From the center of Oxford – West on Burdick St. .4 miles.  The cemetery is on the North side of the road.  Information collected September 2001. Submitted by Christopher Schnur.

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Ridgelawn Memorial Cemetery, Oxford, Oakland County, MI

GrizFrancisFeb 4 1932May 5 1951Married for eternity
GrizPeteFeb 17 1930Jun 18 1998May 5 1951USA KoreanMarried for eternity
HuntleyStacey MarieJune 19 1978Oct 2 1994Our darling daughter Blessed with the memory of your gracious smile & unconditional love
ReganThelma Louise19211999Together forever
ReganJohn Ensley19201995Together forever
ReganJ. Edmund1947Father of Nathen
WilsonGeorge E.Apr 19 1922Mar 13 1992S SCT US Army World War IIBeloved Husband & Father
CorbittChristopherNov 25 1960Apr 28 1996
PlatzOtto RienheartFeb 11 1912May 31 1981
BishopPearlineJuly 4 1920Oct 30 1963Mother
BullJean E19211997Sept 27 1941If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you back again
BullHarold "Jack"19222001Sept 27 1941If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you back again
JenksMary LaVerne19212000
JenksVan Norman19131987
PurdyClare Kenneth19221988
PurdyFerrel June19271990
WatkinsPatrick F.21-AugFeb 8 1954God bless our baby boy
LerewOrlando18961974Together forever
LerewJessie19021986Together forever
CooperJohn E.18881960vereran WW I
SausserMarjorie D19191995
CooperEmma J18941969
SausserRoe V.19161992
WillettMildred M18921981
WillettMerton L.18911950
WatkinsZella A19031992
WatkinsReuben E19001980
WolleChriss H.Nov 2 1908Oct 19 1989
WolleHelen PMay 24 1906Jan 1 1966
WolleChris H.Nov 9 1877Mar 29 1945
UngerJames EdmundJan 9 1940Apr 19 1940
UngerMeredith AnnJune 12 1937Nov 27 1940
UngerEvelyn MOct 3 1900March 22 1964
UngerEdmund AAug 28 1904Sept 21 1993
KammChristine AnnDec 15 1940Dec 29 1940
StewartDaniel KellyJuly 14 1940April 24 1999
StewartLinda LeeSept 19 1943
WalkerMarjorie E19171988Mother
WalkerAndrew J19151999Father
BallGerry L19321999
BallElmer H1930
WaringMargaret M1933
WaringWayne E. "Bud"19251996
WaringJeff Grant19551995
SmithGladys M18981942At Rest
GraySarah W18751945
GrayBurton H18731964
BarnesKenneth James19051958At Rest
BarnesJames A18731951Father At Rest
BarnesMary Louise18781946Mother At Rest
BarnesHelen Eleanor19081979
PrinceLinda MarieOct 17 1947June 28 1973
PrinceMillard H18891964
PrinceEthel G18911981
PrinceElmer J18641930
PrinceElla M18671931
PrinceDean WFeb 11 1920May 28 1987US Army World War II
UngerRobert WilliamSept 20 1862Feb 12 1936
FormanMildred UngerNov 7 1902Sept 25 1988
UngerRobert WJuly 6 1901Oct 17 1951
UngerHenriette MargaretMar 14 1867Sept 10 1953
KammMichael A18831950
McIntyreMyrtle Kamm18881971
CarpenterMarjorie E19161993
CarpenterKenneth James19131974
ParkeJohn ROct 24 1930Dec 1 1992ETR 3 USNK Korea
BarnesBurt CFeb 21 1877May 27 1953May he rest in peace
WalkerLee ADecember 10 1879April 14 1948Father
WalkerSarah RSeptember 23 1887September 14 1937Mother
BanksF. Reuben18781931Son
BanksLt. Frederick18391891Co.1 14th Mich. Inf.Father
