1st Regiment Of Mississippi Volunteers

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Captain Gerard C. Brandon’s Company
Captain Samuel Dale’s Company
Captain Benjamin Dent’s Company
Captain Philip A. Engel’s Company
Captain L. V. Foelckel’s Company
Captain William Henry’s Company
Captain William Jack’s Company
Captain Chas. G. Johnson’s Company
Captain Randal Jones’ Company
Captain Jos. P. Kennedy’s Company
Captain William C. Mead’s Company
Captain Hatton Middleton’s Company
Captain Hans Morrison’s Company
Captain Lewis Paimboiuf’s Company
Captain Thos. Posey’s Company
Captain John Neilson’s Company
Captain James Foster’s Company
Captain Abraham M. Scott’s Company
Captain Benj. S. Smoot’s Company
Captain Archelaus Wells’ Company

Abernathe, John, private
Adams, Richard, private
Adams, Thomas, private
Agens, John, private
Agens, William, private
Agiliras, Francisco, private
Aikins, Samuel, private
Akors, Benjamin, private
Alexander, Michael G., private
Alexander, William, private
Alford, Joseph, private
Alford, Robert, sergeant
Allen, David, private
Allen, Drury, private
Allen, John, first lieutenant
Allen, John, private
Allen, John, private
Allen, Josiah, private
Anderson, Allen, sergeant
Anderson, James, private
Anderson, James, private
Anderson, John, private
Anderson, Robert C., second lieutenant
Andrews, Green, private
Andrews, William, private
Anthony, Abraham L., private
Anthony, Joseph, private
Armstrong, Thomas, private
Arnold, Benjamin, Jr., private
Arnold, Benjamin, Sr., private
Arnold, Bridges, private
Ashley, James, private
Atchison, Henry, sergeant
Atkins, Charles, private
Attoy, Dennis, private
Atwater, Asaph, sergeant
Atwood, Thomas, private
Austill, Evan, first lieutenant
Austill, Jeremiah, private
Bagacox, Victor, private
Baggs, Robert, corporal
Bailey, George, private
Bailey, James, first lieutenant
Bainbridge, Thomas, private
Baird, James, private
Baird, John, private
Baird, Samuel, private
Baird, William, private
Baird, William, Jr., private
Baird, William, Sr., private
Baird, William L., private
Baker, Lewis, private
Baldwin, William, private
Baley, Richard, private
Banks, Peregrin, private
Barns, Mark, private
Barra, Francis, private
Barren, John, second lieutenant
Bartlett, Nathaniel, private
Bartley, John, private
Bashford, Robert, sergeant
Battest, John, drummer
Bazer^ Edward, private
Beall, Wilkinson, private
Beard, Henry, sergeant
Beasley, Daniel, major
Beason, William, private
Beaty, James C., private
Beauchamp, Baptist, private
Belcher, Branch, private
Bell, Joseph, sergeant
Bell, Ralph, private
Bell, William W., sergeant
Bender, Lott, private
Benge, Harris, private
Bennett, Micajah, private
Bennett, William, private
Bernard, John G., private
Berry, Joseph, corporal
Berryhill, Alexander, private
Biddle, Benjamin, private
Biddlescomb, Jeremiah, private
Bieulet, Joseph, private
Bilbo, James, private
Bishop, Stephen, private
Black, Daniel, corporal
Black, John, private
Black, John S., corporal
Blackwell, James, private
Blair, Thomas, private
Blanton, Benjamin, ensign
Blue, Angus, corporal
Bobbs, Jacob, private
Bonner, James, private
Booth, John, sergeant major
Boozman, Howell, private
Boswell, John, corporal
Bosworth, Richard, sergeant
Bowland, John, private
Bowman, Richardson, first lieutenant
Boyce, William, sergeant
Braden, James, private
Bradford, Leonard, private
Bradley, Bradford, private
Bradley, Luther, private
Brady, Samuel, private
Bragg, John, private
Brandon, Gerard C., captain
Brannan, Thomas, private
Brannon, John P., sergeant
Brant, Lewis W., sergeant
Breard, John, private
Brent, John, sergeant
Brenton, Joseph, private
Brewer, William, private
Bridgement, Thomas, private
Bridges, Benjamin, second lieutenant
Briggs, Johnston, sergeant
Brinkman, George, private
Britt, William S., ensign
Brittle, Thomas M., private
Britton, James, private
