Cornelius Howard, of Kentucky, was married first to a Miss Griggs, by whom he had Rachel, Cynthia, Elizabeth, Martin, John, and two others whose names we could not obtain. He was married the second time to the widow Hunt, but had no children by her. She had eight children of her own at the time he married her. One of the Misses Howard was a very beautiful girl, and one day she handed some water to a stranger that called at the gate and begged for a drink. The stranger fell desperately in love with this beautiful Rebecca, and married her two days afterward. In 1816 Mr. Howard settled on Brush Creek, in Warren County, and lived there two years. He cleared a field and raised two crops of corn, but now the field is covered with large oak trees, and the Brush Creek Presbyterian Church stands about the center of it. In1818 he moved and settled on South Bear creek, where he died many years afterward.