Armon Cravens, was born in Montgomery County, Maryland, but removed to Kentucky in 1776. He married Abigail Hathaway, of Maryland, and they had eighteen children, only nine of whom lived to be grown. Their son John was a soldier in the war of 1812, and married Elizabeth Burton, of Kentucky, by whom he had James S., Paulina, Pernielia, Hudson, William, Louisa, John, and Louisiana. Hudson married Virginia Walden, of Virginia, and settled in Missouri in 1836. In 1852 he left Missouri and went to Texas, but was so dissatisfied with the country that he did not unload his wagon. He came back to Missouri and was satisfied. While in Texas he experienced several “northers,” and came near freezing to death. He asserted that his dog was frozen fast in the mud, and that he had to pile all his bed clothes on his horses to keep them from freezing. William Cravens settled in Montgomery County in 1843, and married Louisa Walden.