Brooks, David, private
Brooks, John, private
Brothers, Lewis, private
Brown, Bartlett, private
Brown, Henry, musician
Brown, John, private
Brown, John, private
Brown, John W., private
Brown, Liberty, private
Brown, Rowling, private
Bruley, Jacob, private
Bruster, James, private
Bruster, Washington, corporal
Bryan, William, private
Bryant, Robert, private
Bullman, John, private
Buntin, Timothy, private
Bullock, James, private
Burgess, Francis, private
Burgess, William B., private
Burk, Martin, private
Burke, James, private
Burnett, Thomas, private
Burns, William, sergeant
Burton, Charles A., private
Burton, Elbert, ensign
Burton, Robert, corporal
Bush, Levi, private
Bush, William, private
Byarse, Henry, private
Byers, James, private
Bynum, Turner, private
Cable, Christopher, private
Cadwell, Aaron, private
Cadwell, William, private
Cain, James B., sergeant
Caldwell, Kean, second lieutenant and adjutant
Caldwell, Thomas, private
Callahan, David, ensign
Caller, Robert, private
Calvet, Alexander, first lieutenant and aide-de-camp
Cameron, Barnabas, private
Camp, John, first lieutenant
Camp, John, private
Campbell, Archibald, private
Campbell, Donald, private
Campbell, James, private
Campbell, John D., private
Cammack, David, private
Cammell, Duncan, private
Canty, William S., sergeant
Carl, James, private
Carlin, James, private
Carmichael, William, private
Games, Johnson, private
Carnes, Wells, private
Carrigan, Edward, private
Carson, Joseph, colonel
Carson, Joseph, private
Carter, John, private
Carter, John, private
Carty, Collin, private
Caswell, William, private
Cathel, Joshua, private
Cathel, Levin, sergeant
Caughman, David, private
Caulfield, Francis, private
Chadock, Isaac, private
Chadwick, Isaac, private
Chambers, Michael, corporal
Chambliss, William B., ensign
Chancy, James, private
Chapman, George, private
Charrington, John, private
Cheauveaus, James, second lieutenant
Childers, Ware, private
Chisholm, Cockburn, private
Chislom, Andrew C., first sergeant
Claiborne, Ferdinand L., brigadier general
Clark, Archibald, private
Clark, Henry, private
Clark, James, private
Clark, Samuel, private
Clark, William G., private
Clark, William H., private
Clayton, John Y., private
Clayton, Samuel, private
Cleaveland, Edward, private
Cleaveland, Josiah M., sergeant
Clinton, John, private
Clupper, Phillip, private
Cobb, Frederick, private
Cochran, Cheedle, private
Cockram, William, private
Cogan, William, private
Colbert, Simon, private
Cole, Stewart, first sergeant
Coleman, Daniel, private
Coleman, Levi, private
Collum, David, private
Colson, Samuel, private
Colston, Thomas, private
Colton, Elam, private
Colvin, Talton, private
Colvin, William, private
Conner, George, private
Conner, James, corporal
Conner, John, sergeant
Converse, Wright, sergeant
Cook, Joseph, private
Coolman, George, private
Cooper, George, private
Cooper, John, private
Cooper, Joseph, private
Cooper, Simeon, private
Cooper, William, corporal
Copeland, James, private
Corey, Samuel F., sergeant
Corhel, Nicholas, private
Corkins, David, private
Coulson, Samuel, private
Cousins, Matthew, private
Cox, Thomas, private
Cox, William R., surgeon mate
Crane, Stephen, private
Crane, William, corporal
Crane, William, private
Crawford, Alexander, corporal
Crawford, Hugh, private
Creagh, Gerrard, private
Criswell, Andrew, private
Criswell, Robert, private
Curtis, William, private
Dacosta, Nicholas, corporal
Dale, James, private
Dale, Samuel, captain
Daniel, Nathaniel, sergeant
Daniels, Abner, corporal
Davis, Baxter, sergeant
Davis, Benjamin, private
Davis, Daniel, private
Davis, George, private
Davis, Isaac W., ensign
Davis, Simon, private
Deal, Elias, private
Dean, Daniel, private
Dean, John, Jr., private
Dean, John, Sr., private
Dearman, William, private
Delevan, Cornelius, private
Deloach, William R., first lieutenant and adjutant
