Frank Wyatt was a native of North Carolina, but settled and lived in Montgomery Co., Ky. He came to Missouri five times to look at the country, but could never make up his mind to move here. He had four sons John, Anthony, Douglass, and Joseph. John was a Captain in the war of 1812. He settled in Missouri in 1817, and married Attossa Sharp, by whom he had seven children John, Jr., Sarah, Harriet, Catharine, Margaret, Lucy, and Mary. Anthony came to Missouri in 1816. He married Mary Smith, daughter of Henry Smith and Nancy Davis (who were natives of Wales), and by her he had Henry S., James W., Joseph, Martha A., Nancy J., and Frank. Douglass Wyatt settled in Missouri in 1817. He married Elizabeth See, of Montgomery County, and they had Hayden, Amanda, Emily, Frank, Douglass, Jr., Joseph and Mary. Joseph Wyatt, son of Frank, Sr., died a bachelor, in Franklin Co., Mo. (Children of Anthony Wyatt.) Henry S. married Sarah Hopping. James W. married Martha A. Pearle. Joseph married Susan Griswold. Martha A. married Thomas J. Marshall, of Mexico, Mo., who was County Clerk of Warren County for eighteen years. Nancy J. married John Jones, of Mexico, Mo. Frank was married twice; first to Eliza A. Jones, and after her death, to Maria Farsdale. Mr. Wyatt built a ferry boat for Thomas Howell, who paid him in gold, and then offered to run a foot race for the money he had paid him. But Mr. Wyatt did not consider it safe to take the risk, notwithstanding he was a young man and Mr. Howell was sixty-seven years old.