David Knox was born in Ireland, in 1700. He had a son named Andrew, who was born in 1728. In 1732 Mr. Knox came to America, bringing his little son with him, and settled in Philadelphia County, Pa. Andrew married Isabella White, of Pennsylvania, and they had-Robert, David, Martha, James, John, William, Mary, and Andrew, Jr. Mr. Knox was a soldier in the revolutionary war, and having taken an active part in the events of the day, a reward was offered for him, dead or alive, by the British authorities. On the night of the 14th of February, 1778, he was at home visiting his family, and during the night his house was surrounded by a party of Tories, who had come to capture him for the reward. They announced their presence by firing a volley of balls through the door, and then broke it down with the breeches of their guns. But before they could affect an entrance, Mr. Knox and his son Robert met them with drawn sabers, and laid about them so vigorously that they were soon glad to retreat, with several of their party bleeding from the gashes and cuts they had received. Some American troops in the vicinity were notified of the attack, and immediately started in pursuit. Several of the wounded were captured, as they could be easily traced by the blood on the snow; but the rest made their escape. Those who were captured were tried by court-martial, condemned as spies, and shot. David, son of Andrew Knox, was born in Pennsylvania in 1760. He married Isabella Caldwell, of Charlotte County, Va., and settled in Mercer County, Ky. Their children were William, George, Mary, Andrew, John C., Robert, Davis C., James, Samuel, Benjamin F., and David R. William was born in Mercer County, February 3, 1792. He enlisted as a soldier in the war of 1812, and in 1818 he settled in Montgomery County, Mo. On the 18th of December, 1828, he married Sarah Clark, and the children resulting from this marriage were David F., Mary I., Isaac H., William S., and Davis R. David F. married Catharine Davault, who died in 1875. He has been Sheriff of Montgomery County several times, and is a prominent and influential citizen. Mary I. married Dr. D. F. Stevens, of New Florence. Isaac H. was married first to Sarah Clark; second to Elizabeth Clark, and third to Caroline Snethen. Davis R. married Alice Dyson.