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Lieutenant-Colonel Neilson’s Detachment Of Mississippi Militia

Captain David T. W. Cook’s Company
Captain John Joor’s Company
Captain William A. Lucas’ Company
Captain Nathan H. Luse’s Company
Captain Samuel K. Sorsby’s Company
Captain Francis Wood’s Company

Adams, Joseph, private
Adams, Thomas C., sergeant
Aldridge, George, private
Aldridge, Sylvester, private
Anden, George, private
Anderson, Ephraim, private
Anderson, Henry, ensign
Anderson, Frederick, private
Anderson, Robert C., sergeant
Anderson, William, corporal
Armstreat, Philip, sergeant
Armstrong, William, private
Arnold, Isham, private
Arnold, Richard, private
Applewhite, James, private
Ashly, John, private
Austin, John, private
Austin, William, private
Bacon, John, sergeant
Badgett, David, private
Baldridge, John, private
Baldwin, Levi, private
Barcley, Glass C., private
Barkee, David, private
Barnes, Pittkin, sergeant
Barns, John, private
Barren, Thomas, private
Bass, Jeremiah, private
Bassett, William, sergeant
Baty, Francis, private
Beard, Adam, private
Bennett, David, private
Bennett, William, private
Berry, David, private
Best, Abraham, private
Betis, Julius, private
Black, Alexander, private
Boles, James, private
Booker, Samuel, private
Booker, William, private
Boothe, Shelly, private
Bosnian, Samuel, private
Bowling, Jesse, private
Boyd, Augustus, private
Boyd, John, private
Boyd, William, private
Bradley, Archibald, private
Bradshaw, Peter, private
Bradway, Ebenezer, private
Brannon, Thomas, private
Brannon, William, private
Brieland, Daniel, private
Briley, Job, private
Briscoe, Parmenas, major
Brister, George, private
Brown, John, private
Brown, Joseph, private
Brown, Lampkin W., private
Brown, William, private
Brown, William, private
Brunaugh, Martin, sergeant
Buckley, William C., private
Buckman, Henry, private
Buckner, David, private
Burge, Christopher, private
Bumes, John, sergeant
Burnham, Gabriel, private
Burke, John E., private
Burks, William, corporal
Burton, Charles A., private
Burton, John, third lieutenant
Burton, Thomas, private
Bush, Isaac, private
Butler, Henry, private
Calcoat, Stephen, private
Caldwell, R. S., private
Calhoon, John, private
Campbell, Silas, private
Carman, Asa, private
Carmany, William, private
Carnis, David, private
Carr, John H., private
Carr, Joseph, private
Cason, Charles, private
Cassells, Benjamin, private
Cassells, Reuben, private
Cater, James, private
Caton, Michael, private
Chaddick, Richard, private
Chaddick, William, private
Chambers, Elijah, corporal
Chambliss, Peter C., ensign
Chancy, George W., private
Chism, Samuel F., private
Coarsey, James, private
Cochran, Edward, private
Collier, Vines L., private
Collins, Henry, private
Collins, John, private
Cook, David T. W., captain
Cook, John, private
Cook, John, private
Clanton, James, private
Clark, Daniel, private
Clark, Wilson, private
Clarke, Lewis, corporal
Cole, Mason G., private
Cole, William, private
Colville, Andrew, private
Cook, Abel, private
Cooper, Martin, private
Corbet, Abel, private
Crawford, Richard, sergeant
Crow, James, private
Curry, Peter, private
Curtis, Richard, private
Dancer, Ulric M., private
Dassy, Silas, private
Davis, Hugh, second lieutenant
Day, David, private
Dean, John T., private
Dey, Robert, private
Dismuke, Joseph, private
Divine, William, private
Donoho, Charles, private
Downs, George, private
Downs, Hiram, private
Downs, Jeremiah, first lieutenant
Downs, Joseph, private
Draughan, Elbert, corporal
Ducker, John, private
Dunn, David, private
Dunn, William, private
Duval, William B., private
Edwards, John, private
Egbert, John, private
Elkins, Ralph, private
Ellis, William, private
Ethridge, Godfrey, private
Everett, John, private
Ewell, James, private
Fake, John, private
Fant, John T., private
Farley, Stephen E., private
Farmer, Joseph D., private
Farmer, William, private
Farmer, William, private
Ferry, John, private
Fleming, William, J. B., sergeant
Fletcher, Lemuel, private
Fife, John, private
