James Barnes, of Virginia, settled in Kentucky at an early date. He had three sons James, Jr., Noble, and John. The two latter settled in Illinois, where they lived and died. James, Jr., settled in Missouri. He married Sarah Callaway, daughter of Flanders Callaway, and they had twenty-two children, sixteen of whom lived to be grown, viz: James, John, Larkin, William, Callaway F., Flanders C., Lilborn, Volney, Andrew, Rhoda, Jemima, Minerva, Margaret, Hulda, Cynthia, and Elizabeth. Flanders C. married Obedience Grigg, and lives in Montgomery County. He has in his possession a knee-buckle and silk stocking that belonged to his grandfather, Daniel Boone. In his youth Mr. Barnes was a great swimmer, and from being in. the water so much he contracted inflammatory rheumatism, from while he suffers greatly in his old age.