No RecordChippewaForest Grove, Montana
Kipp, Geo.12No RecordChippewaForest Grove, Montana
Kiernan, Joe5No RecordFlatheadPolson, Montana
Kiernan, Mary15No RecordFlatheadPolson, Montana
Kiernan, Lizzie13No RecordFlatheadPolson, Montana
Kiernan, Agnes11No RecordFlatheadPolson, Montana
Kiernan, Dorothy8No RecordFlatheadPolson, Montana
Kiernan, Alma11No RecordFlatheadPolson, Montana
Kiernan, Edith7No RecordFlatheadPolson, Montana
King, Wm.15No RecordPieganWilder, Montana
King, Henry13No RecordPieganWilder, Montana
King, Geo.11No RecordPieganWilder, Montana
Kennedy, Alex16No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Kennedy, Nancy8No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Kennedy, Ida15No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Keiser, Wilbur8No RecordSiouxHavre, Montana
Keiser, Frank5No RecordSiouxHavre, Montana
Keiser, Elizabeth8No RecordSiouxHavre, Montana
LaRose, August14No RecordPend O'ReilleSt. Ignatius, Montana
Lorance, Wm15No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Haley, Maude18No RecordGros VentreFt. Belknap, Minnesota
Jackson, Dora14No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Larance, Edw.10No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Larance, Andy9No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Larance, Gertie14No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Larance, Agnes7No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Larance, Eva12No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Larance, Annie6No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Larance, Mary11No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Larance, Rosa6No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Lavalley, Leugler12No RecordChippewaChateau, Montana
Lavalley, Harry19No RecordChippewaDodson, Montana
Lavalley, Rose14No RecordChippewaDodson, Montana
Lavalley, Maggie10No RecordChippewaDodson, Montana
Ledo, Mary8No RecordChippewaBox Elder, Montana
Ledo, Lucy7No RecordChippewaBox Elder, Montana
Ledo, Joe9No RecordChippewaBox Elder, Montana
Lefferts, Lydia12No RecordChippewaGilt Edge, Montana
Lapier, Clemence9No RecordChippewaAugusta, Montana
Lapier, Eddie17No RecordChippewaAugusta, Montana
Lapier, Frank9No RecordChippewaAugusta, Montana
Lapier, Clarence8No RecordChippewaAugusta, Montana
Lapier, Clemons9No RecordChippewaAugusta, Montana
Lapier, Cecile14No RecordChippewaAugusta, Montana
L.T. Sleeping, Joe17F, Longtime SleepingBlackfeetBrowning, Montana
L.T. Sleeping, John11.5F, Longtime SleepingBlackfeetBrowning, Montana
Laroque, Julia9No RecordAssiniboinePoplar, Montana
Lavadeur, Clarence7No Record½ ChippewaChoteau, Montana
Lavadeur, John11No Record½ ChippewaChoteau, Montana
Lavadeur, Isabell9No Record½ ChippewaChoteau, Montana
Lasart, Geo10No Record½ ChippewaSt. Peters, Montana
Lasart, Alex14No Record½ ChippewaSt. Peters, Montana
Lasart, Lawrence13No Record½ ChippewaSt. Peters, Montana
Lester, Wm.20No RecordSiouxFort Peck
Lambert, John18No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Landrie, Pete13No RecordPieganGeyser, Montana
Landrie, Laura10No RecordPieganGeyser, Montana
Landrie, Ursela6No RecordPieganGeyser, Montana
Landrie, FloraPiegan
Landrey, Alice11No RecordPieganChoteau, Montana
Landrey, Mary9No RecordPieganChoteau, Montana
LaFromboise, E.12No RecordChippewaBrowning, Montana
McCarthy, Clara10No RecordFlatheadDayton, Montana
McCarthy, Stella M.8No RecordFlatheadDayton, Montana
McCarthy, Nellie13No RecordFlatheadDayton, Montana
McCarthy, Katie11No RecordFlatheadDayton, Montana
Martin, Irene12No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Martin, Della8No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Martin, Roy9No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Martin, Ed12No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
McLead, Ed17No RecordFlatheadDayton, Montana
McLead, Bennie9No RecordFlatheadRonan, Montana
McLead, Geo.11No RecordFlatheadRonan, Montana
McLead, May12No RecordFlatheadRonan, Montana
Minesinger, A.11No RecordFlatheadRonan, Montana
Morrisette, Jim12No RecordChippewaKalispell, Montana
Morrisette, Virginia20No RecordChippewaKalispell, Montana
Morrisette, Virgiline8No RecordChippewaKalispell, Montana
McDougal, Sam8No RecordCreePolson, Montana
Moon, Max24No RecordGros VentreHarlem, Montana
Mitchell, Fred11No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Mitchell, Mary18No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Mitchell, Ursela6No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Mitchell, Millie16No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Malatare, Joe10No RecordChippewaClemons, Montana
Malatare, John5No RecordChippewaClemons, Montana
Malatare, Wm. G.7No RecordChippewaClemons, Montana
Malatare, Josephine14No RecordChippewaClemons, Montana
Madwolf, Mark19No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Middelrider, John12No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Moseney, Louie14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
McDillis, John14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
M. W. Horses, Paul16No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Murphy, Harry14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Moe, Fred8No RecordBlackfeetValier, Montana
Moe, Geo8No RecordBlackfeetValier, Montana
Moe, John6No RecordBlackfeetValier, Montana
McKnight, Irene12F, Joe McKnightPieganDuPuyer, Montana
McKnight, Nancy8F, Joe McKnightPieganDuPuyer, Montana
McKnight, Ella6F, Joe McKnightPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Marceau, Louise14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Marrosette, Verg20No RecordChippewaRolson, Montana
Marrosette, Virgelene8No RecordChippewaRolson, Montana
Monroe, Alice15No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Monroe, Barah13No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