McMillenJosephine E18931960
McmillenCarl R18901955
BerridgeWilliam JFeb 23 1912Jan 17 1983
BerridgeMaryMar 23 1917Sept 1 1976
BerridgeNancyJan 22 1956
HowlandDonald D19281956
HowlandRay J18761950
HowlandEleanor M18921991
SnyderElmira18651928Wife of George B. Dewey
DeweyGeorge B18671946
HagermanLulu187619Wife of George B. Dewey
HarveyMildred E19091978Mother
GilletteLafayette A18861962
GilletteMary E18811963
StewartClyde E19191954
StewartEdith M18961983Mother
StewartLawrence L18991987Father
PurdyRalph S19061978Father
PurdyAlice R18831951
PurdyDella S18831971
BurtMelissa PurdyDec. 25 1859Jan 8 1929Mother
KillianLeona M.18851937Mother
BurtLilly S18641931
BurtCharles E18591936
CarlsonDavid R19261990Dear Brother of Joy A. Maurer 1934-1997
MaurerJoy A19341997(Shared headstone with Carlson, David R)
RauWilliam MJan 12 1897May 30 1969
SmithMina Lockwood18891969
LockwoodLillian D1912
LockwoodPerry J. (DDS)18921970
ParrottHazel M19061996
MoonHarry B
MoonMargaret I
AchesonHarvey H19031979
AchesonEdith M19021996
FinchMargaret E19121987
CapronE. Stewart18981972
CapronMarian E18981987
WoodruffRev. Alfred E18601940
FormanFrancis Ray19001986
FormanGayla Penton19021954
PentonAlfred B18681939
WillettCharles E18941941
WillettFlossie M18941974
PriceAdelbert AJuly 8 1943Michigan PVT US Marine Corps
CockingWendell M19011970
CockingRuth I19071971
BeanM. Della18781967
BeanJohn H18681956
SpoonerJohn W18751938
SpoonerAnna EJuly 6 1875July 15 1934
ScheuerleinAlvin A19031973
LoperHenry J18931947
LoperMildred M18961936
ColeCharles W18741955
ColeHarriet M18751958
HagermanWilliam S18401913
HagermanNancy B18491937
StevensMarvin C18881961
StevensJean G18871962
StevensMarvin C Jr.April 18 1923
ElliottHarry S18581909
ElliottEmma J18621929
ErvinEtta H18721931
BlashillWilliam T18631942
BlashillNora W.18731947
TipsonMargaret J19101995Beloved Wife
TipsonGerard S18841954Beloved Husband
HarrisonJean M18841972Beloved Wife & Mother
HarrisonGeorge H18851960Beloved Husband
SmithR. HarryNov 15 1892May 18 1993US Navy World War I
SmithEdna LJan 19 1898Nov 11 1996
SmithBarbara HelenAug 14 1920Mar 24 1935Thou did'st well in that it was in thine heart." II Chron 6-8
SmithMarian JMar 11 1906Oct 27 1915daughter
SmithHelen AFeb 27 1868Apr 20 1942
SmithWilliam O.May 5 1868Nov 17 1948
FrancisHazen SDec 27 1901Sept 3 1935
FrancisLuella ASept 1 1903Dec 24 1973
BurtLoren C19071929
BurtMyrtle A18851971
BurtEarl R18841970
BrokenshawEarl D18961946
BrokenshawMargaret P18931974
RauCharlesMar 19 1869May 30 1937Father
RauPaulineFeb 8 1871Apr 13 1931Mother
RauEmily AdelaideDecember 3 1893June 9 1945
AllenRichard Dewey19271994
AllenFay Dewey18951967
AllenHoward L.18941937
LockwoodSylvester D18581939
LockwoodFlora D18661942
LockwoodWillie Ray19001946
ParrottHazel M19061996
ParrottFrank G19071997
MoonCharles18761945Woodmen of the World Memorial
MoonIrene G18741963
PentonGrace D18681939
FreemanLefonza GDec 19 1904Oct 9 1969
ChaviersJack BApr 15 1948Apr 16 1948Our Son - Sleep my child and peace attend thee.
