By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Kialege.

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Kilija30Spoak Oake Micco3205principal chief
Kilija31Quas sad Har go2103principal chief
Kialege1Ok ti ar che Har jo1304
Kialege2Oke chun Yo ho lo2103
Kialege3Ar bic co Yo ho lo1203
Kialege4E cho Yo ho lo1203
Kialege5Fose hatch ee Fix i co1102
Kialege6Ho mar arth lee0202
Kialege7Sme gar1203
Kialege8U back ca lar de ga1203
Kialege9Ful le gock we gie2204
Kialege10Clea Har jo2103
Kialege11Ul ga Har go2204
Kialege12Ne har Fix i co1203
Kialege13Ne har lock o Har jo1102
Kialege14Nar top Har jo2103
Kialege15Kotch ar Micco3205
Kialege16Ki mul Har jo2204
Kialege17Nar bo che Yo ho lo1102
Kialege18Konepe E marth lar3306
Kialege19Saw ney Fix i co1405
Kialege20Tus ke ge Ho po ethe le1102
Kialege21Ho po ethe Har jo1102
Kialege22Te marth lar1304
Kialege23Thlath lo E marth lar1203
Kialege24Lof tie Har jo1203
Kialege25Tus sic yi Har jo1203
Kialege26Cho was ti Fix i co1203
Kialege27Ko e gee1203
Kialege28Cho gart te Har jo2204
Kialege29Hol cas sie1102
Kialege30Fose hatch ee Yo ho lo4206
Kialege31Yo ho lo Wi gar2305
Kialege32Tus keeg Har jo2103
Kialege33Ho spar lok Har jo3104
Kialege34Ter chok ho ga1102
Kialege35I e pe3306
Kialege36Sat ho I gee1102
Kialege37Tof fo Fix i co2305
Kialege38So fuck ho e2103
Kialege39Ar hau le E marth loo che2204
Kialege40Nul co bie gee1102
Kialege41To was se E marth lar1103
Kialege42Oke choy Fix i co4206
Kialege43Tuck a batch ee Yo ho lo2305
Kialege44Sin ken ha1304
Kialege45Coo sa ho mer3205
Kialege46Tal mas Har jo1203
Kialege47Tal ma chus Har jo1203
Kialege48Kar pic char Yo ho lo1203
Kialege49Saw gin ga1203
Kialege50Ho tul ge Yo ho lo2103
Kialege51Ar boke ti ga1203
Kialege52Ar choo le Har jo3205
Kialege53Yo ho lo Mico2305
Kialege54Oh ho lo de gee2103
Kialege55Fose hatch ee E marth lar2204
Kialege56Ke nalth Har jo1304
Kialege57Ko nip Har jo1304
Kialege58Tuck a batch ee E marth lar1304
Kialege59Coo si Yo ho lo2204
Kialege60Spoke oke e Yo ho lo2204
Kialege61Thlath lo Har jo2305
Kialege62Fit dig Har jo2204
Kialege63Tar math la Micco2204
Kialege64Ne har Locco2103
Kialege65Tus ko nar Har jo2204
Kialege66Ko ki Yo ho lo1203
Kialege67Ne he mar to Fix i co1102
Kialege68Clea chum me Yo ho lo2204
Kialege69Saw futch ko2103
Kialege70Spar ne ho bic1304
Kialege71Tal marse Yo ho lo1304
Kialege72Mut tal le gee1203
Kialege73Tal la Yo ho lo2103
Kialege74Par hose Har jo1203
Kialege75J e gar1203
Kialege76Ot tis Fix i co1304
Kialege77Sit ta heech che2103
Kialege78Nar gaf fie ge1203
Kialege79Tar pins Har jo1203
Kialege80Yo ho lo Har jo1303
Kialege82Ot tis Har jo2204
Kialege83Ok ti ar che Fix i co2103
Kialege84E marth lar Yo ho lo1405
Kialege85Tom my Yo ho lo1304
Kialege86Pin Har jo2204
Kialege87So mar li ge1102
Kialege88Tal la see E marth lar3104
Kialege89Hotalke Har jo3306
Kialege90Cho was ti Har jo2103
Kialege91In luck ho e1203
Kialege92O sar hin haw2103
Kialege93Spoke oke Fix i co2204
Kialege94Kotch ar Fix i co1203
Kialege95Yo ho lo Har jo1304
Kialege96Mok ka som ga2103
Kialege97Nub be E marth lar1203
Kialege98Tim ful ho ge2204
Kialege99Thlo kus Har jo1203
Kialege100Ar lok Fix i co3203
Kialege101O soo che Har jo2125
Kialege102Fi e gi ga3205
Kialege103So saw1102
Kialege104Saw won no ga2204
Kialege105Har lot te E marth lar3205
Kialege106Mic ho ge1203
Kialege107Vi cey1102
Kialege108Fo lop po Har jo3205
Kialege109Fix i co Har jo1102
Kialege110Yo dick o Yo ho lo2406
Kialege111Mau wo law2103
Kialege112Sut chi ca2103
Kialege113Cho was ti Yo ho lo2103
Kialege114Ar choo ley Yo ho lo2103
Kialege115Po e thle Yo ho lo2204
Kialege116Cho eo lis Har jo3104
Kialege117Ke nalth Yo ho lo2204
Kialege118Tus ki yaw Har jo3205
Kialege119Kotch char Har jo1102
Kialege120Nar bo itch Har jo3205
Kialege121Ar bic co Fix i co2103
Kialege122Sitch cho di ca1203
Kialege123Cho fo lope Har jo4206
Kialege124Ho bo eth la ne che0303
Kialege125Coo sa Har jo2204
Kialege126Ho bo ilth la2103
Kialege127Tim mo we lar ga1203
Kialege128Char lo Har jo1203
Kialege129Kun chart Fix i co4105
Kialege130Fose hatch ee Har jo3104
Kialege131Sock kos ka Har jo2204
Kialege132Ar sta ko ath le1102
Kialege133Sim mar bo kar1102
Kialege134Saw ho i che1203
Kialege135Os see Yo ho lo3306
Kialege136Pass cove Har jo2103
Kialege137Yaw Ho lo che3104
Kialege138Sin mi e char1304
Kialege139O se Yo ho lo1102
Kialege140Ar art e Har jo2103
Kialege141Spoke oke Har jo2103
Kialege142Tim ma nar fee ge1102
Kialege143Cho gat ta Fix i co2204
Kialege144Sud de dun na Har jo1304
Kialege145Cus se tau Fix i co3104
Kialege146Fose hear ga1304
Kialege147Mic co po elthe E marth lar3104
Kialege148Stus se ho ga0303
Kialege149Micco E marth lar2103
Kialege150Otte sey Yo ho lo1203
Kialege151Yar har Har jo3205
Kialege152Hoke chi E marth lar2103
Kialege153Tal marse Fix i co3205
Kialege154Lof ti Fix i co1203
Kialege155Cos har la? Bee gea1102
Kialege156No co se Yo ho lo3104
Kialege157Ar sar li che2103
Kialege158O che Har jo2103
Kialege159Is par ne Yo ho lo2103
Kialege160E ne he E marth lar2406
Kialege161O soo che Yo ho lo2103
Kialege162Stim molth ho e1102
Kialege163Mis ti he1102
Kialege164O chis Har jo1203
Kialege165Car car1304
Kialege166Tuck a batch ee Fix i co1102