Denhart, Augustus, private
Deniston, Andrew, private
Dennis, Asa W., sergeant
Dennis, George P., private
Dennis, Thomas, private
Denson, Isaac, private
Dent, Benjamin, captain
Desha, Benjamin, private
DeVall, John, private
Devanport, John, private
Devin, James, private
Dewell, Lewis, sergeant
Dewitt, James, corporal
Ditzler, Peter, private
Divin, John S., private
Dixon, Hugh, private
Dixon, Thomas, private
Dobbins, Alfred M., private
Dobbs, Jacob, private
Donnelly, James, private
Dorsey, James, private
Dougherty, George, ensign
Doughty, Kitrell, private
Douglass, Jeptha, private
Douthard, John, private
Dowling, Charles, private
Downing, Edward, private
Downing, Nicholas, private
Dozier, Thomas, sergeant
Drake, Edmund, sergeant
Duchur, Victor, private
Dudley, Daniel, private
Dugless, John, private
Duke, Thomas, private
Duncan, Benjamin, private
Duncan, David, private
Duncan, William, private
Dunham, Warren, private
Dunking, Thomas, private
Dunn, John, private
Dunn, Lewis P., corporal
Dunson, William, private
Dupie, Thomas, private
Easley, Edward, private
Easley, John, private
Eaton, Samuel, private
Eavins, Gaddi, private
Eavins, Samuel, private
Ebey, William, drummer
Edgerly, Elijah, private
Edwards, Dabney, private
Edwards, Thomas, private
Egan, William, private
Elder, James, private
Elliott, John, corporal
Elliott, Robert L., corporal
Ellison, Samuel, private
Ellison, Thomas, private
Ellison, William, private
Embree, Jesse, private
Embree, Jonathan, sergeant
Emery, William, private
Emmons, John, ensign
Engel, Philip A., captain
Enos, Eli, private
Ervin, Samuel, private
Espey, Wiley, private
Espinosa, Joseph, private
Espy, Lemuel, private
Ethridge, John, musician
Evans, Elijah, private
Evans, John, private
Evans, Thomas, private
Evans, William, private
Evans, Zachariah, private
Eveleigh, William, private
Everard, Charles, private
Everitt, John, private
Ewalt, William, private
Ewing, Robert B., private
Faite, Peter, private
Faith, Alexander, musician
Farley, Elihu, private
Farris, Samuel S., sergeant
Fell, George, sergeant
Fenton, John, sergeant
Ferguson, Richard, private
Fields, Elijah, corporal
Files, John, ensign
Finch, Christopher, private
Finch, John, private
Finehorn, John, private
Finley, Charles, private
Finley, Norris, private
Finley, Zachariah, private
Fisher, Charles, private
Fisher, Samuel, private
Flanigan, John, private
Fleming, John P., private
Flemming, Joseph, private
Fletcher, Jeremiah, private
Flinn, William, private
Flores, Joseph, private
Floyd, John B., sergeant
Foeckel, L. V., captain
Ford, James, sergeant
Ford, William, private
Forget, William, private
Fort, Adison, private
Fortenberry, William, private
Foster, Francis, private
Foster, George, private
Foster, James, captain
Foster, William, private
Fountain, Henry, private
Fox, Washington, corporal
Francis, James, private
Frederick, John, private
French, John, private
Friley, Frederick, private
Fry, Thomas, private
Futch, Onisimus, private
Gallon, Canton, private
Gamble, Robert, private
Gano, Stephen, private
Gardner, Jeremiah, private
Garlington, Edwin, sergeant
Garmany, Washington, sergeant
Garrard, James, private
Garrard, William, private
Garrino, John P., private
Gash, William, private
Gates, Jasper, private
Gatlin, John, private
Gatton, Ignatius, private
Gentry, Elijah, private
Gentry, Elijah, Sr., private
Gentry, James, private
Gibbs, George H., ensign
Gibson, Richard, private
Gillaspie, David, corporal
Gillick, John, private
Gilman, Benare, private
Glass, David, private
Glass, Williamson, private
Glass, Zachariah, private
Godfrey, William, private
Gonsales, John, private
Good, Delanson, private
Goodwin, Robert, private
Gordon, Robert, private
Goss, Henry O. F., private
Go wen, James H., sergeant
Gray, Philip A., corporal
Grayham, James, private
Grayson, Peter, private
Green, Allen, sergeant
Green, Robert, corporal
