John Henry Kuechenmeister, president of the St. Louis Paper Can and Tube Company, was born in Chicago, Illinois, March 10, 1875. His father was John Kuechenmeister, a native of Mecklenburg, Germany, who came to Chicago in 1868 and engaged in the brick contracting business, dying here in March, 1919. His mother was Bertha Schwartz, who was also born in Germany, and who married John Kuechenmeister in Chicago in 1872. Four sons and two daughters were born to them, all but one of whom survive, a daughter having passed away.

John Henry Kuechenmeister received his education in the public schools of Chicago. His first business enterprise was a paper-box factory in that city, which he later sold and went to St. Louis to establish the St. Louis Paper Can and Tube Company, of which he is the president, while his brother, H. William Kuechenmeister, is the secretary and treasurer. Starting in a small way they have recently removed to their new plant which covers several acres and employs several hundred people. Their product is in international demand. Mr. Kuechenmeister is also the president of the Martha Investment Company which handles the real estate for the Can Company.

Mr. Kuechenmeister gives no allegiance to party in politics. His religious faith is that of the Lutheran Evangelical church. His wife was Miss Martha Seidel. They have two sons.