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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company C

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Lieut. Chas. M. Holton, Yakima, Washington

Arnold, John, Portland
Austin, Henry, Seymour
Avery, Orville W., Litchfield
Ahearn, Martin, Marlette
Beldon, H. S., North Fairfield, Ohio
Bentley, Hiram, Clear Water, Minn.
Bidwell, Benj. S., Flushing
Bliss, Morris M., Flushing
Carr, Edward, Tekonsha
Chappell Charles S., Caro
Cox, William, 475 16th St., Detroit
Dobson, Robert F., Saginaw, E.S.
Dudley, Thomas, 575 Lincoln Ave., Detroit
Dunn, Henry, 93 Baker St. Detroit
Eisenberry, Edward, Holly
Eldred, Jasper E., Tekonsha
Gage, Wm. G., Saginaw, E. S.
Gratz, Frank, Saginaw, E. S.
Griffen, Bartholomew, East Jordan
Gross, Peter, New Lathrop
Hayes, Francis E., Mack City
Helmer, Albert M., Parma
Hickman, Adam, Soldier’s Home
Hoover, Wm., Tuscola
Hunsinger, Preston, Virginia City, Nev.
Hunter, W. W., Cheboygan
Hustler, Chas., Birch Run
James, Henry, Layton Corners
Levitt, Edward L., Montrose
Lent. Daniel, Howard City
Luther, Columbus, Tyner
Marsh, Charles S., Lyons
Markham, Wm, Spokane, Wash., Box 601
McLane, Eli, Cambden
McFarland, James, Taymouth
Morton, Robert, Taymouth
Morrow, G. B., Kerens. Tex
Parmalee, Geo. W., Flushing
Perry, Oliver II., Lyman, Idaho
Rose, David B., Watrousville
Rock, James, Saginaw
Russell, Jacob, Montrose
Scholler, George, Layton Corners
Sheeley, Horace, Omar, Jefferson Co., New York.
Sherman, Nelson, Fairgrove
Smith, James, New Lathrop
Thomas, James M., Three Rivers
Theret, Joshua, Royal Oak
Vandaniels, Ernest, Chicago
Valentine, A. N., Cadillac
Voorhies, Charles A., Atlanta, Ga
Waldey, John, New Lathrop
Wellemvine, Wm., Layton Corners
Wilson, John N., Auburn, Ind.

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