NicholsE. Mae18751950
NicholsEben Z18701961
PinkstonCharles BFeb 9 1922Sept 16 1987S SCT US Army World War II
JacksonGladys M19081988Mother
ClasmanMyrtle H7-17-18914/13/1985Grandmother
JacksonDouglas E19011962Father
JacksonJimmieApr 19 1941September 11 1946Suffer little children to come unto me Mark 10:14
PattonHomer M18921951Father
PattonZulie L (Wright)18941988Mother
PattonCurtis EDec 15 1911Jun 10 1992Capt US Army World War II
RoostA. Blanche19041984Married 53 years (to Erwin D Roost)
RoostErwin D19021976Married 53 years (to A. Blanche Roost)
RoostWalter H18621945Father
RoostCarrie L18611948Mother
RoostJessie L18931986daughter
FritchDeborah KJuly 2 1952
RebtoyEmma L19061958
LudwigAnna T18671944
MearsMichaelSept 2 1954Sept 3 1954Child of God
MearsElizabeth G18901962
MearsChauncey A18891929
BakerSara Hetherington1940
HetheringtonRobert R1935
HetheringtonRuth A1944
HetheringtonCharles "Cork" F1933
HetheringtonMargery E19061941
HetheringtonC. Raymond19031941
HutchinsonMichael DNov 19 1953Nov 23 1953
GlaspieFred D18751957
BerginHelen D "Gus"19091988
GlaspieLou G18831948
BennettGeorge JNov 6 1910Nov 4 1968Michigan CPL 215 Bomb Sq. AAF World War II
CurtisRalph R192020
CurtisRuth E19212000
BennettRuth E19251941
BennettRoySept 14 1885June 2 1952
BennettMaude EDec 29 1889Feb 7 1954
DupuisHarry A18971943
CurtisThomas J.18961969
CurtisMelvin KNov 23 1927May 25 1981SSGT US Marine Corps World War II
CoppensLorance AMarch 27 1922May 19 1964Michigan PFC Btry B 21 FLD Arty BN World War II
RickwaltLoraine M19301963Beloved Mother
HuffKenneth CMay 18 1915Jul 28 1992S SCT US Army World War II
HuffJean MJul 6 1927Wife of Kenneth
RosecrantsEmma G18801958
MaguireThomas F19061963
MaguireEvelyn Irene
TeagueTheresa L1957
TeagueLisa M.1957
LeitchBarbara J19371995
LeitchJohn D1934
LeitchVernia MMay 15 1894July 21 1963The cross leads generations on - Mother
CobbDorothy O. DippleSept 10 1921Beloved Wife - Mother
DippleRaymond HSept 5 1921Nov 12 1963Beloved Husband - Father
BarkerMary E18861958
BarkerCharles L19071984
ConnerDavid BOctober 11 1963April 14 1990
LansuDonna MSept 26 1957Jan 26 1997
FarrowJack AJan 28 1950Nov 19 1980PFC US Army VietnamBeloved Husband of Bonnie & Father of Chris & Jason
MarrLela WiserJuly 23 1904Oct 15 1988
WiserMatilda MSept 10 1872July 26 1965
WiserGeorge HJuly 10 1874Jan 9 1946
TravisOrrie CJuly 18 1870Feb 14 1931
TravisRuthSept 29 1871Feb 1 1965
TravisStimson LJuly 27 1899May 6 1984
TravisFlorence BNov 6 1901May 2 1986
WhitcombCharles O.18701937
WhitcombEdith M18721942
WhitcombGilbert J18271909
WhitcombDorcas E18351917
WhitcombRussell Olney19041905
MableyMargaret Whitcomb19001950
OliveMabelMay 16 1877April 8 1961
OliveFrank LFeb 23 1874May 9 1953
LyonsErnest J19241999USMC WW II
LyonsRose Marie19312000
TrasterRhonda19651999Wife - Mother Love is our most cherished gift
TolfreeJohn LSept 11 1918Nov 6 1983PFC US Army World War II
TolfreeEdna E1921Beloved Wife
Van VleetAileen H1920
Van VleetHarold E19201991
Van VleetJennie18901974
Van VleetLee18861960
Van VleetGerald L19122000
Van VleetPhyllis R19162001
MeagherEdith A18861962
MeagherEugene T18881963
MeagherFredrick E19181975SGT Army Air Forces World War II
MeagherMarie F18891960
MeagherEugene J19191992
BanghartCarrie M18911979
BanghartLaurence J18841945
McIntyreSally K18881968
CullenPatrick JJuly 26 1944July 22 1945
CullenWilda BFebruary 7 1916March 30 1993
CullenCurtisSept 6 1915Mar 7 1998CDR US Navy WWII Korea
OdanislerArla M19191993
OdanislerWilliam G19141984
DempseyClell M19061966Father
HeldDoris C19241996
HeldEverett C19191998
WrightShane AlanDec 17 1970Apr 4 1992Loving Son
LeitchPerry J1924199813-Feb
LeitchJean F1932199513-Feb
