Drury and Henry Clanton, of Tennessee, settled on a branch called “Pinch*” about five miles south of Danville, in 1818. Drury Clanton was a Methodist preacher, and it was at his house that the first Methodist church in Montgomery County was organized, by Rev. Robert Baker and himself, about the year 1819. A Sunday-school was also organized at the same time and place, and the first camp-meeting in Montgomery County was held there, on what was called the Loutre camp ground. Drury Clanton married a Miss James, of Tennessee, and their children were John, James, Thomas, William, Eliza, Nancy, Angeline, Rebecca, and Patsey.-Henry Clanton was married twice, and his children were-Wesley, Alonzo, Sally, Martha, and Mary. Martha and a Negro woman were burned to death on the prairie in Montgomery County.
* Captain John Baker gave the name to this branch, because the people who lived upon it were always “in a pinch” for something to live on.