Green, William, private
Grey, Joseph, private
Grey, Thomas F., private
Griffin, George W., private
Griffin, Isaac W., private
Griffin, James M., private
Griffin, Mitchell, private
Griffin, Patrick, sergeant
Griffin, William, sergeant
Griffis, Thomas, private
Grizzle, Willis, private
Groff, Frederick, private
Groff, Henry C., private
Guest, Samuel, sergeant major
Guest, Westly, private
Gurley, Robert, private
Haggarty, Henry, private
Haggarty, John, private
Haggerty, John, private
Hale, Joel W., corporal
Haley, John, private
Haley, Richard, private
Hall, James, private
Hall, John, private
Hall, John, private
Hall, Matthew, sergeant
Hall, Samuel, private
Hamby, Samuel M., private
Hamilton, Andrew, private
Hamilton, Thomas, private
Hamilton, William, private
Hammon, Thomas, private
Hammond, William, private
Hamrick, Burwell, private
Hand, John B., private
Hardy, Isaiah, private
Harford, Samuel, fife major
Harney, Benjamin F., surgeon mate
Harringill, Joseph, private
Harrington, Hardy, private
Harrington, Hudson, private
Harris, Joseph A., private
Hart, Philip, private
Hawkins, Gilbert D., private
Hays, Mark, private
Hazle, Daniel, corporal
Hazle, Samuel, private
Hazlett, Jacob, private
Head, Benjamin, private
Healy, Daniel, sergeant
Heard, Bailey, first lieutenant
Heard, Joel, private
Hearn, George, private
Hearn, William, private
Heath, Thomas, musician
Heaton, Isaac, private
Helium, Enos, private
Helms, Henry, private
Henderson, Duncan, private
Henry, John N., private
Henry, Lemuel C. G., private
Henry, William, captain
Henson, James, private
Hide, Harris, corporal
Higgins, John, private
Higgins, Peter, private
High, Martin, private
Hill, James, private
Hill, William, private
Hillebrand, Paul, private
Hillis, John, private
Hinton, William, private
Hixon, Daniel, corporal
Hogg, John, private
Hoggett, Joel, private
Hogue, William, private
Holcomb, Gardner, private
Holcomb, Philip P., private
Holcroft, John, private
Holder, John, private
Holliday, Levi, corporal
Holliday, Richard J., sergeant
Holliday, Simeon, private
Hollister, Francis A., private
Holloway, George, private
Holmes, Thomas, private
Hopkins, Hardy, private
Hopkins, Joseph R., private
Hopkins, Richard, private
Horton, John, private
House, John, private
Howard, Jonathan, private
Howe, Jacob, private
Howell, Archibald, private
Hudson, John, private
Hudson, Westley, private
Huff, William H., private
Hunt, William, private
Hurlock, James, private
Hurry, Richard, private
Hustler, Samuel, drum, major
Hutchins, Thomas, private
Hutchinson, John, private
Inman, Richard, private
Irby, Henry, private
Irby, James, private
Ireson, James H., sergeant
Ivey, William, private
Jack, William captain
Jackson, George, private
Jackson, Henry, private
Jacobs, Richard, private
James, Abner, private
James, Almon, private
James, Joseph, corporal
Jetton, Benedict, private
Johnson, Abraham, private
Johnson, Charles G., captain
Johnson, Hugh B., private
Johnson, John, private
Johnson, Peter, private
Johnston, William, private
Joiner, William, private
Jones, Elbert, private
Jones, Hardin, private
Jones, John H., private
Jones, Josiah, private
Jones, Randal, captain
Jones, Russel, private
Jones, Stephen, private
Jones, Thomas, private
Jones, Wiley, private
Jones, William, private
Jones, William, private
Jones, William, private
Jones, William P., private
Jordan, Zachariah, private
Judkins, John, private
Juvenot, Joseph, private
Kaufman, George, private
Keas, William, private
Keel, William, private
Keen, John, sergeant
Kellogg, Theron, first lieutenant
Kelly, Abraham, private
Kelly, Benjamin C., sergeant
Kelly, Jesse, private
Kennedy, Joseph P., captain and brigade major
Kennedy, William, private
Kennedy, William, private
Kerr, John, surgeon
Kief, Thomas, private
Killen, Henry, private
Kimble, Isom, private
Kimble, Ransom, private
King, David, musician