HarveyPerry LeeMay 11 1951May 10 1953Our darling - of such is the kingdom of heaven
HarveyKevin LynnOct 11 1958Oct 4 1973Beloved son - to know him was to love him
FrankTasha MarieAug 11 1978Nov 14 1994Always in our hearts
StevensonAnnamary19421999Beloved wife and mother
ColeA.H. BudDec 13 1906Mar 11 1989US Army
O'nealMildredAug 18 1915Dear Friend
TeagueAlpha MNov 10 1917June 27 1986Mother
TeagueGordon BJan 13 1937
TeagueValerie AJuly 28 1938
HillHarry Sr18931962Father
HillGlessna M19001975Mother
DeoLloyd EDec 6 1899July 22 1964
DeoMary EFeb 9 1898Apr 22 1975
JaynesRobert GAug 13 1924Nov 1 1980US Navy World War II
JaynesMichael GeorgeJul 3 1958Oct 6 1984
MeadsJosephine L19061985
MeadsG. Edgar Sr19011993
LaDouceurHenry GNov 20 1893Jul 19 1985Lt US Army World War I
LaDouceurIrene KApr 14 1908Dec 29 1987
WalkerRaymond Jr "Mickey"3/18/195212/19/1995A beautiful person
BossardetElinor M19151990
BossardetEdward J1918
BossardetSusan K1945
HulseGeraldine M
HulseWm. RandallNov 14 1912July 8 1968
CarrollGeorge E Sr19011983
CarrollHarry W19331957
CarrollVonda Lee19361957
DelanoFlorence N18851956
DelanoEarl W18821954
EatonDonna Delano19131952
EatonAustin K18951954
CaverlyArthur JamesOct 14 1936Dec 15 1986Husband
RodanhislerPaul HarleyJune 16 1948Oct 16 1963
RodanhislerDavid LeeJuly 10 1945
WaitMildredJuly 24 1876Aug 30 1944
WaitGeorge HSept 23 1876Jan 21 1946
WaitVernon GNov 17 1903July 28 1953
WaitGrace LDec 30 1901Feb 27 1997
WaitLloyd RAug 27 1906Aug 6 1958
WaitLaura DApril 28 1904Nov 24 1989
PrichettBen WJan 29 1959July 17 1996Son Brother
OliverCharlotte AnnMay 28 1948Nov 1 1992Daughter Sister
SteeleJames WJuly 30 1959Sept 22 1979Beloved son of Ralph & Betty John 3:17
MannLawrence A19211994Together Forever
MannHelen MTogether Forever
LarabellShirley M1936
LarabellDonald C19271982
LarabellMarie ELoving Mother
SulikowskiPearlMar 6 1924Jan 24 1984
SulikowskiEdmund JJan 5 1919May 22 1999
JohnsonFloyd V19361997
RichardsonJames Ryan19081983Beloved Husband & Father
EdwardsHelen Rose19271992Our buddies
EdwardsDavid John19281996Our buddies
MayKenneth WApril 22 1963January 16 2001
CartnerTrudy A19361996
CartnerDavid John1937
CurtisStephen DaleJuly 3 1952Nov 24 1952Our baby
CurtisCarol R1933
ShawRoller H19021954
ShawM. Ruth19051999
ShawRoller LeeJuly 2 1947May 19 1975
PriorDoris JaneMar 5 1908July 15 1986
PriorNorris JSept 18 1899June 25 1967
HartWalter C19101997
HartValva I19071969
ValentineRussel C19061977Husband
ValentineHarriet J19051993Wife
DelanoGladys M18911972Mother
AllowayGeorge ODD19001957
OusnamerBurton S18961958
OusnamerEmma L18931970
CrichtonJoanne Helen19472000Loving mother Caring teacher
WilsonGerald JamesMar 1 1926Jan 9 1983AD3 US Navy World War II Korea
RosebushKeith AJan 10 1951Jun 30 1982US Army
CouturierMiltonSept 4 1918July 22 1967Michigan S SGT 3750 STA Hospital World War II
BrownJohn EdwardDec 18 1913Nov 26 1943Michigan 2D Lieutenant Signal Corp World War II
KunstmanArthur A1883
KunstmanMartha E18851958
JohnsonHoyt PSept 16 1891
JohnsonCharlottaMar 25 1894June 7 1961
EvansHarry T19211959
EvansPhyllis S1922
MellendorfAlbert H19041988
MellendorfElsie V1908
TebeauVerna M19211975Given in memory by friends and neighbors
TebeauWilliam L19191987Given in memory by friends and neighbors
ParkhillMargaretNov 20 1903Aug 30 1997In loving memory
ValentineM. JackMay 9 1925Aug 4 1998PFC US Army World War II
ValentineNorrineJun 27 1926Beloved wife and mother
WaldronLawrence PDec 11 1944May 30 1991AIC US Air ForceLoving Husband and dad
WellsMark Lynn19561968Beloved son
BielecStefan18921971Kochany Maz
PostremaCondrat "Tony"Mar 22 1889Dec 11 1976
DecookLeoradia Marshall1930
ChesterJenine C1924
ChesterFredric J1921
MickJoseph LeeJan 28 1952Oct 6 1992
