George Lewis Zollmann, who since 1905 has been engaged in the commission business in St. Louis, is now president and treasurer of the George H. Zollmann Fruit & Produce Company. He has been a lifelong resident of this city, his birth having here occurred January 20, 1887. His father, George H. Zollmann, was born in St. Charles, Missouri, June 23, 1866, and came to St. Louis in 1878. Here he engaged in clerking in a grocery store until 1890, when he organized the firm of G. H. Zollmann & Company, commission merchants. The new enterprise prospered as the years passed and later was incorporated as the George H. Zollmann Fruit & Produce Company. Mr. Zollmann continued actively in the business until his death, which occurred November 5, 1909, he being accidentally shot while on a hunting trip. He married Catherine Dausch, who is still living in St. Louis.

George L. Zollmann, whose name introduces this review, pursued his education in the public schools, the Manual Training School of Washington University and in a business college. His thorough training well qualified him for life’s practical and responsible duties and, moreover, he had the benefit of business instruction from his father, whom he- joined in the commission business in 1905. When the firm was incorporated he became its treasurer and on the death of his father was also elected to the presidency, so that he is now filling the dual position and directs the policy and operations of an important business of this character. He is a most energetic and progressive man and has not confined his efforts solely to the one company, for he is also the secretary and treasurer of the St. Louis Fruit & Produce Exchange, is the secretary of the Majestic Hotel Company and the treasurer of the Majestic Paint Company. What he undertakes he accomplishes for in his vocabulary there is no such word as fail and difficulties and obstacles in his path seem to serve but as an impetus for renewed effort on his part.

During the World war period Mr. Zollman took active Liberty loan campaigns and the Red Cross drives. He has always voted with the republican party since attaining his majority and he is well known in Masonic