Robert C. Newman of St. Louis, special representative of the Missouri State Life Insurance Company, associated with the home office, was born January 11, 1891, in the city which is still his home. Here he was reared and in the public schools was educated, also spending one year in the Washington University… At the early age of twenty he began selling life insurance, associating himself with the Prudential Ifisurance Company, with which he remained from September, 1911, until May, 1915, and during that period he led the sales of the company throughout the United States.

In 1915 Mr. Newman accepted a position with the Missouri State Life, since which time he has led the sales in St. Louis and in 1919 sold more than a million and a half insurance. That he has thoroughly mastered the principles and methods of salesmanship is evident. He is a convincing talker, a clear reasoner and strong in argument and, moreover, he is a firm believer in the value and worth of insurance regarded from many standpoints. In a word, he is a man of resourceful business ability who readily recognizes and utilizes opportunity and whose careful direction of his activities has brought most gratifying results. While a man of but twenty-nine years he has placed himself among the foremost insurance men of the country and it is doubtful if a man of his years in the United States sells as much insurance as does Robert C. Newman.

He belongs to the Missouri Athletic Club and in 1910 won the all-round championship of the club. He also has membership with the Sunset Country Club, the Century Boat Club and about nine or ten other clubs of the city and he belongs to Rose Hill Lodge, No. 550, A. F. & A. M. His social qualities make for popularity wherever he is known and he is a general favorite in the organization in which he has membership.