MickAnna Marie1952
MickAndrew CDec 19 1978April 1 1995Rest peacefully - our beloved Andy who loved live
KozachikMichael ANov 30 1949Oct 24 1994A memory to be ever with us
MarshClaudia J1922
MarshThurley C1925
KozachikJoan MFeb 17 1928
KozachikAndrew HNov 22 1921June 29 1972Michigan Major US Marine Corps Res World War II Korea
SabovBetty Jane19272000Beloved mother
SabovPatricia JDec 16 1949July 28 1959daughter
WoodwardDebra L19551957Jesus loves me
SchultzLeonard Walter SrJuly 28 1922Feb 1 1999CPL US Army World War II
SchultzLeonard WMay 20 1947Nov 25 1968Michigan SP4 - Co B-575 Engr C - BN3 USA
SchultzJulia SabovDec 17 1923Mar 18 1990
HillWendellSept 10 1938Apr-84LCPL US Marine Corps
HillApril KayDec 3 1961Jan 24 1962Our Baby
TolesS. Alice18801955
TolesJesse E18901971
TolesFrank MDec 27 1919Mar 17 1984CPL US Marine Corps World War II
WoodGeorge E19271959
HarrisCynthia JMar 5 1958Mar 8 2001Loving Wife & Mom
CrawfordHarriet S.Feb 11 1892Aug 16 1961
CrawfordElmer IDec 28 1881Oct 12 1959Michigan CDL TRP B6 Regt Cavalry
TrottierMichelle Anne HardingApr 16 1962Jan 27 1995
BoatHelene F18861953
BoatOtto J18901974
McFarlandMargaret EJuly 7 1921
McFarlandDale EAug 28 1915June 13 1998
DunlapEthel COct 17 1889Jan 14 1978
DunlapMonroe GJuly 31 1889June 30 1964
SpeziaArlene GAug 26 1923
SpeziaJoseph PSept 9 1909Dec 12 1996
MiddletonEarl S18921953
DemarcoEsterOct 10 1920Wife Mother Grandmother
DemarcoArthurSept 5 1916Aug 21 1996Husband Father Grandfather
DemarcoStacy AnnJan 24 1975Jan 15 1995Your beautiful smile and personality will live with all of us until we meet again
MonierThomas MSept 14 1950Apr 5 1995Loving Father
SmigelskiBetty Jane19311994
SmigelskiRaymond C1927
KellerEmily LynnSept 16 1997Jan 5 1999God Bless our Babies
KellerBrandon CharlesSept 16 1997Jan 5 1999God Bless our Babies
MiddletonCarrie M18861953
ShoemakerHarold WJan 26 1919Aug 29 1970Michigan PFC SVC BTRY 118 Fld Arty World War II
CowanBeatrice E19031954
ClackAgnes M18821957
ClackJames Edmund18771960
LakeIrene N1915
LakeDonald W1919USAF WW II
FritchJack AFeb 6 1931April 24 1963Michigan FN USNR
FritchIila RJuly 1 1903Dec 30 1991
FritchHarmon AJune 27 1890Apr 15 1987SFC US Army World War I
KammMildred NixonDec 4 1918Jan 29 2001The Lord is my Shepherd
NixonRalph HJan 25 1918Aug 30 1972In thee I have put my trust
AdamsRichardOct 5 1897March 26 1968Ilinois SGT Btry F 55 Arty CAC World War I
AdamsSarah Emily18921967
BrakeFloyd EAug 15 1921Mar 12 1986Sgt US Marine Corp World War II
McCauleyGeorge M18851948
McCauleyMuriel E18921962
KellyIvah F18861947
KuckEdna MOct 9 1923Dec 5 1954
DunnMartha LJune 14 1884Apr 21 1946
StephensAda M18791949Mother
HickmottJean C19211987
RickettsMabel A18951981
RickettsJames H18841949
ChamberlinRay W19101953
PetersAnna J18901967
PetersHenry W18821948
VollFred W19811948
VollLouise M18981939
ValentineCelina E18661959
ValentineArthur C18661958
PresseZina May18841956
PresseMilo A18841961
KimballMary E18861952
KimballJohn E18751959
BruskeEva R19021954Mother
BruskeHerman O18971970Father
BairdHelena R18871966
BairdJames G18831960
FrahmMary E18801973
SmithNellieMay 8 1885May 9 1957Mother
SmithMax EAug 5 1924Dec 5 1954Michigan SFC US Army World War II Korea BSM
ThemmAnna M19131994
ThemmHoward F1922
ThemmIda M18841953Mother
GanChristian F19141953
GanPauline E19161987
BuckindailGeorge H18861953
ScottBabySept 23 1952Sept 23 1952
GravesWalterJan 16 1919Dec 29 1996US Army World War II
GravesBaby girlJune 12 1951June 12 1951
RossmanEdwin SNov 19 1914Aug 7 1995
RossmanHelen MJune 17 1917
GravesFloyd O18901960Together Forever
GravesMabel L1895Together Forever
AllanEdna E. Sutherland19061988
PandurenDavid ADec 7 1952Son of Nick & Wanda Panduren
