A pre-war TF battalion which arrived in France in February 1915 with 46th Division. List of honours and awards. Losses 25 officers and 415 other ranks.

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Officers List

British Empire Army – World War I

Officers who sailed To France with the Regiment, February 1915

Lieut. Colonel C.H. Jones.
Major R.E. Martin.
Captain and Adjutant W.T. Bromfield.

“A” Company

Major W.S.N. Toller,
Hastings, Rawdon P.C.J.R. Captain
Sharpe, A.T. Lieut. (Machine Gun Officer)
Vincent, J.D.A. Lieut.
Petch, D.B. 2nd Lieut.
Tomson, J.W. 2nd Lieut.

“B” Company

Griffiths, J.L. Captain
Marsh, A.P. Lieut.
Langdale,E.G. Lieut.
Wollaston, C.H.F. 2nd Lieut.
Selwyn, C.W. 2nd Lieut.
Farrer, R.B. 2nd Lieut.

“C” Company

Beasley, T.C.P. Captain
Bland, C. Captain
R.D. Farmer, Lieut.
Aked, G. 2nd Lieut.
Allen, G.W. 2nd. Lieut.
Jackson, R. Ward 2nd Lieut.

“D” Company

Jeffries, H.J.F. Captain
Chapman, J. Captain
Moore, A.G. de A. Lieut.
Mould, R.C.L. 2nd Lieut.
Knighton, C.R. 2nd Lieut.
Hills, J.D. 2nd Lieut.

Burnett, J. Lieut. Transport Officer
Worley, A.A. Lieut. Quartermaster
Manfield, G.H.H. R.A.M.C. Lieut. Medical Officer

The Cadre and Equipment Guard

British Empire Army – World War I

Allen, C.S.Captain
Banwell, G.E. Captain M.C.
Griffiths, G.H. 2nd Lieut.
Hills, J.D. Major M.C.
Nicholson, W.A. Captain and Quartermaster

Allen, W. Pte.
Baker, A. Corpl.
Bartram, E. Corpl.
Beards, A. Pte.
Bradshaw, R. Pte.
Brampton, T.C. Pte.
Caunter, J. L/Cpl.
Clarke, G.L. Pte.
Deacon, W. Pte.
Godsmark, G. Pte.
Gorse, R. R.Q.M.S.
Goss, J. Corpl.
Hanson, A.W. Col.-Serjt.
Harris, J. L/Cpl.
Hayward, J.R. Pte.
Hewerdine, A. Pte.
Hughes, E. Pte.
Hunt, G. Pte.
Hurst, A. C.Q.M.S.
Law, A.B. L/Cpl.
Lewis, B. Pte.
Lincoln, J. Corpl.
Major, T.O. Pte.
Mead, B. Corpl.
Morley, G. Pte.
Moule, F.T. Pte.
Mutton, E. Pte.
Myers, J.T. Pte.
Neaverson, R. Pte.
Nichols, L. Pte.
Ratcliffe, G. Pte.
Rawlings, G. Pte.
Ribbons, F. Pte.
Riley. S. Pte.
Rock, F. Pte.
Rogers, A.A. Pte.
Rollson, E. Sig.
Sear, W.J. Pte.
Sills, R. Serjt.
Slaymaker, T. Serjt.
Smith, E.A. Pte.
Tookey, J. L/Cpl.
Underwood, A. L/Cpl.
Webbs, H. Pte.
Wormleighton, R. Pte.
Yeabsley, N. Serjt.


Military Honors

British Empire Army – World War I

Victoria Cross

Lieut. J.C. Barrett, Pontruet, Sept. 24th, 1918, V.C.

Jones, C.H.
Martin, R.E.

Distinguished Service Order

Griffiths, J.L.

Military Cross & Bar (Officers only)

Banwell, G.E.
Hills, J.D.
Petch, D.B.
Williams, G.B.

Military Cross (Officers only)

Ashdowne, K.
Ball, T.H.
Barrowcliffe, A.N.
Barton, M.H.
Brodribb, A.E.
Brooke, J.R.
Buck, C.B.W.
Cole, W.M.
Creed, T.P.
Davies, C.H.
Hawley, A.E.
Jack, W.B.
Lanning, S.D.
Moore, A.G. de A.
Steel, S.G.H.
Stentiford, R.H.
Wollaston, C.H.F.