Fitzgerald, James, private
Flynn, Thomas, second lieutenant
Fowler, William, private
Frank, , waiter
French, Robert, priv?te
Fridley, John, private
Frisby, William, private
Gaines, David, private
Gaines, Young, private
Galbreath, Lauvhlin, private
Galbreath, Robert, private
Gale, Thomas M., private
Gardner, John, private
Gardner, William, private
George, Isaac, private
Gibbs, Franklin W., private
Gile, William, private
Gillas, Norman, private
Glover, Matthias, private
Goodale, James, private
Goodwin, John, private
Goodwin, William, private
Goodshorn, John, private
Grafton, Daniel, first lieutenant
Graham, Richard, corporal
Griffin, Isham, private
Guise, Ephraim, private
Guise, John H., corporal
Hadden, Robert, private
Hall, John, private
Hall, John E., sergeant
Hallo wel, William L., private
Hammett, Absolum, private
Harkness, Henry, private
Harrell, James, first lieutenant
Harson, John, private
Hawthorn, William, private
Henson, James, sergeant
Herbert, William, corporal
Hezekiah, servant
Hickenbottom, William L., private
Hickman, Isaac, private
Hickman, William, private
Hicks, James, private
Higdon, Daniel, second lieutenant
Hill, W T illiam, private
Hoggatt, Philip, first lieutenant and quartermaster
Holliman, Jacob, sergeant
Holly, Joseph, private
House, Henry, private
Hubbert, James, private
Hull, Thomas M., private
Hunter, Field P., sergeant
Hutchinson, James, private
Hutson, George, private
Hux, Benjamin, private
Hux, William, private
Hylan, John, first lieutenant
Inmon, Levi, private
Jackson, Henry, private
Jacob, , servant
Jacobs, Francis, private
Jansen, Egbert, surgeon
Jarome, James, private
Jenkins, William, private
Johnson, Hugh B., corporal
Jones, Charles, private
Jones, David, drummer
Jones, Henry, private
Jones, Isaac, private
Jones, Richard, private
Jones, William, private
Jones, William, private
Jones, William, private
Joor, John, captain
Keen, Thomas, private
Kelly, Hugh, private
Kenedy, Cade L., private
Kennedy, David, private
Kennison, Nathaniel, private
Kiger, Michael, corporal
King, Charles, private
King, Elisha, private
King, Richard, sergeant major
King, Samuel, ensign
Kinnison, Nathaniel, sergeant
Kirkham, Thomas, first lieutenant
Kitchens, Benjamin, private
Kizer, John, private
Knowland, James, corporal
Knox, Andrew, private
Knox, John, corporal
Lamb, Henry, private
Lambert, David, corporal
Lambright, David, private
Land, Benjamin, private
Laneheart, Jacob, corporal
Lee, Thomas, private
Leek, John, private
Lilly, Mills, private
Lohorn, John, private
Long, Jeremiah, private
Love, William D., private
Lucas, William A., captain
Luse, Nathan H., captain
Lyon, Daniel, private
Manning, William, private
Martin, Henry, private
Mashborn, Enoch, private
Matthews, Zech, private
Maxey, Radford B., corporal
Maxwell, William E., corporal
Mays, Stephen, private
McAllister, John, private
McAlpin, Alexander, private
McAltie, Thomas, private
Me Call, Thomas, private
McCartney, Lewis, private
McConnell, Robert B., private
McCormick, William, private
McDaniel, John, private
McDaniel, Jonathan, private
McEwen, Archibald, private
McGee, Jonathan, private
McGinty, Joseph, private
McGlaughlin, William, private
McCoy, Daniel, corporal
McCoy, Jesse, private
McKey, Hugh, private
McLoughlin, Charles, private
McLoughlin, Patrick, sergeant
McMorris, William, private
McNeely, Paul, private
McNeil, Neil, private
McNely, John, private
Merrill, Elijah, corporal
Mills, Edmond, private
Mitchell, Benjamin,corporal
Mitchell, Bluford, private
Mitchell, Joel, private
Montgomery, Andrew, first lieutenant and adjutant
Montgomery, John, private
Moore, Henson, private
Moore, James, private
Moore, Jesse, private
Moore, John, private
Moore, Parsons, private
Moore, William, private
Morgan, James, private
Morgan, John, private
Morris, John, private
Mowry, George, quartermaster sergeant
Murphy, Morris, private
Murrah, Morgan, private
Nathaniel, , servant
Neal, James, private
Neal, James, private
Neeland, Middleton, private
Neilson, David, lieutenant-colonel
Nelson, Hugh, private