King, John, private
Kingsbury, Daniel, sergeant
Kline, Balthazer, private
Knight, Andrew W. L., private
Knight, Thomas, private
Koen, John, cornet
Koen, Jonathan H., private
Koff, Peter, private
Kregger, John M., private
LaChapelle, Dominic, private
Lambert, Ashley, private
Lambert, Edward
Lang, James, private
Lang, William, private
Langford, David, private
Langford, John, private
Langham, James, private
Laucks, Michael, private
Laughlin, James, private
Lauson, William, corporal
Law, David, private
Law, James, private
Layson, Robert R., first lieutenant-first quartermaster
Lazarus, Nicholas, private
Lazarus, Thomas, sergeant
Leavell, Joseph, private
Leblane, Victor, private
Lee, Charles, sergeant
Lee, James Bud, private
Lee Joseph, private
Lee, Robert, private
Lefoy, Mathew, private
Lemon, William, private
Lenoir, Robert, private
Leverton, Jacob, private
Lewis, David, private
Lewis, Henry W., musician
Lewis, Jacob, musician
Lewis, John, private
Lewis, William, first lieutenant
Lewis, William, private
Lick, William, private
Lilley, George, first lieutenant
Linder, Daniel, private
Linder, Lewis, corporal
Linsey, John, private
Linsey, Robert, corporal
Linton, William, private
Little, Henry, sergeant
Littleton, William B., private
Lloyd, Henry, private
Lloyd, Samuel, private
Lochridge, Nicholas, second lieutenant
Long, Jeremiah, private
Long, William, private
Lora, Felix, private
Lorimer, Charles V., sergeant
Louck, Andrew, private
Love, James, private
Love, Joseph, private
Love, Robert E., sergeant
Love, William D., private
Low, John, sergeant
Lowman, Cornelius, private
Lowrey, John, fifer
Lowry, James, private
Lowry, James, private
Lucier, Anthony, private
Luckett, James, ensign
Luker, Isaac, private
Luker, Jesse, private
Liker, Joshua, sergeant
Luker, William, private
Lumpkin, Hendrick, private
Lunsford, Solomon, private
Lyles, Richmond, private
Lynch, Matthew, sergeant
Lynch, Stephen, private
Madden, James, private
MaJone, Joseph, private
Malone, Michael, private
Maner, Elisha, private
Manichy, James, private
Mannen, Willay, private
Manville, Philip, corporal
Marian, Joseph, private
Marquart, George, private
Marrs, Thomas, private
Marshall, Solomon, private
Martin, Aaron, private
Martin, Alexander, private
Martin, Austin, private
Mason, Abraham D., private
Mason, Charles, corporal
Massey, Drewry, private
Masters, Baptist, private
Masters, John, private
Matheney, John D., private
Mathews, Samuel, private
Mathureb, Loran, private
Matson, Thomas, private
Matthews, Hezekiah, private
Matthews, Lyman, private
May, George, private
May, Patrick, second lieutenant
Mayers, David, private
Mays, Stephen, ensign
Mays, William, musician
McAloin, James, private
McAlpine, William, corporal
McArthur, James, ensign
McCabe, James, private
McCaleb, Alexander, private
McChesney, David, private
McClam, Solomon, corporal
McClure, John, corporal
McCoy, William, private
McCullough, David, private
McDaniel, John, private
McDonald, Hugh, private
McDonald, Robert, private
McDonald, William, corporal
McDonald, Young R., ensign
McGee, Joseph, private
McGee, Thomas, private
McGinley, Barney, private
McGinley, John, private
McGohan, Peter, private
Me Grew, William, second sergeant
McGruder, Walter, private
McGuire, James, private
McKinsey, Levi, private
McLaughlin, Charles, private
McLendon, David, private
McLeod, James, private
McLouthlen, James, private
McManniman, Dennis, private
McMichael, William, private
McMillan, James, private
McNeal, Daniel, private
McNeil, Lochlen H., corporal
McPhail, Randol, private
McRay, Elijah, private
McShane, John, private
McWhinney, William, first corporal
Me William, John, private
Mead, Cowles colonel
Mead, William C., captain
Meaux, John T. T., corporal
Meeks, James, corporal
Melton, Andrew, private
Melvin, Daniel W., private
Mercer, Raney, private
Merriman, William, private
Merritt, Morris, private
