William Hall and Elizabeth Hicks, who was his second wife, came from East Tennessee and settled in Montgomery County in 1817. Their children were Sarah, Elizabeth, Dorcas, Nancy, Laney, David, and Henry. Sarah married John Morrow, and they had thirteen children. Elizabeth married Elijah Waddell. Dorcas married Mark Cole, who was the first hatter in Montgomery County. Nancy Hall married John R. Crawford, who built his cabin in Montgomery County, in 1818. Among others who were present and assisted him to raise the cabin, were Daniel Boone and his sons Nathan and Jesse. Lewis Jones killed the game and cooked the dinner, and found a bee tree not far distant, from which they obtained fresh honey for their dinner. Crawford was noted for his ability to tell humorous yarns, and entertain a crowd. Laney Hall married Ephraim Hunter. David married Fanny Morrow. Henry married his cousin, Polly Hall.