13th Regiment (Nixon’s) Of Mississippi Militia

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Captain John Bond’s Company
Lieutenant William Bond’s Company
Captain David Cleveland’s Company
Captain Moses Collins’ Company
Captain Francis B. Lenoir’s Company
Captain James McGowen’s Company
Captain James Phillips’ Company
Captain Henry Quin’s Company
Captain Harmon M. Runnel’s Company
Captain William Smith’s Company
Captain William Spencer’s Company

Addison, Hiram, private
Akin, John, ensign
Alexander, Isaac, private
Allen, Barnabas, sergeant
Allen, Garret, private
Allgood, Wiet, private
Andrews, James, private
Andrews, William, private
Applewhite, Stephen, private
Ard, Thomas, private
Armstrong, Abner, private
Armstrong, Jesse, private
Armstrong, Jonathan, private
Ashton, Henry, private
Askue, Henry, private
Bagley, William, sergeant
Bailey, James, private
Bailey, Thomas, private
Ball, Sampson E., private
Ballard, Lewis, private
Ballard, Nathan, private
Ballard, Reuben, private
Banks, Levi, private
Barksdale, Collier, private
Barret, George, private
Batson, James, private
Batson, Peter, private
Batson, Seth, private
Batson, Thomas, private
Beard, William, private
Beasley, William, private
Becot, Labon, sergeant
Bell, Thomas, private
Berry, James, private
Blue, Angus, sergeant
Blue, Daniel, private
Bohannon, Wily, private
Bond, Gedion, corporal
Bond, Henry, private
Bond, James, private
Bond, John, captain
Bond, Robert, private
Bond, William, lieutenant
Braddy, William, private
Breland, Hillery, sergeant
Brent, Charnel, private
Brent, John, private
Brent, Merideth, ensign
Brent, Thomas, private
Bridges, Sampson, private
Brister, John, private
Brown, Daniel, private
Brown, John, private
Brown, Moses, sergeant
Brown, Robert, private
Buckaloo, John, private
Buckaloo, Richard, private
Buckley, James, private
Bullin, William, private
Bullock, David, private
Bullock, James, private
Bullock, Silas, private
Burge, Nathaniel, private
Burge, Washington, private
Burns, Reason, sergeant
Butler, Luke, private
Cagle, John, private
Calbert, Richmon, private
Canady, Nathen, private
Carpenter, John, private
Carpenter, William, private
Carson, John, Jr., private
Carson, John, Sr., private
Carter, Allen, private
Carter, Burrel, sergeant
Carter, George, private
Carter, Hardy, private
Carter, Marcus, E., corporal
Carter, Michael, private
Carter, William, lieutenant
Catching, Jonathan, private
Catching, Joseph, corporal
Catching, Philip, private
Chesnut, David, private
Cleveland, David, captain
Coats, Pollard H., private
Collins, Joshua, private
Collins, Moses, captain
Collins, Seabourn, private
Cook, Green B., private
Cook, Green, private
Cook, Matthew, private
Cooper, Hambleton, private
Cooper, John, private
Cooper, John, private
Cooper, Joseph, private
Cooper, William, private
Cooper, William, private
Coore, John, corporal
Cossey, Solomon, private
Cothin, Asea, private
Crawford, William, sergeant
Croft, Jesse, private
Cutrer, John, private
Danaway, Joseph, private
Davis, I. W., sergeant major
Davis, John, private
Davis, Samuel, corporal
Davis, Zacheus, corporal
Day, James, private
Deer, John, private
Denman, Joel, private
Denman, Thomas, private
Dickerson, Caleb, private
Dickerson, John, private
Dickerson, Thomas, private
Dickson, David, Jr., surgeon
Dillon, Clarkson, private
Dillon, Theophilus, private
Dillon, Willis, trumpeter ‘
Doddle, James, private
Drake, Britain, private
Dukes, Jeptha, private
Dukes, Simmion, sergeant
Dunahoo, Daniel, private
Dunahoo, John, sergeant
Dunahoo, William, private
Dunkley, Richard, private
Dunn, John, private
Edmondson, Amos, private
Elliot, William, private
Elliott, Samuel, private
Ellis, George, private
Ellis, Owen, corporal
Ellis, Stephen, private
Ellis, William, private
Fairchilds, John, private
Fairchilds, Lofton, private
Fatheree, Hilliard, corporal
Fatheree, Readen, private
Fathereee, Levi, ensign
Felder, John, private
Fergerson, Aaron, private
Fergerson, Eli, private
Fergerson, Moses, private
Fielder, William, private
Flippin, Merrit, private
Ford, David, private
Ford, Preserved, private
Foxworth, Stephen, private
Garrel, Horatio, private
Gates, Joshua, private
Ginn, Jeptha, private