Nettles, James, private
Newman, Hezekiah, private
Newman, Thomas, private
Nicholls, Julius, private
Nugent, Lewis, private
Obriant, John, private
Ogden, George, second lieutenant
Oglesby, John, private
Oglesby, Sabert, private
Oglesby, William, private
Oliphant, James, private
Oliver, Robert, private
O’Neal, Peter, corporal
Ostean, Gabriel, private
Parham, Peterson, corporal
Parker, David, private
Parker, John, private
Peck, Benjamin, sergeant
Penton, William, private
Perry, John, private
Pervis, John, private
Pharis, William, private
Phillips, Isaac, corporal
Pickett, Lewis, private
Plaster, Thomas R., sergeant
Plutner, Stephen, private
Porter, John, first lieutenant
Porter, William S., private
Powers, Benjamin, private
Prescott, Andrew, private
Price, Joseph, private
Prichard, William, private
Prince, , waiter
Quine, Henry, private
Quine, William, private
Quine, William, private
Ragsdale, Elijah, private
Rankin, Christopher, second lieutenant
Reed, Caleb, private
Reynolds, Thomas, private
Rhoades, Andrew, private
Rice, Jesse, private
Richards, Thomas, private
Roberts, Robert, private
Robinson, Seth, private
Ross, David, private
Roundtree, Reuben, private
Rushing, Hugh, private
Rushing, William, private
Russel, John, private
Ryan, Cornelius W. B., private
Sam, , servant
Sanders, James, private
Sapp, Dill, private
Saunders, Joseph, private
Saxon, Joshua, private
Saxon, Samuel, private
Scott, Bumberry, private
Searcy, Ransom, private
Sellers, Isaac, private
Segrist, Lewis, private
Sexton, Samuel, private
Shannon, James, sergeant
Shaw, Saxton, private
Shelly, Lewis, private
Sheridan, Thomas, private
Shilling, Abraham, private
Shirky, Lewis, corporal
Shirky, Patrick, corporal
Shropshire, John, private
Shuffield, Stephen, private
Shuffield, William, private
Sibley, William, private
Simmons, Joseph Y., private
Simms, Peyton, private
Sisson, Eldridge, private
Sisson, James, private
Slocum, Charles C., private
Smith, James, private
Smith, John M., private
Smith, Samuel, private
Smith, Thomas, private
Sorsby, Samuel K., captain
Spires, Robert, private
Stafford, James T., private
Stark, John, private
Steel, James, sergeant
Stephens, Briton, private
Stephens, Daniel, private
Sterdwan, Pleasant, private
Sterling, James, private
Sterling, Robert, private
Sterns, Peter, private
Stevens, Henry W., private
Stewart, William, private
Stiles, Chilion F., private
Strain, David, private
Strickland, Henry D., private
Sturdivant, Henry, private
Sturdivant, William R., private
Stutts, William, private
Swayney, Edmond, private
Sweat, Johnston, private
Tanner, James, corporal
Taylor, Isaac, private
Taylor, William, private
Templeton, Joseph, private
Thompson, Robert, private
Tichner, Abram, private
Tidwell, John, private
Tillery, William, private
Toney (negro), waiter
Tribble, John M., private
Triplett, Daniel, private
Turney, John, private
Ursrey, John, private
Ursrey, Richard, private
Usher, William, private
Vandevall, John, corporal
VanHouten, Cornelius, sergeant
White, Richard, sergeant
Vickroy, Nathan, private
White, Robert, private
Vicks, Burwell, private
Whitehurst, J., private
Vining, Jepthah, private
Whittington, James, private
Vinson, William, private
Whittington, Willey, private
Waddle, Jacob, private
Wiley, Hugh, private
Wade, William C., private
William (negro), waiter
Walker, Alexander, corporal
Williams, Asa, private
Walker, John B., ensign
Williams, John L., private
Wall, Elisha, private
Williams, Lemuel, private
Wall, Howell, private
Wilson, Samuel, private
Weatherspoon, John, private
Windham, Stephen, sergeant
Webber, Robert, private
Wise, Brunton, private
Welch, Nathan, private
Wood, Denniss, private
Wells, Abraham, private
Wood, Francis, captain
Wells, Edmond, private
Wood, Joseph, private
Wells, Noel, private
Woolforth, Michael, private
Wheat, William, private
Wren, John, corporal
Whitacar, Isaac, private
Wright, Jesse, private
White, Benjamin, private
Wright, John, corporal
White, Benjamin, private
Wroe, William O., sergeant
White, Larkin, ensign Young, Samuel, private