Merson, Emanuel, private
Michael, Francis, private
Micheaux, Daniel B., private
Middleton, Hatton, captain
Miller, Jesse, private
Miller, Joash, private
Miller, John, private
Miller, William, private
Milligan, James, private
Miner, Jacob, private
Minton, Joshua, private
Mitchell, John, private
Mitchell, Nathaniel, private
Mitchum, George, private
Mitchum, Richard, private
Moncrief, Benjamin, private
Moncrief, Caleb, private
Monk, William, corporal
Montgomery, Andrew, first lieutenant
Montgomery, Jacob, fifer
Montgomery, John, private
Mooney, Isaac, private
Moore, Boyle, sergeant
Moore, Charles, second lieutenant
Moore, Edward, sergeant
Moore, John, sergeant
Moore, Thomas, private
Moran, John B., private
Moran, William, corporal
Morgan, George, private
Morgan, Isham, private
Morgan, John, private
Morgan, Joseph, private
Morgan, Thomas, private
Morgan, William, first lieutenant
Morris, John, private
Morris, John, private
Morris, John, private
Morris, Joseph, private
Morris, Leroy, private
Morrison, Hans, captain
Morrison, Hugh, private
Morrison, James, private
Morrison, John, drum major
Morton, Hugh, private
Mosely, Thomas, private
Mosely, Thomas B., private
Mosely, William, corporal
Mountjoy, John, sergeant
Mulkey, Ellis, private
Mullin, Timothy, private
Murphy, Benjamin, private
Murphy, John, private
Murphy, Willis, corporal
Murray, Samuel M., private
Murrell, Charles W., private
Mygott, Austin R., musician
Myles, Isaac A., corporal
Myles, John E., private
Myles, Joseph, private
Nabb, Charles B., private
Nance, David, private
Naters, James, private
Neal, James, private
Neal, John D., private
Neilson, Jeremiah, private
Neilson, John, captain
Nelson, Jesse, private
Nettles, John, private
Newman, Dixon, private
Newman, Hezekiah, private
Newman, Jonathan, private
Nicholas, Daniel, private
Nicholas, Thomas, private
Nichols, Benjamin, private
Nicholson, Peter, private
O’Donnald, James, private
Ogden, Alexander, sergeant
Oglethorpe, John N., private
O’Guin, John, private
O’Hara, Alexander, private
Oneal, Michael, private
Orear, Robert, private
Orourk, Timothy, private
Osborn, Spruce M., second lieutenant
Osborne, Audley L., first lieutenant and adjutant
Otis, James, musician
Otty, John, private
Owens, Alexander, private
Pace, Isham, private
Page, Lewis, private
Page, Nehemiah, private
Paimboeuf , Lewis, captain
Painter, Edward, private
Palmer, Aaron, private
Parish, Hezekiah, corporal
Parish, Joseph, private
Parker, John, private
Patton, James, corporal
Paxton, John R., private
Pearson, John, private
Pearson, Reuben, private
Peet, Curtis, private
Penticost, George W., private
Penton, William, corporal
Perkins, Ezekiel, private
Pernell, John M., corporal
Perrett, James, private
Perrett, John, private
Perrett, Robert, private
Perry, Francis, private
Perry, George, private
Perry, Peter, private
Peters, Thomas W., private
Peterson, David, private
Petty, William, private
Pevy, Nehemiah, fifer
Pharis, Samuel, private
Philips, Robert, private
Phillip, Frederick, private
Phillips, Abraham H., private
Phillips, Daniel, sergeant
Phillips, George, private
Phillips, Iredell L., private
Phillips, Isham B., sergeant
Phillips, John, private
Phillips, Lewis, private
Phillips, William E., corporal
Phillis, Jacob, private
Pierce, Lewis, private
Pipkin, Moses, private
Pitchford, Augustin, sergeant
Pitner, John, private
Pittard, Abner, private
Pollard, Joseph, sergeant
Pollock, Charles, private
Porter, John C., private
Posey, Thomas, captain
Potter, john, corporal
Potts, Fleet, private
Poupnell, John Vincent, private
Powell, Archer, corporal
Powell, John, private
Powell, Lewis, private
Powell, William, private
Power, John, private
Powers, Josiah, private
Powers, Nathaniel, private
Prescott, Andrew, private
Presnall, Absolom, private
Presnell, Elijah, private
Price, Charles, private
Price, Edmund, private
