James H. Grover, vice president of the St. Louis Union Trust Company, brings to his present position broad experience that enables him to solve readily the business problems which come before him. He has, too, comprehensive knowledge of the law, and this is a valuable asset in the conduct of his affairs at the present time. Mr. Grover was born October 24, 1873. His father, Hiram Justus Grover, a native of New Orleans, was one of the most prominent sugar planters in the south. He was attending Yale University when the war broke out. The northern troops destroyed all of his sugar mills, setting fire to the plantation. When the war was over he tried to revive his business by placing a mortgage on the property but success did not attend his efforts and he was forced to turn his attention in other directions. He then took up the practice of law in which he continued until his death. In 1871 he married Miss Charlotte Blow of St. Louis, whom he met on one of her annual trips to New Orleans to attend the Mardi Gras carnival. She was a daughter of Peter E. and Sarah (Tunstall) Blow. Her uncle, Henry T. Blow, was American ambassador to Brazil during the administration of President Grant and Blow School in St. Louis was named in his honor.

James H. Grover was educated in the public schools of St. Louis and at Washington University and while a student in the latter institution he devoted his attention to a course in law and won his LL. B. degree. He had been engaged in mercantile pursuits from 1892 until 1896, at which time he took up law practice and continued therein until 1910. He enjoyed a most excellent reputation as a lawyer and his practice was large and of important character. His experience at the bar has been of undoubted value to him In his business career. He thinks quickly, is a fast worker and is an excellent judge of almost any kind of a business proposition, qualities which are of great worth to him in his present position as vice president of the St. Louis Union Trust Company. After retiring from the practice of law he was bond officer of the Mississippi Valley Trust Company and later became president of the Mortgage Guarantee Company and vice president of the Mortgage Trust Company. He is now vice president of the St. Louis Union Trust Company. He thus figures prominently in the financial circles of the city and is one whose opinions carry great weight in business circles.

On the 17th of October, 1899, Mr. Grover was married to Miss Ethel Allen, a daughter of James H. Allen who at one time was one of the largest cotton factors of the world. To Mr. and Mrs. Grover have been born two children: Allen, who is twenty years of age and is now attending Yale University; and Charlotte Loraine, twelve years of age who is a student at the Warrenton School for Girls at Warrenton, Virginia.

Mr. Grover is a member of the Civic League and his interest in community affairs is further indicated by his connection with the Chamber of Commerce. He likewise belongs to the St. Louis Country Club, the Noonday Club and the Racquet Club. He finds his recreation in hunting, fishing and in golf, and plays a good game on the links. His religious faith is that of the Christian church. A definite plan and determined purpose have characterized his entire life and he always reaches the goal of his endeavor and his plans are accomplished by honorable means.