16th Regiment (Burrus’) Of Mississippi Militia

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Captain Samuel A. Allen’s Company
Captain Daniel Atkins’ Company
Captain William Crawford’s Company
Captain William Evans’ Company
Captain Griffith’s Company
Captain Greaf Johnston’s Company
Captain Wm. Moseley’s Company

Adams, Benjamin, private
Adams, Joseph, private
Adams, Thomas, private
Albright, John, private
Aldridge, William, sergeant
Allen, John A., lieutenant
Allen, Samuel, private
Allen, Samuel A., captain
Allen, William, private
Allen, William S., private
Almon, John, private
Arnold, John, private
Atkins, Daniel, captain
Atkins, Daniel, private
Babb, Asel, private
Bailes, John, private
Baker, John, private
Baker, William, private
Beason, Jahu, private
Bennet, John, private
Berrimon, Burrel, private
Bigham, William, private
Bird, Isaih, private
Birdwell, Moses, private
Black, John, private
Bledsoe, Lewis, private
Bloodworth, Timothy, private
Boggs, Samuel, private
Bogs, John, private
Boggs, John O., private
Boling, Alexander, private
Bonds, James, private
Boon, Isaac, private
Boren, John, private
Bossley, John, corporal
Bounds, Solomon, private
Box, Michad, private
Bradwaters, Charles, private
Brag, Thomas, private
Bragg, Benjamin, corporal
Bragg, William, private
Broils, George, private
Broils, Jacob, private
Brown, John, private
Brown, Leonard, private
Brown, Thomas T., private
Brunson, Larkin, private
Brunson, Samuel, private
Bryan, William B., private
Buckner, John, first sergeant
Buie, John, private
Burchfield, Thomas, private
Burks, Benjamin, private
Burrow, William J., private
Burrow, William, Sr., private
Burrus, Charles, lieutenant-colonel
Cain, Samuel, private
Busby, Reves, private
Campbell, John, private
Campbell, Theophilus, fifer
Cannon, Skip, private
Capshaw, David, private
Carriel, Benjamin, private
Carroll, William, private
Casey, John, private
Cavott, Thomas, private
Chilcoath, William, private
Childress, Jesse, sergeant
Childress, John, sergeant
Childress, William, private
Clark, Gilliam, private
Clark, Samuel, private
Clark, Thomas, sergeant
Clem, Benjamin, private
Clem, Jesse, private
Clemens, Jacob, private
Coal, Martin, private
Cofman, Daniel, private
Coley, James, second lieutenant
Connor, Jacob, private
Cook, Benjamin, private
Cook, John, private
Cook, Randal, private
Cook, Robert, private
Cooper, George, private
Cornelius, Ira., private
Cotton, Abner, private
Cotton, Loftin, sergeant
Cottrell, John, private
Craig, Adam H., private
Crawford, Alexander, corporal
Crawford, William, captain
Crowder, Robert, private
Curuthers, Redrick, private
Curuthers, Robert, private
Cummings, Levi, private
Cuoy, Charles, private
Daley, Joseph, private
Daniel, William, private
Davis, John, private
Davis, Richard, private
Davis, Samuel, lieutenant
Davis, William, private
Day, David, private
Dean, Samuel, private
Deannan, William, private
Doughty, William, private
Dublin, James, private
Dublin, John, private
Duncan, Charles, private
Dunehue, Joseph, private
Dupre, William, corporal
Durkins, Smith, private
Eddins, John, private
Eddins, Theophilus, corporal
Eddins, Washington, sergeant
Eden, Samuel, private
Edmonson, William, second major
Ellington, Garland, private
Elliott, Thomas S., private
Ellison, Lewis, private
Emery, John M., private
Erwin, William, corporal
Esters, Champion, private
Evans, William, captain
Fields, Moses, corporal
Finch, William, private
French, Amos, private
French, Benjamin, private
Gailey, Andrew, private
Gallaspy, James, private
Gambol, James, sergeant
Ganda, John, private
Garrett, William, private
Gibson, Aaron, sergeant
Gillace, Dougald, private
Goor, Bledsoe, corporal
Gragg, Henry, private
Gray, Thomas, sergeant
Green, Benjamin, private
Greenhaw, Jonathan, private
Greenhaw, William, private
Griffith, Isaac, sergeant
Griffith, Stephen, captain
Grooms, William, private
Guin, Henry, private
Guin, William, private
Hamilton, Asa, corporal
Hancock, Benjamin, private
Harbin, James, private
Hardy, John, private
Hardy, Jonathan, private
Hargrove, Valentine, adjutant
Harper, Edward, private
Harper, John, private
Harper, Robert, private
Harris, Matthew, private
Hartgrove, James, private
Hatton, Allen, private
Hawkins, Thomas, private
Helms, John, private
Henderson, Pleasant, private
Hester, John, sergeant
Hester, William, private
Hitchcock, Denton, private
Hodges, Allison, private
Holland, John, private
Holland, Tilman, private
Holmes, James, private
Holmes, Jesse, private
Hood, Frederick, corporal
Howard, John, private
Howard, Samuel, corporal
Howard, Thomas S., private
Hubbard, Ezekiel, private
Huder, Michael, private
Hughs, Thomas, private
Hunt, George W., first sergeant
Hutchison, Thomas, corporal
Ingram, Samuel, private
Ingram, William, private
Isbell, Jabas, private
Jackson, Jacob, private
Jackson, John, private
Jackson, Sterling, private
Jackson, William, private
John, Asahel, private