Price, James, private
Price, James, private
Price, John, private
Price, Jonathan, private
Proctor, Aaron B., saddler
Pullum, Levy, private
Pyburn, Jacob, private
Rachford, John, sergeant
Rains, John, private
Ramoue, Michael, private
Randal, Thomas, corporal
Rankin, Thomas B., cornet
Rankins, Duncan, private
Ray, Henry, private
Ray, James P., private
Reams, Sterling, private
Reaves, William, private
Red, James E., private
Reed, William, private
Revere, Peter, private
Reviere, john, private
Reynolds, David, private
Reynolds, James, private
Reynolds, Reuben, fife major
Rhodes, Jacob, private
Rhodes, John, private
Richardson, Asa S., private
Richardson, Isaac, private
Richardson, Philip, private
Rickards, Archibald, private
Ripley, Samuel, corporal
Riviere, Henry L., second lieutenant
Roberts, John, private
Robertson, James, private
Robertson, Joshua, private
Robertson, Richard, private
Robertson, Thomas, private
Robinson, Aaron, private
Roddridge, Joseph M., private
Rodgers, John, private
Rodgers, John D., first lieutenant
Roe, Benjamin, private
Roe, John, private
Rogers, Hendirck, private
Rogers, William, private
Rollins, John, private
Roney, John, private
Rosheur, David, drummer
Ross, George T., lieutenant-colonel
Ross, Nimrod, private
Ross, Walter R., quartermaster sergeant
Row, James, private
Rudder, David, private
Rule, William, private
Rushing, William, private
Russ, Sylvester, private
Russell, Ervin, private
Russell, John, private
Russell, William, private
Russom, Malchiah, private
Russom, Wilson, private
Ryals, Archibald, private
Ryan, Edmond, private
Ryan, Michael, private
Sage, Nathan, private
Sails, William, private
Salters, Jacob, private
Saltgiver, Andrew, private
Salvage, Benjamin F., first lieutenant
Sanders, William D., corporal
Sands, John B., private
Sansom, William, corporal
Sarber, Jacob, private
Sarter, George, private
Savell, Moses, corporal
Saxon, Charles, private
Saxon, John, private
Scanlon, Patrick, private
Scealy, Gideon, corporal
Schacht, John G., ser & eant
Schecho, Alexander, musician
Scolfield, Jessee, private
Scott, Abraham M., captain
Scott, James F., sergeant
Scott, Thomas, private
Scotthorn, Nathaniel, private
Scruggs, Edward H., corporal
Scruggs, Richard W., private
Sermans, Edward, private
Shafer, John, private
Shane, Offe, private
Shane, Teddy, private
Shanover, John, private
Sharp, Samuel, private
Shaw, James, private
Shaw, Zacharias, fifer
Shepherd, David, musician
Sheridan, Thomas, private
Sheridan, William, private
Shilling, Abraham, private
Shipton, Peter, private
Shopshire, William, private
Short, Eli, private
Short, James, private
Short, John, corporal
Short, Michael, private
Shuffield, Joshua, drummer
Shuflfield, Stephen, private
Shuffield, William, sergeant
Shull, John, private
Shults, John, private
Sibert, John, corporal
Sillcox, John, private
Silva, Antonio, private
Simmons, James, private
Simmons, Jonathan, private
Simmons, Stephen, musician
Simms, Peyton, private
Simpson, Charles, private
Simpson, John, corporal
Sims, Elias, private
Slater, William, private
Smiley, Archibald, private
Smith, George, drummer
Smith, John, private
Smith, John, private
Smith, Neal, private
Smith, Rees, corporal
Smith, Richard L., sergeant
Smith, Thomas, private
Smith, Whitmal, sergeant
Smith, William, private
Smith, William, private
Smoot, Benjamin S., captain
Snead, William H., private
Snyder, John, private
Songquest, Jacob, private
Sorrels, Walter, private
Southard, Joseph, private
Spence, Richard, private
Spikes, Jonas, private
Stanley, Jordan, sergeant
Stark, Christopher, private
Stean, James, private
Stean, Newberry, private
Sted, Benjamin, private
Steele, Robert, sergeant
Steers, Edward, sergeant
Steers, James, private
Steers, William, corporal
Stephens, Hugh, private
Stephens, James, private
Stephens, John, private
Stephenson, Isaac, private