PandurenNicholai W19101991
PandurenWanda S1925
ScottGeorge M18831981Father
ScottSarah LJune 24 1919
ScottElroy HApr 13 1917July 6 1978
ErfourthMontySept 18 1932Sept 19 1987SN US Navy Korea
ErfourthLeonardAug 21 1915Feb 25 1983US Army World War II
ErfourthRichard WFeb 10 1910Dec 19 1981CPL US Army World War II
ErfourthRalph BOct 16 1925Feb 25 1951Michigan S1 USNR World War II
DanforthAdam18741957Father of Blanche Spencer
RisingerShawn RJun 17 1953Jul 7 1981PVT US Army VietnamIn loving memory from Karl Melissa and Shaunna
SpencerBlanche L19011982Mother
SpencerElvin IraAug 8 1903July 9 1951Michigan SSMB3 USNR World War II
ParkhurstMark G18851949
ParkhurstNellie E18901971
ParkhurstLewis NMay 2 1921Mar 18 1999Jan 31 1942PFC Co C145th Inf 37th Div WWII
ParkhurstViola MFeb 26 1925Jan 31 1942
FrenkMarilyn RDec 8 1927
FrenkA. WilliamMar-27Oct 31 1979FI US Navy World War II
FrenkOscer J19001978
KesslerRosemaryJuly 19 1928Toady
KesslerHarold ODec 2 1927Pete
KesslerOtto HNov 1 1894March 12 1954PVT Sup Co 329 Field Arty World War I
KesslerViola D19001980
KesslerJoan E19371950
BlumretchFlorence E19021978
BlumretchErnest W18961993
RansomElizabeth McVean18851977
RansomJames Edward18741948
CraddockNannye MaeFeb 5 1904Apr 4 1966God is our refuge and strength Psalm 46:1
CraddockElliott WDec 23 1904Sept 4 1986God is our refuge and strength Psalm 46:1
CraddockRobert LeeOct 26 1933Apr 26 1947There's a home for children above the bright blue sky where Jesus reigns in glory a home of peace and joy
BeardsleyHaroldJuly 31 1906Sept 26 1969Father
BeardsleyLinda MarieDec 4 1951Dec 4 1951Infant daughter - I pray the Lord my soul to keep
WarnkeJohn H19151946Peace be yours
QuickIrvin J19001953
ForbesMary Ann19071971
ForbesEarl A19041965
ForbesRobert LeeAug 27 1938May 6 1939Loving son
HosmerWalter B19121951
WillobeeRussell J19041987Husband
WillobeePatricia H19101967Wife
ClackLee H18901972
ClackLuella B18951949
DoddsHattie M19231983
DoddsHarold D1918
BooseCecile E1920Be not afraid the Lord is with thee
BooseHerman J19202001Be not afraid the Lord is with thee
SmithGrace B19071986
SmithCarl W19021955
SmithJerry D19381998Son
PetersLois H19291983
PetersHerschelDec 20 1928Jan 5 1985Et2 US Navy World War II
NothaftEdward M18951976PVT US Army World War I
NothaftMary A18941991Wife of Edward
BaldwinFrancis AJan 24 1913Sept 13 1995US Navy
BaldwinRoseMar 6 1878Dec 26 1950
BaldwinAlexSept 10 1877Nov 3 1961
DeweyLulu M18911983
DeweyLeroy B18911943
GonyouSimeon Bruce18811942Father
GonyouEdna Booth18811956Mother
GonyouKingsley J19091988Son
KrepsE. Jean Gonyou191720
AshleySylvia O18851979Together Forever
AshleyHubert M18811967Together Forever
GonyouJohn ADec 17 1906Oct 31 1992Together Forever
AllanEmma B19021953
AllanW. Stuart19061999
MarshallEarl T18821947
MarshallJessie I18841967
?George G18631919
JohnsonHarry G18901962
JohnsonMarguerite C18981961
CovertJames C19021977
CovertEva M19041992
CovertLydia M18801960Mother
CovertJames A18741938Father
RossmanAgnes IAug 12 1896Jan 31 1978Mother of Anna I, Lucille, Fred L, Elva Mae
NeesonMargaretOct 12 1929Wife of Vern
NeesonVern JAug 23 19244th Marine Div WWII
YorkMary Ann18721946
KelleyTrueman E3/12/19486/23/1987Husband of Norma J. Father of Todd A
CollierTrueman WJune 11 1921Jan 31 1944Michigan PFC 6 Armd Inf 1 Armd Div World War II
KossJohn F18981964
KossRosie A18991970
BradfordLawrence J19131980
BradfordGeraldine B1910
LileyMary E19121985
LileyWallace A19091962
OliverWilliam H18721949
HooverJesse J19201988Loving Husband and Father
HooverMichael19421947Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep Son of Jesse & Dorothy Hoover
ShamblinThomas B19131987US Army 12th Gen Hosp.
