Chester Wheeler, of Vermont, settled in (now) Warren County, Mo., in 1810 or 1812. He married Joanna, daughter of Henry Bryan, and they had a large family of children. Their son, Samuel H., who is at present Treasurer of Montgomery County, and a leading and influential citizen, was raised by his uncle, John Davis. He married Margaret Fulkerson, daughter of the late Col. Robert Fulkerson, of Danville. They had Nancy, Elizabeth, William, James, Richard, Frances, Jane, John, Aaron H., Henry, Mary, Catharine, and Benjamin. James married Nancy Booker, by whom he had Elizabeth, William, Richard, Mary, Martha, Nancy K., Booker, James S., Sarah J., Frances A., Caroline, John H., and Elenora E. William and Mary came to Missouri. The latter married Stephen Ellis, of Kentucky, who settled in St. Charles Co., Mo., in 1826. William was born in Shelby Co., Ky., in March, 1803. He settled in the town of St. Charles in 1827; but the following year he removed to Troy, in Lincoln County, where he practiced law for many years. He was also County Judge. He was married first to Martha A. Boyd, daughter of Hon. William G. Boyd, of Shelby Co., Ky., by whom he had but one child, who died in infancy. Mrs. Young also died, and he was married the second time to Sarah C. Russell, of Kentucky, by whom he had James R., Richard, Samuel, William H., Anna B., and Susan F., E. John.