List of Staff Officers of the Confederate States Army 1861-1865

Surnames that start with U

  • Underhill, S. NI., lieut., V. A. D. C. to Brig. Gen. S. D. Lee, May 16, 1863, and 1864; lieut., drill master, staff of Maj. Gen. S. D. Lee; subsequently colonel regiment Alabama reserves.
  • Upshaw, James It., maj., com’y to Brig. Gen. Dandridge McRae, February 14, 1863; maj., C. S. to Brig. Gen. T. J. Churchill, January 18, 1864.
  • Upshur, Thomas H. W., surg., at Richmond, December 10, 1863.
  • Upson, C., col., V. A. D. C. to Maj. Gen. W. H. C. Whiting, 1861 and 1862.
  • Urquhart, David, lieut. coL, V. A. D. C. to Gen. Braxton Bragg, July 17, 1862; lieut. col., A. A. G. to same September 1, 1862, to June 10, 1863.