ShamblinDorothy G (Moses)1920
MosesEdith A18931946
MosesOliver H18871974
DavisonGlenn ADec 31 1927May 9 1998Sgt US Army Korea
TaylorWilliam W1924
TaylorDorothy A1920
TaylorOla A18911946
BatesHelen A19081950
BatesEthel M19041996
VandawalkerDavid W19631967Our son
VandawalkerWilliam DMay 20 1934Dec 31 1962Michigan SP4 HQ Btry 2 GM BN
O'BrienMary Ann18981994Together Forever
O'BrienCharles18851965Together Forever
HeadleyMildred C19081986
HeadleyClarence S19051963
YardLesley VirginiaMar 9 1947Dec 20 1947
TeakWilliam H18801960
TeakCaroline L18841974
TeakOlga M19031948
MorseElijah S18911943
CooperEdna K19071988
CooperWilliam G1904Aug 17 1992
LompreyFrank WOct 2 1879Oct 10 1948
LompreyRosse CDec 28 1890Aug 15 1968
CaldwellFrances LompreyMar 17 1917Aug 7 1969
BestHelen Ann1955Age 4 yrs 5 mos Our daughter
BestGlenn Thomas1955Age 3 yrs 4 mos Our son
BestLou Ella MNov 18 1929May 18 1982
BestGlennJan 26 1926
McGrawRowlandMar 8 1920Dec 15 1993CPL US Army World War II
McGrawMarguerite EJuly 29 1919Wife
McGrawRhea M18951971
McGrawHugh I18871960
BallentineDoris Deal19001967
LeRoyJohn P19061966
LeRoyElinor S19091982
StewartHarry SJan 4 1888Oct 25 1966Michigan PVT 4 Regt Fld Arty
StewartWanda MNov 29 1887Aug 23 1978Beloved Wife
SternbergMildred E18981990
SternbergHenry O18961985
ChurchillRoland E19321950Beloved Son
ChurchillClarence E19031971
ChurchillZelma R19111987
LudemanCecil O19211973Together Forever
LudemanNeena19201997Together Forever
LudemanOttoApr 12 1880July 7 1931
NelsonCharles JuniorJan 16 1929Dec 5 1954
WendtEthra Mae18701955
WendtAlbert H18641943
BennettTheadore BAug 21 1940Nov 11 1940Our baby
BennettHarold J19141998Jan 11 1935Beloved Husband
BennettLena E19171999Jan 11 1935Loving wife
HebnerAudrey A1926Together Forever
HebnerRobert A19201991Together Forever
SitesLewis H19001963
TubbsIda Mae19111963Always in our hearts
TubbsMilton E19101996
BuechlerGladys M19061975Together Forever
BuechlerJohn G19031966Together Forever
HarrisCharlotte LSept 25 1922Apr 8 1987
HarrisKennethFeb 9 1910Mar 14 1999
RobertsCarol Lee19451964Dear daughter
BrownIvez G18851960
BrownAlger H18881960
MarshallVirginia J19101988
MarshallGerald T19081973
LawrenceRoy B18841959
LawrenceAnna E18861970
ParentiJames E19531976
MooreNorman Eli19041957Happy
WattsJeanne L Helgeson1927
SullivanJames E18891957
SullivanLeila L18951963
SullivanJames RDec 31 1915Oct 27 1959Michigan Captain US Air Force World War II Korea
BuechlerBarbara A19201985Wife
WillobeeDorothy J19231985
WillobeeMarvin J19241997
BatesWilford W Jr.Jul 4 1927Mar 19 1998SGT US Army KoreaBeloved Husband & Father
BatesJason MSept 9 1974Feb 8 1994Our grandson
LeganWanda L1921Together Forever
LeganGayle E19171977Together Forever
AlgoeDorothy JJun 11 1925Wife of Robert
AlgoeRobert CJuly 29 1923Sept 14 1992PVT US Army World War II
SwingleFlorence1927Mother - I have put my trust in the Lord God
SullivanJoy DamrowMarch 19 1933June 25 1998
DamrowMartha I18911954My loving wife
DamrowHenry W18881969My loving husband
EricsonPearl J1924
EricsonGilbert L1923
AwreyDonald E19041968
AwreyIrene J1906
SmithJames T O19581989
ToddMartha J19031988
