An Act of Congress of July 31, 1854 (10 Stat 333) Authorized the addition of 88 individuals whose names were omitted by Siler but who were included on the Roll prepared by Mullay.  This roll has been reproduced on roll 12 of National Archives Microfilm publication M685.

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Names of Eastern Cherokees added to Siler Roll by Act of Congress.  Appropriation of July 1854 ~ Opinion of Attorney General June 1857.

Volume–Indian Appropriations–No.11 Page 143-144

There are only 3 pages to this Roll

5342Pickens E. Ellis54.76
7028Mahala Hilliam
daughter of Old Joseph, Alabama464.10
7029Matilda Elliott
Mary J.
widow of James278.46
7030Caroline Johnson
Sarah H.
daughter of Matilda Elliot, Alabama371.28
7032Josiah E. Vaughnson of Mary Vaughn92.82
7033Geo. Elliottson of Old Joseph, Alabama92.82
7661William Killingsworth92.82
7662David Elliott
Son of Old Joseph649.74
7663Nancy Elliott
widow of Josiah; son of Old Joseph371.28
7664Matilda Dukes
daughter of Mathew Killingsworth, Alabama278.46
7672Mathew Killingsworth
7673Mahala KillingsworthDaughter of Mathew Killingsworth92.83
NameRelAgeResidenceAmt. Rec’d.
Isabella Hicks35Gordon Co., GA92.82
Mildred HicksD7Gordon Co., GA92.82
Joe Hawkins30Cherokee Co., NC92.82
*Sy-ees-tah75Valley River, NC92.82
Quaitsy18Valley River, NC92.82
William Parrott16Alabama92.82
Ann Sourjohn43Forsythe Co., GA92.82
Mary SourjohnD18Tennessee92.82
Sally Writht
(or Sally Kell, wife of Andrew Kell and mother of Weeks Kell or Mix Kell on Siler Roll)
35Union Co., GA92.82
Jefferson Blaylock18Harrison, Hamilton Co., TN92.82
Joseph C. Cavis25Lumpkin Co., GA92.82
Vileta Still (or Vilenta Field, daughter of Sandell Still)16Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Jemima Thomas (daughter of Samuel Thomas)18Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Alfred Thomas (son of Samuel Thomas)16Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Samuel Thomas45Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Nancy ThomasW40Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Allen ThomasS14Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Aaron ThomasS12Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Warner ThomasS8Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Hiram ThomasS5Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Nancy ThomasD2Cherokee Co., GA92.82
Peggy Mocking-crew36Hamilton Co., TN92.82
William Mocking-crewS14Hamilton Co., TN92.82
Wm. K. Guerrineay46Scottaboro, GA92.82
Edmund Fallen42Gilmore, Co., GA92.82
Jane FallenW41Gilmore, Co., GA92.82
Nancy FallenD15Gilmore, Co., GA92.82
Edmund Fallen Jr.S13Gilmore, Co., GA92.82
Jos. W. FallenS11Gilmore, Co., GA92.82

*Spelling could be incorrect, not a clear picture to copy from.

Henry W FallenS9Gilmore, Co., GA92.82
Susanna FallenD6Gilmore, Co., GA92.82
Fre—ghaysen FallenS3Gilmore, Co., GA92.82
Mary Jane FallenD1Gilmore, Co., GA92.82
Sandell StillM45Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Rhonda StillD13Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Tsippi StillD11Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Cussana StillD9Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Riley StillS7Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Martin StillS6Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Allen StillS2Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Andrew StillS1Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Margaret StillM21Hamilton Co., TN92.82
Geo. Franklin StillS4Hamilton Co., TN92.82
Cass Houston StillS3Hamilton Co., TN92.82
Jos. W. StillS1-12Hamilton Co., TN92.82
Mary Goen (daughter of Sandell Still20Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Robert GoenS2Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
John Fields (Son of Sandell Still18Bledsoe Co., TN92.82
Lydia Jane FieldsD1Bledsoe Co., TN92.82

A special thanks to Marilyn R. Finke, Reference/Preservation Staff, and the volunteers at the National Archives, Central Plains Region for their help and assistance in obtaining copies of this roll.