St. Louis has many native sons who have regarded the opportunities and privileges accorded by this city as equal or superior to any which might be obtained elsewhere. Accordingly they have retained their residence here and have contributed to the development and upbuilding of Missouri’s metropolis. Among this number is Harry H. Haeussler, attorney at law, who was born in St. Louis, October 3, 1879, a son of Herman Albert Haeussler, who is mentioned at length on another page of this work.

The eldest son in a family of seven children Harry H. Haeussler was educated in the public schools of St. Louis and in the manual training school. In preparation for a professional career he attended the St. Louis Law School, from which he was graduated with the LL. B. degree in 1900. Prior to this time and while a student in the law school he also studied law in his father’s office and in October, 1900, was admitted to practice. Following his graduation he became associated with his father as junior member of the firm of H. A. & H. H. Haeussler, this relation being maintained until his father’s retirement. Harry H. Haeussler is a member of the St. Louis, Missouri State and American Bar Associations. He is also a director of the American Credit Indemnity Company of New York, a director of the Missouri Lincoln Trust Company and thus has important business connections outside of his legal practice.

On the 15th of March, 1916, in St. Louis, Mr. Haeussler was married to Miss Emily Lee Anderson, a native of Iowa and a daughter of Wiley H. and Ids (Lee) Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Haeussler have two sons: Harry H., Jr., born in St. Louis, June 28, 1917; and Edward Anderson, born November 21, 1919.

During the World war Mr. Haeussler served on the legal advisory board of the twenty-second ward. He also took part in the Liberty loan and Red Cross drives and in other war activities. He belongs to the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce and is keenly interested in all that has to do with local progress and improvement. Politically he is a democrat upon national questions but casts a non-partisan ballot at local elections, considering the capability of the candidate rather than his party ties. In club circles Mr. Haeussler is known as a representative of the University Club and also of the Normandie Golf Club. He represents a family that for more than seventy years has been connected with St. Louis and throughout the period has figured prominently in professional circles.