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Confederate Soldiers from Coffee County, Georgia

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Confederate Soldiers who went to the War from Coffee County, Georgia

Anderson, William4th, Ga.
Anderson, David26th, Ga.
Anderson, Aaron47th, Ga.
Adams, P. J20th, Ga.
Allen, T. C10th, Ga.
Adams, Willanghly63rd, Ga.
Bennett, W. J26th, Ga.
Beverly, John W4th, Ga.
Bailey, Thorpe26th, Ga.
Blount, J. B2nd, Ga.
Bowen, J. H49th, Ga.
Burke, A. D25th, Ga.
Beecher, H. H25th, Ga.
Beasley, W. M1st, Ga.
Bowen, W. C49th, Ga.
Cowart, K. C50th, Ga.
Cook, Henry14th, Ga.
Culbreath, L. M48th, Ga.
Cross, Richard10th, Ga.
Courson, W. S4th, Ga.
Cato, W. R50th, Ga.
Canley, John26th, Ga.
Corbett, M29th, Ga.
Chaney, Harrison50th, Ga.
Childs, W. H45th, Ga.
Corbett, M. L29th, Ga.
Crosley, Abraham47th, Ga.
Crosley, Spencer47th, Ga.
Channell, John2nd, Ga.
Douglas, B. W31st, Ga.
Dobson, W. B27th, Ga.
Duren, Richard29th, Ga.
Davis, Stafford32nd, Ga.
Douglas, Warren18th, Ga.
Deen, Jamia4th, Ga.
Douglas, Stephen31st, Ga.
Elmore, Thomas J5th, Ga.
Ellis, Joshua50th, Ga.
Edinfield, Jesse4th, Ga.
Ellis, H1st, Ga.
Findley, A. B29th, Ga.
Folds, T.J13th, Ga.
Grantham, Jackson50th, Ga.
Gilliard, W. H63rd, Ga.
Hutto, William4th, Ga.
Harris, Matthew26th, Ga.
Hays, B. F50th, Ga.
Hall, Joel29th, Ga.
Hersey, Joshua T26th, Ga.
Henderson, J. T.24th, Ga.
Hesters, S. B5th, Ga.
Jowers, J. J31st, Ga.
Johnson, J. C12th, Ga.
Johnson, W. M4th, Ga.
Joiner, Hardy S50th, Ga.
Joiner, Thomas6th, Ga.
Johnson, John47th, Ga.
Kelley, J. R14th, Ga.
Kirkland, M4th, Ga.
Lott, J. P4th, Ga.
Mansell, Hiram31st, Ga.
Morgan, Jacob50th, Ga.
Murrey, William10th, Ga.
Mack, W. J25th, Ga.
Miller, Frank18th, Ga.
Merritt, Robert4th, Ga.
Merritt, Mark61st, Ga.
Myers, J. M14th, Ga.
Myers, S. F14th, Ga.
Maddox, W. .735th, Ga.
Mixon, John63rd, Ga.
Mansel, H31st, Ga.
% cMcLeod, F. M26th, Ga.
McCormick, G. E.20th, Ga.
McGough, Talley3rd, Ga.
Newbern, Thomas29th, Ga.
Newbern, E. D50th, Ga.
O’mally, James13th, Ga.
Odum, H. W26th, Ga.
O ‘Berry, D. E1st, Ga.
O’Neal, T. P4th, Ga.
Peterson, Dan31st, Ga.
Ricketson, Vincent21st, Ga.
Royal, Harmon4th, Ga.
Ricketson, J. P26th, Ga.
Roberts, Gray29th, Ga.
Rogar, John D49th, Ga.
Sauls, T. J26th, Ga.
Stephens, J. E50th, Ga.
Sweat, F. R26th, Ga.
Shea, S3rd, Ga.
Snipes, John A45th, Ga.
Spikes, John50th, Ga.
Stewart, Joshua29th, Ga.
Surrency, John M26th, Ga.
Stone, J. J50th, Ga.
Sapp, Joseph21st, Ga.
Smith, David63rd, Ga.
Sapp, Enoch4th, Ga.
Spears, George P3rd, Ga.
Sapp, John Dr4th, Ga.
Sloughter, T. H57th, Ga.
Spivey, D. P26th, Ga.
Spivey, Franklin20th, Ga.
Stone, William50th, Ga.
Thompson, W. A26th, Ga.
Tompkins, D. J9th, Ga.
Taylor, Josiah4th, Ga.
Thomas, Edward47th, Ga.
Taff, J. J50th, Ga.
Tarrant, W. B20th, Ga.
Thomas, D. F4th, Ga.
Tucker, John T4th, Ga.
Thompson, John A4th, Ga.
Trowell, A. J4th, Ga.
Taylor, W. P4th, Ga.
Varnadoe, J. Q26th, Ga.
Vickers, Willie50th, Ga.
Vining, James50th, Ga.
Vinson, C. C8th, Ga.
Woods, Josiah4th, Ga.
Williams, R. G56th, Ga.
Ward, John E50th, Ga.
Yeomans, Ashford26th, Ga.

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