E. A. Yost was born in Bethany, Franklin county, Illinois, on June 23d, 1852. His parents, W. J. and Maria L. Yost, nee Goodner. His father was of German descent, and died in January, 1879. His mother of Scotch descent, and died in September, 1866.

At the age of twelve years young Yost commenced to earn his own living, first being employed as notice boy for a railroad company at Cairo, Illinois, and little by little has worked himself up to his present responsible position, as agent of the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railroad at Pattonsburg. He was married, June 10, 1872, to Miss Lucy A. Hostetter, a native of Chester county, Illinois, and born June 14, 1853.

They have three bright little children; viz., Adah, William H. and Leona Cordelia. Few men have made such rapid strides to popularity and position as Mr. Yost, and from his gentlemanly manners and the esteem in which he is held, we judge he is deserving of it all.