The men who uncovered the riches of Silver Bow District were, after the original discoverers,

W. R. Coggeswell
Peter Slater
Vernon & Co.
C. Solomon
M. Johnson
Dennis Driscoll
J. Baker
Robert McMinn
Thomas Flood
W. R. Crawford
Sherman & Co.
Henry Rust
M. Prettyman
Lester Popple
W. E. Harris
J. La Clair
L. Thayer
George Popple
A. M. Smith
C. S. Warren
James Beattie
George McCausland
Wolf & Cowan
From the gulches opened by these men was taken, between 1864 and 1869, $l,894,300.

Of the Gulches, which lay too high to be worked before the completion of the Pioneer and Rocker ditch in 1870, the discoverers were:

W. E. Vernon
John W. Baker
Nelson Everest
Charles S. Warren
Michael Moran
John Hanifin
Benjamin Vener
Eugene Boiteaux
William Barry
Thomas Smith
H. H. Alstreadt
Earl Gower
John Barrick
Levi Russell
John Sheppard
L. W. Burnett
John M. Killop
H. H. Porter
L. Griswold.
Charles Rures
Sidney Dinnon
Vernon & Co.
Thomas Burden
H. J. Mattison
Charles Noyes
Gower& Co.
Crane & Lynch