Stephenson, Jonathan, private
Stevens, William, private
Stewart, James, private
Stewart, Norman, private
Stewart, Robert, private
Stewart, Thomas, private
Sticker, John, private
Stinson, Burrell, private
Stocker, James S., Corporal
Stoker, William, private
Stowell, Abel, private
Stowell, Benjamin, ensign
Strieker, John, private
Stringer, William, private
Strong, Cyprian, sergeant
Strother, French H., corporal
Stroud, James, private
Sturney, Peter, private
Sullivan, Daniel, private
Sullivan, Daniel, private
Swan, Robert, ensign
Swatzfelter, Adam, private
Swetland, Daniel, private
Swigley, James, private
Talbert, Lewis, private
Tarver, Jonathan, private
Taylor, Benjamin, private
Taylor, Isom, private
Taylor, John F., sergeant
Taylor, John T., sergeant
Taylor, Joseph, private
Thomas, Henry, private
Thomas, Joseph, private
Thomas, William, private
Thompson, James, ensign
Thompson, James C., private
Thompson, John, private
Thompson, Thomas, private
Thornton, John, private
Thornton, Michael, private
Thornton, Mitchell, private
Thrasher, Samuel, private
Tilley, Josiah, private
Tinnin, Alexander, private
Tinnin, Asa, private
Tinnin, William, private
Tolbert, John, private
Tomlinson, Arthur, private
Trent, Henry, private
Trinary, John, private
Trowbridge, John, corporal
Tudeck, Joseph, private
Tuley, John, private
Turner, Joseph, private
Turner, Larkin, private
Turney, George, private
Turner, John, private
Turney, Peter, private
Tysch, Jordan, corporal
Upton, John, private
Urich, John, private
Ussery, Richard, private
Vanesse, Jacob, private
Vantine, John C., private
Varner, John, corporal
Vasbinder, James, private
Vaughn, John, private
Vaughn, Reuben, private
Vaughn, Thomas C., ensign
Verdon, Godfrey, private
Villiers, Gilbert, private
Vining, John, private
Vintner, John, private
Vinzant, Berry, private
Voials, Benjamin, private
Wade, Henry, private
Wadsworth, Theodore, private
Waggoner, Joseph, corporal
Waid, John, private
Walker, Alexander, private
Walker, Andrew, private
Walker, John, private
Wallace, David, private
Wallace, James, private
Wallace, Oliver, private
Walters, John, private
Waltman, Valentine, private
Ward, John C., private
Warner, John D., private
Washam, Jeremiah, private
Washburn, Henry, private
Watkins, David, sergeant
Watson, John, private
Weaks, William P., private
Weaver, Benjamin H., private
Weaver, Christopher, private
Webb, Thomas, private
Weed, John, private
Weekley, Beford, private
Welch, George, private
Welch, John, sergeant
Welch, John V., private
Wells, Archelaus, captain
Wells, Charles, corporal
Wells, Robert B., private
Wells, William B., private
Welsh, James, private
Wentworth, Stephen, private
West, Aquilla H., sergeant
Wheeler, Joseph, private
Whitaker, Abraham, private
White, James, private
White, James M , private
White, John, private
White, John, private
White, William, private
Whitemore, Nicholas, private
Whitmore, William, private
Whitworth, Abraham, private
Wight, John M., sergeant
Wilcox, Benjamin, private
Wiley, Thomas, private
Wilkinson, John, sergeant
Wilkinson, Thomas, private
Williams, Bird, private
Williams, Isham, private
Williams, Henry, private
Williams, Herron, private
Williams, Jacob, sergeant
Williams, John, corporal
Williams, John, private
Williams, John, private
Williams, John R., corporal
Williams, Jonathan, private
Williams, Stephen, private
Williamson, James, drum major
Willis, Reason, private
Wilson, Benjamin, private
Wilson, James, private
Wilson, Matthew, private
Wilson, Samuel, private
Wilson, William, sergeant
Windham, Samuel, private
Wingate, Martin, private
Witherington, Gabriel, private
Wood, John, private
Woods, John, private
Wooley, Stephen, private
Wooten, William, private
Wooton, Daniel, private
Wright, John, private
Wright, William H., sergeant
Yancey, Thomas, corporal
Yokum, Allen, private
Young, George, private
Young, Henry, private