Gipson, James, private
Gipson, William, private
Glower, Daniel, private
Glower, John, private
Goff, Nathaniel, private
Golman, Bedey, private
Golman, William, corporal
Golman, Young, private
Graham, William, private
Grantham, Daniel, private
Grantham, Matthew, private
Graves, Isaac, private
Graves, James, private
Graves, John, ensign
Green, John, private
Green, John, private
Green, Leonard, private
Hains, Noble W., private
Hall, Wyatt, private
Hambleton, Thomas, sergeant
Harrington, Thomas, private
Harvey, John W., sergeant
Harvey, John, Jr., private
Harvey, Nehemiah, second lieutenant
Harvey, Thomas, private
Harvey, Thomas, Sr., private
Harville, Edward, private
Harvy, Thomas P., private
Heard, Thomas, sergeant
Helton, John, private
Herrington, Hardy, private
Hill, Harty, private
Hollingworth, Isaac, corporal
Holmes, Liberty, private
Honea, Wilks, private
Hoover, Christian, private
Hoover, John, private
Howell, Henry, private
Howell, Samuel, private
Hubert, David, private
Hufman, Daniel, private
Hunly, John, private
Isaacks, Elijah, private
Isaacks, Samuel, private
Isle, William, corporal
Isles, Demsy, private
Jackson, Andrew, private
Jacobs, Walter, private
Jenkins, Allen, private
Jenkins, Davis B., private
John, , private waiter
Johns, John, private
Johnson, George, sergeant
Johnson, John, private
Jones, Britain, private
Jones, Lewis, private
Jones, Samuel W., private
Jones, Thomas, private
Jones, William C., private
Kinchen, John, private
Kinchen, Mathew, private
Kinchin, Henry, private
King, David, private
King, James, private
King, Jessee, private
King, John F., private
King, John, private
King, William, private
Kirkland, Obediah, ensign
Lea, Alexander, private
Lee, James, corporal
Lee, Major, private
Lemmons, James, private
Lenoit, Francis B., captain
Lewis, Arthur, private
Lewis, Britton, private
Lewis, William, private
Lewis, William, private
Loftin, Ezekiel, private
Lott, Abraham, private
Lott, Arthur, Jr., private
Lott, Arthur, Sr., private
Lott, John, Jr., private
Lott, John, Sr., private
Lott, Luke, private
Lott, Nathan, private
Lott, Simon, sergeant
Lott, Solomon, private
Lott, William, Jr., lieutenant
Lott, William, Sr., private
Love, Robert, sergeant
Lovin, Bailey, private
Low, John, private
Lowe, Lunchford, corporal
Lumkins, Hendrick, private
Magee, Daniel, private
Magee, Elisha, private
Magee, Fleet, private
Magee, George, private
Magee, Henry, private
Magee, Jacob, private
Magee, John, private
Magee, John, private
Magee, Nehemiah, private
Magee, Robert, private
Magee, Sire, private
Magee, Solomon, private
Magee, Willis, private
Marshall, Matthew, private
Martin, Aaron, private
Martin, Cornelius, private
Martin, Derrell, private
Martin, William, private
Massey, Benjamin, private
Mathewes, John, private
Mathewis, Shadrach, private
Matthews, Silas, private
May, Benjamin, private
May, Berry, ensign
May, Etheldredge, private
May, Green, private
May, John, private
May, Joseph, private
May, Joseph, private
McAnulty, James, private
McAnulty, Robert, private
McAnulty, William, corporal
McComb, William M., private
McCrary, Matthew, private
McCullie, Benjamin, private
McCullie, James, private
McCullie, Mathew, private
McDaniel, John, private
McElvin, Moses, private
McElvinn, John, private
McGowen, Hugh, private
McGowen, James, captain
McGowen, William, private
McGraw, James, private
McGrew, Alexander, private
McGuffee, Alfred, private
McGuffee, John, major
McKinsey, David, private
McNeal, Hector, private
Merrel, Edmund, private
Merret, Joel, corporal
Mikell, James, private
Mikell, John L, corporal
Mikill, John I, corporal
Miller, Jacob, private
Minor, John, private
Mitchell, Wright, private
Mixon, Cornelius, corporal
Mixon, John, private
Mixon, William, private
Moke, Andrew, private
More, William, private
Morgan, David, private
Morris, Selathiel, private
Moses, , private waiter
Myers, Isaac, private
Netherlin, Levi, private
Netherlin, William, private
Nichols, David, private
Nichols, Noah, private
Nixon, George Henry, lieutenant-colonel
Noble, Levi, lieutenant
Noble, Mark, private
Norman, Hiram, private
Norman, James, private
Norris, Acquilla, private
Oats, John H., private
Odam, William, private