Johnson, Burrel, ensign
Johnson, Greaf, captain
Johnson, Henry, corporal
Johnson, Nehemiah, private
Jones, John, private
Jones, Moses, private
Jourdan, Jesse, private
Kennedy, Lexington, private
Kent, Elbert, private
Kent, William, ensign
King, Abraham, ensign
King, Elijah, private
King, Henry, lieutenant
Kinsey, James, corporal
Lancaster, Thomas, private
Landrith, Thomas, private
Lasey, Caleb, sergeant
Lay, Simeon, private
Lee, Isaiah, private
Lemon, Reson, private
Lenard, John, private
Leveston, Samuel, private
Levinston, Anthony, private
Livingston, Jesse, private
Loid, William, private
Loy, Henry, private
Magby, William, private
Manson, William, private
Martin, James, private
Martin, Joel, private
Martin, Nathaniel, private
Martin, Rial, private
Martin, William, private
Martindel, James, private
Martindel, Thomas, private
Mathews, George, private
Mathews, James, private
Mathews, John, private
Mathews, Joseph, sergeant
Mathis, George, sergeant
Matthews, Charles, private
Matthews, John, private
Matthis, George, private
McBroom, Stephen, private
McCrachran, Daniel, private
McCachron, Veill, private
McCain, James, private
McCain, John, private
McCartey, Jacob, private
McCowey, Samuel, private
McGehee, Zachariah, private
McGlamery, Sovereign, private
McGowan, Prewett, corporal
Mclfee, Moses, private
McKinney, John, private
McKinney, Lynch, private
McMillan, Absalom, private
McMurtery, John, private
McPhail, John, private
McRay, Silas, sergeant
Mechum, Banks, private
Megee, John, private
Mendingall, Eliasha, lieutenant
Merrimoon, Woody, private
Michell, James, private
Miller, David, private
Miller, Garland B., private
Miller, Henry, private
Millikin, James, private
Mills, William, private
Milon, Bartlet, private
Mitchel, Randol, private
Mitchel, William, private
Mitchel, William, private
Modrell, Robert, private
More, Joseph, private
More, John, private
Morice, John, private
Morriss, Elisha, corporal
Morrow, James, private
Morrow, Thomas, private
Morrow, William, private
Moseley, William, captain
Mosier, Daniel, private
Mosier, Joel, private
Moys, George C., private
Mullins, James, private
Mullins, Thomas, private
Murfrey, John, private
Murphey, John, private
Murphey, Thomas, private
Murrell, Jeoffrey, private
Murrell, Richard, private
Nabors, William, private
Nelloms, Jacob, private
Nichols, Thomas, private
Nixon, Uriah, private
Norman, Barney, private
Norman, Elisha, private
Norwood, John M., private
Ominet, James, private
Paise, James, private
Parkman, Joseph, private
Patterson, Archibald, private
Patterson, Daniel, private
Peer, Daniel, private
Pennington, Jacob, private
Philips, Duncan, private
Philips, Parky, private
Phillips, Glen, private
Pierce, Richard, corporal
Plant, Charles, private
Poor, Jeremiah, private
Poor, Martin, private
Power, Edgel, corporal
Power, John, private
Power, Thomas, sergeant
Prewit, William, private
Priest, James, private
Priest, Samuel, private
Raney, Zebelon, private
Redding, George, private
Redin, Leman, private
Renno, Robert, private
Rice, Spencer, private
Riddle, George, corporal
Riddle, Uriah, private
Roberts, William, private
Robertson, Eli, sergeant
Rodgers, Lemuel, private
Rodgers, Samuel, private
Rogers, James, private
Romins, James, corporal
Roper, Green, private
Sanders, Henry, private
Sanderson, Elijah, private
Sanderson, James, sergeant
Sanderson, Lewis, sergeant
Sasune, Littleberry, private
Scallion, John, private
Scruggs, James S., private
Sebott, Lewis, private
Sharpe, George, private
Sheckles, William, private
Simons, Jonathan, private
Shickle, Joseph, private
Simmon, Dudley, private
Simons, Zachariah, private
Siscoe, Jacob, private
Slaughter, James, private
Slaughter, William, private
Smith, Abraham, private
Smith, Asa, private
Smith, Isaih, private
Smith, Jacob, private
Smith, James, private
Smith, Nathaniel, lieutenant
Smith, Robert, private
Specks, Hiram, private
Specks, Richard, private
Specks, Willie, private
Speer, Moses, private
Spurrs, William, private
Staggs, Thomas, private
Stephens, James, private
Steward, John, private
Sulcey, Henry, sergeant
Taylor, Isaac, sergeant
Taylor, Larkin, drummer
Therill, David, private
Thomas, Moses, private
Thomerson, John, private
Thompson, Swan, private
Tidwell, David T., private
Tilman, Daniel, private
Trump, Green H., sergeant
Tumbo, Robert, sergeant
Turnbow, Jacob, private
Tyrone, Jacob, corporal
Vaughn, Robert, private
Vaught, John, private
Vaught, William, private
Vickers, Joseph, private
Vining, Wade H., private
Walker, Robert, private
Weaver, Elijah, ensign
Wells, Humphrey, private
West, George, private
Wilkerson, Meredith, private
Williams, William, lieutenant
Williamson, Parkey, corporal
Wilmouth, David, corporal
Wilson, Harden, sergeant
Wilson, John, private
Wilson, Thomas, ensign
Winn, Robert, private
Witt, Lewis, private
Woke, David, private
York, Joseph, corporal
York, John, private
York, Uriah, private
Young, Henry, private