McDillis, Eliza15No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Navarrow, Mary14No RecordChippewaChoteau, Montana
Neddo, Frank13No RecordChippewaChoteau, Montana
Neddo, Louis11No RecordChippewaChoteau, Montana
Neddo, Stella9No RecordChippewaChoteau, Montana
Oscar, Sam16No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Owens, Chas.23No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Owens, Cleveland21No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Oldman Chief, Jas.17No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Oldrock, Alphena18No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Papin, Rose14ChifoBrowning, Montana
Pariseau, Wm.14No RecordFlatheadRoman, Montana
Pariseau, Fred12No RecordFlatheadRoman, Montana
Pariseau, Pat7No RecordFlatheadRoman, Montana
Pariseau, Julia11No RecordFlatheadRoman, Montana
Pariseau, Elizabeth9No RecordFlatheadRoman, Montana
Peltchie, Chas10No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Peltchie, Corbet8No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Peltchie, Adelune7No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Peltchie, Julia17No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Peltchie, Flora9No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Proctor, Stephen11No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Proctor, James13No RecordChippewaBrowning, Montana
Peechee, Wm.11No RecordChippewaClearcreek, Montana
Peechee, Mary9No RecordChippewaClearcreek, Montana
Putra, Michael16No RecordChippewaClearcreek, Montana
Putra, Ex.10No RecordChippewaClearcreek, Montana
Putra, Theo.5No RecordChippewaClearcreek, Montana
Putra, Rose18No RecordChippewaClearcreek, Montana
Pandoah, Fanny12No RecordShoshoneRossfork, Idaho
Ross, Chas.23No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
R. Fisher, John15No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Rutherford, H.21No RecordPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Rose, Willie16No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Rondeau, Joseph16No RecordCheyenneLamedeer, Montana
St. Dennis, Arthur13No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
St. Dennis, Wm.8No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
St. Dennis, Gabe6No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
St. Dennis, Alvene14No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
St. Dennis, Isabel11No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
St. Dennis, Urseline12No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Salois, Edw.14No RecordChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Salois, Gabe12No RecordChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Salois, Geo.13No RecordChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Salois, Annie5No RecordChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Salois, Annie8No RecordChippewaDuPuyer, Montana
Salvador, Fred11SnakeJocka, Montana
Salvador, Wm.7SnakeJocka, Montana
Sleeping Bear, Paul23Gros VentreFt. Belknap, Montana
Standing, Bernard21SiouxPoplar, Montana
Sharett, Clemence16ChippewaZortma, Montana
Surechief, Phillip11PieganBrowning, Montana
St. Clair, Louis16No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
St. Clair, Willie14No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
St. Clair, Henry10No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
St. Clair, Joe9No RecordChippewaHavre, Montana
Swan, Henry9No RecordChippewaLittle Rock, Montana
Swan, Albert10No RecordChippewaLittle Rock, Montana
Swan, Geo. I.9No RecordChippewaLittle Rock, Montana
St. Germain, Edw.11No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Scott, Roy21No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Smith, Willie14No RecordSiouxWolf Point, Montana
Songrey, Pete7F, Sam SongreyCreeBrowning, Montana
Songrey, Clare11No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
St. Goddard, Agnes19No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
St. Goddard, Almina14No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
St. Goddard, Archie10No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Snell, Rose16No RecordGros VentreHarlem, Montana
Seminole, Mollie14No RecordCheyenneLamedeer, Montana
Thompson, Grace10No RecordGros VentreFt. Benton, Montana
Thompson, Emma11No RecordGros VentreFt. Benton, Montana
Thompson, Mary13No RecordGros VentreFt. Benton, Montana
Thompson, Melinda8No RecordGros VentreFt. Benton, Montana
Vassar, Lizziam15No RecordSiouxFraizer, Montana
Vassar, Lucy10No RecordSiouxFraizer, Montana
Vassar, Ethel13No RecordSiouxFraizer, Montana
Vielle, Peter15No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Vielle, Mary17No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Vollin, Sidney14M, Mrs. A. VollinSiouxFraizer, Montana
Vollin, Josephine9M, Mrs. A. VollinSiouxFraizer, Montana
Wolftail, John16No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
White, Robert20No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Wells, Walter8No RecordChippewaBrowning, Montana
Williamson, James17No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Winn, Henry16G, Col. WalkerSiouxPoplar, Montana
Winn, Herman14G, Col. WalkerSiouxPoplar, Montana
Winn, Katie18No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
Wilson, Emma13No RecordSiouxPoplar, Montana
White, Cora17No RecordPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Ykidney, Mark18No RecordPieganDuPuyer, Montana
Yellow Wolf, Kate9No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Yellow Wolf, Eunice12No RecordPieganBrowning, Montana
Zimple, J. Francis8No RecordChippewaBrowning, Montana
Source: Microfilm copies of Narrative and Statistical Reports for the Fort Shaw Boarding School, 1907-1910, are included in National Archives Microcopy M1011, Roll 53, available in the National Archives system and in the collections of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.