Odum, Richard, private
Oneal, Ransom, private
Peak, Stephen, adjutant
Pelatta, Francis, private
Perkins, Samuel, private
Petty, Presley, private
Phillips, Elias, private
Phillips, James, captain
Phillips, Thompson, private
Pleasant, Washington, corporal
Pope, Benjamin, private
Pope, James, private
Prescoat, Nathan, private
Prescoat, Willis, private
Prescott, Michael, private
Prestredge, Howel, lieutenant
Prestridge, John, private
Prestridge, Robert, private
Prestridge, Samuel, private
Price, Stephen, private
Prichard, William, first lieutenant
Pullin, John, private
Quin, Daniel, lieutenant
Quin, Henry, captain
Ragland, Henry, private
Raiborn, James, private
Rails, Harris, private
Ratliff, James, private
Rawls, Briant, private
Rawls, Charles, private
Rawls, Jabez, ensign
Rawls, James, sergeant
Read, James, corporal
Redman, Jesse, private
Redmon, Wilson, private
Reives, Alfred, private
Reives, John, private
Reives, Thomas, sergeant
Richmon, Andrew, private
Rizer, Adam, private
Roberts, James, private
Roberts, Thomas, private
Robertson, Nathan, private
Robertson, Reason, private
Ross, John, private
Ross, Richard, private
Rowel, Lewis, private
Rule, Thomas, corporal
Runnels, Harmon M., captain
Runnels, Hiram G., sergeant
Runnels, Ho well W., quartermaster
Rutland, Asa, private
Sadler, Isaac, private
Sandal, Daniel, private
Sanders, Travis, private
Saville, Aaron, private
Scale, Daniel, sergeant
Scale, Eli, filer
Scale, Lewis, private
Scale, William, private
Shaves, John, private
Silmon, Elias, private
Simmons, John, private
Simmons, Josephus, private
Simmons, Ralph, private
Simmons, William, private
Simmons, Willis, private
Simpson, Samuel, private
Sims, Robert, private
Slaughter, David, private
Slaughter, George, private
Slaughter, John, private
Slaughter, Richard, private
Slaughter, Robert, private
Slaughter, William, corporal
Smith, Alexander, private
Smith, Eli, private
Smith, Ezekiel, private
Smith, Henry, major
Smith, Hugh, private
Smith, Isham, lieutenant
Smith, J. Carter, private
Smith, James, private
Smith, Jeremiah, private
Smith, John, private
Smith, John, private
Smith, Levi, private
Smith, Thomas, private
Smith, William, captain
Smith, William, private
Smith, William, sergeant
Somner, Owen, sergeant
Sones, Henry, private
Sorrel, Washington, sergeant
Sparks, Richard, ensign
Spencer, William, captain
Steen, James, private
Steen, Nathaniel, sergeant
Steen, Robert, ensign
Steen, William, corporal
Sterling, Allen, sergeant
Sterling, John, Jr., private
Sterling, John, Sr., private
Stigler, Benjamin, sergeant
Stigler, George, private
Stone, Marvel, private
Stovall, Charles, quartermaster sergeant
Stovall, Gilbert, private
Stovall, John, corporal
Stovall, Lewis, private
Strickland, Robert, private
Strong, John, private
Strong, Thomas, private
Summerall, Jesse, corporal
Tarver, James, private
Taylor, Daniel, private
Taylor, John, corporal
Tellis, John, private
Tellis, Silas, private
Terrill, Philemon, private
Thomas, Charles, private
Thomas, Daniel, sergeant
Thomas, James, private
Thompkins, Thomas, private
Thompson, Archibald, private
Thompson, Jesse, first sergeant
Thompson, Simeon, private
Thornhill, William, private
Tilley, Drury, private
Tolar, Henry, private
Tomlinson, Jacob, lieutenant
Tompkins, John B., private
Toney, James, private
Trailer, Matthew, private
Trailor, William, private
Tynes, Fleming, private
Tynes, Minor, private
Vardaman, Jeremiah, private
Varnado, Leonard, private
Varnado, Moses, private
Walker, Charles, private
Wallace, Oliver, private
Wallis, Thompson, private
Warren, Daniel R., lieutenant
Warren, John Jr., private
Warren, John, private
Warren, Joseph, private
Warren, Joseph, private
Warren, Solomon, private
Waterhouse, John I., private
Watson, Harrison, private
Weatherby, George W., sergeant
Weathersby, Isham, private
Welcher, Duke W., private
Wells, John, private
Wells, Nathaniel, major
Westfall, Samuel, private
Williams, John, private
Williams, Reuben, private
Williams, Samuel, private
Williford, John, private
Woldredge, William, private
Woodall, William, private
Woods, John, private
Wright, Reuben, corporal
Young, Green, private
Youngblood, Benjamin, private
Youngblood, Henry, private