Distinguished Conduct Medal & Bar

Tunks, T.
Wilbur, A.

Distinguished Conduct Medal

Starbuck, H.G.
Passmore, A.
Hallam, W.H.
Weir, J.B.
Small, R.E.
Jordan, C.W.
Emmerson, J.
Lane, P.
Hurley, C.
Toon, W.
Hewson, E.M.
Wardle, J.
Hill, J.
Lovett, H.G.
Needham, T.
Cooper, J.
Brooks, A.
Hubbard, W.

Military Medal (Other Ranks Only)

Allen, J.T.
Andrews, T.
Baker, A.
Balderstone, J.
Barber, S.G.
Beardmore, H.
Beaver, A.
Bedford, G.
Bennett, W.
Bent, G.A.
Berridge, W.A.
Bindley, F.
Bloodworth, F.
Braybrook, W.
Bullen, J.H.
Carr, A.
Cato, H.
Caunter, J.H.
Clapham, F.
Coles, J.
Cooper, E.
Crocker, L.F.
Crow, E.
Culpin, A.H.
Daniels, A.
Dawes, H.
Dawson, S.
Diggle, E.
Eastwood, F.
Edge, H.
Emmitt, G.
Fortnum, L.H.
Foulds, E.
Garrett, H.B.
Goodman, R.
Hawkesworth, T.
Haynes, R.B.
Hewerdine, A.
Hickling, A.
Hollingsworth, R.
Holmes, A.
Hyden, J.
Knott, J.T.
Lester, W.E.
Love, C.B.
Mackey, D.
Marshall, T.
Martin, A.W.
Meakin, J.
Mouldsworth, W.
O’Brien, M.
Orton, W.
Palmer, A.E.
Parker, T.
Passmore, A.
Pickering, W.
Pickles, G.O.
Pollard, H.
Powell, W.
Putt, J.W.
Pymm, F.P.
Randall, A.
Raven, W.
Redden, R.
Ryder, J.
Satchwell, S.
Sharpe, A.
Shepherd, H.
Slaymaker, T.
Smith, E.R.
Smith, F.
Smith, W.
Staniforth, B.
Starbuck, T.
Stone, H.W.
Taylor, S.W.
Thompson, P.
Tomblin, G.W.
Tookey, J.W.
Wedge, A.
Whitmore, H.
Woolley, E.V.

Military Medal & Bar (Other Ranks Only)

Burbidge, J.
Downs, R.
Gorf, F.W.
Lilley, W.
Thurman, A.

Military Medal & Two Bars (Other Ranks Only)

Marston, T.

Meritorious Service Medal

Bailey, C.F.
Cooper, J.
Fairbrother, W.
Foster, H.
Gorse, R.
Robinson, J.H.
Yeabsley, N.

A bar means awarded same medal again, 2 bars, 3 awards, you cannot have more than one of a medal, hence the bar.


Foreign Decorations

British Empire Army – World War I


Jones, C.H. Légion d’Honneur (Officier)
Pearson, L.H. Croix de Guerre (with palm)
Pierrepont, A.D. Croix de Guerre (with silver star)
Whitworth, J. Croix de Guerre (with silver star)
Green, W. Croix de Guerre (with bronze star)
Hills, J.D. Croix de Guerre (with bronze star)
Angrave, E. Medaille Militaire


A. Wilbur, Décoration Militaire

Mentioned In Dispatches

British Empire Army – World War I

Agar, W.
Allen, G.W.
Archer, A.A.
Barton, M.H.
Bromfield, W.T.
Brown, C.
Burnett, J. (2).
Fisher, W.
Foster, T.
Gorse, R.
Griffiths, J.L. (2).
Hills, J.D. (2).
Hurst, A.
Jones,C.H. (2).
Langdale, E.G.
Lincoln, J.
Marston, T.F.
Moore, A.G. de A.
Shields, C.F.
Swift, H.
Taylor, F.G.
Todd, W.R.
Toller, W.S.N.
Tomson, T.W.
Walton, J.A.
Williamson, F.J.
Wollaston, C.H.F.