John Hughes, of England, came to America and settled in Virginia, where he married and raised three children-John, Jr., Nancy, and Mary A. John married in Virginia, and had seven children. One of his sons, named Andrew, -married Elizabeth Thompson, by whom he had Sarah, Thomas S. T., Reason, Elizabeth, Louisa, Harriet, Waddy, Susan, Joseph, and George. Thomas S. T. came to the City of St. Louis in 1830, where he was married, first to Rebecca Downs, and second to Rebecca Wells. Andrew Hughes settled in St. Charles County in 1839, and his daughter, Reason, married Samuel Abington. Elizabeth married John Williams, of Warren County. Louisa married Thomas Royston, who died in North Carolina. Harriet married Sidney Woods, of St. Charles County. Susan married St. James Matthews, of St. Charles County, and after his death she married Archibald Caruthers. Waddy died single. Joseph married Sarah Carycoe, and settled in Warren County. George settled in Colorado.