William Fipps, Jr., son of William Fipps and Rebecca Kendrick, of Washington Co., Va., married the widow of John King, whose maiden name was Barbara A. Stroup. They removed to Montgomery Co., Mo., in 1836, where Mr. Fipps died in 1857, at the advanced age of 111 years. He had voted for every President from Washington down to Lincoln. He had twelve children John, Mary A., Sarah, Elizabeth, Rachel, William, Jr., George, Joseph, David, Robert, Susannah, and Margaret all of whom lived to be grown except Robert, who died when he was fifteen years of age. John, David, Sarah, Susannah, Joseph, and Mary, all live in Montgomery County. Mrs. Fipps died last spring, at the residence of her son, Joseph, three miles west of Montgomery City, aged 106 years. She lived to see the fourth generation of her descendants, and at her death she left surviving her six children and one hundred forty grandchildren of the second, third and fourth generations. Her youngest child was born when she was in her 54th year. She had been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 53 years, and was a consistent Christian woman, dying in the full faith of that religious belief.