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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company F

Capt. Stephen P. Mann,% 9Glenwood, Fla
Capt. James L. Carpenter, Blisstield
1st Lieut. Winchester T. Dodge, Imiav City
1st Lieut.. Asa B. Isham, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati
2nd Lieut. Geo. Av. Ferris, Rawlings, Wyoming

Alexander, Richard, Grand Rapids
Andsen, E. A., Lansing
Armstrong, Henry J., Louriston, Minn.
Armstrong, Wm. H., Pittsford
Beardsley, Clark H., Marcellus
Billings, Wm. R., Grand Ledge
Bolton, L. J., Palmyra
Braden, Jasper, Charlotte
Carr, Edward, Teconsha
Cornell, Sylvester, Britton
Cook, Allen, West Windsor
Cross, Levi, Orangeville
Curry, James A., Grand Rapids
DeGraff, Peter C., Palmyra
Dorman, Henry, Lamar, Mo.
Dougherty, Joseph, 783 Franklin St., Detroit
Fairchilds, Sueton, Charlotte
Fish, John B., Mt. Pleasant
Fuller, Jason H., Dallas, Barron Co., Wis.
Freeman, Edgar A., 717 S. Iona St., Grand Rapids
Godsmark, Geo. A., Potterville
Goff, Philander B., Blissfield
Gray, Benson, Jackson
Grover, J. R., Iona
Hatch, Geo. W., Grand Ledge
Howe, George, Marshall
Janes Irving, J., Marion, Ia.
Jessup, Chas. H., Worthington, Ohio
Keyes, James G., Oak Hill, Mo.
Kimberly, Levi N., West Bay City
Klay, Reuben S., Litchfield
Livingston, James, Orangeville
Leisenring, Oscar, Potterville
Lloyd, Wm., Alltona, Mecosta Co.
McIntosh, Alexander F.,% 9Hastings
McLeod Thomas, Yankee Springs
Meach, DeWitt C., Leslie
Metty, Andrew, Ogden City
Parker, Jeff, Pickney
Rose. Irving, Hastings
Ruggles, Norman, Oden, Emmet Co.
Russell, A. P., Atlanta Mo.
Seymore, Henry, Breckenridge
Smith, Harmon, Iona
Space, Nathan H., Grand Ledge
VanVleet Isaac, 179 Milwaukee Ave., Detroit
VanHorn Sexton N., Battle Creek
Wilson, Perry, Coldwater
White, Chas. P Litchfield
Wilcox, Geo. L., Eaton Rapids
Wood, Herman, Ely, Emmet County
Wright, Henry J. Jonesville
Wright, H. G., Ola, Gratiot Co.

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