LonderVictoria G19511995Beloved wife of Glenn mother of Justin, Johnathon and Abigail
ArnoldGrace M18901974
RolleyGladys MSept 30 1913Mar 16 2001Loving wife and mother
RolleyLouis GJuly 4 1912Dec 11 2000US Army Air Forces world War IIBeloved Husband
WelchBetty H19162000Mother - God wanted me now, he set me free
KloecknerBlanche E19152001The Journey continues - Ma Great Grandmother Sister Aunt Friend
BakerMelissa AnneDec 20 1952Feb 13 2000Truly Loved
LinesRobert Lee19501999Son
ReckRichard "Dick"19581993Together Forever
ReckLinda Marie1950Together Forever
BulakJean A19291999
MahonCody JackApril 19 1996December 19 1996Our little angel - in God's care
SchwarbCharles HApril 28 1919May 28 19923rd armored spearhead div World War IIHusband Father Foundryman soldier man of his times, a man for all times
RichardsClaude altonJul 2 1946Mar 4 2000Sgt US Army Vietnam
BraboAlan EApril 28 1953Oct 20 1987Dedicted by family & friends "wheelchair Al"
SwartEdward CurtisDec 13 1937July 23 1995Undying Love
SwartMarjorie AnnJan 3 1939Nov 3 1998Undying Love
CurtisGertrude E1926
CurtisKeith J1926
MersinoArdise A "Art"Nov 30 1933July 8 1993Dec 27 1952He only takes the best - A heart of gold stopped beating - Two shining eyes at rest - God broke our heart ot prove to us - He only takes the best - A million times we will need you - A million times we'll cry - If love could have saved you - you never would have died - It broke our hearts to lose you - But you didn't go alone - For part of us went with you - The day God took you home
MersinoRichard K."Dick"July 19 1930Dec 27 1952He only takes the best - A heart of gold stopped beating - Two shining eyes at rest - God broke our heart ot prove to us - He only takes the best - A million times we will need you - A million times we'll cry - If love could have saved you - you never wou
HeichelGerald R5/8/1934
HeichelBonnie J3/29/1941
LoweLena N19271994June 16 1951Loving wife and mother
LowePatrick19281984June 16 1951US Army WWII
SharpWilliam L. Sr191319974/1/1950
SharpViola M19254/1/1950
CantuCynthia A19561992
StullBetty S19211991
StullRobert B1923
CavanaughNancy A19241987
GouldVernette19201980Mom Together Forever
GouldRichard1920Dad Together Forever
TheurerIsabelleAug 5 1914Nov 9 1940
TheurerJohn RSept 29 1914April 16 1996Nov 9 1940
NilssonWalfordAug 14 1915May 18 19851st LT US Army World War II
DahlDorothy C19141999
DahlHenry R19121988
DahlMary AnnMarch 27 1955May 7 1988Wife - Mother
HoughtalingEmma M19021998Together Forever
HoughtalingFred A19061982Together Forever
SmithRobert J. JrSept 16 1987June 18 1989Our son - asleep in Jesus
BurnsLeoma FJune 8 1943Oct 10 1990Dear Wife and mother
WeckleHeather MarieJan 12 1970Jan 25 1996Do not stand by my grave & weep - I am not there I do not sleep - I am a thousand winds that blow - I am the diamond glints on snow - I am the sunlight on ripened grain - I am the gentle autums's rain - When you awaken in the morning hush - I am the swift uplifting rush - of quiet birds in circled flight - I am the soft star that shine at night - Do not stand at my grave & cry - I am not there, I did not die.
WeckleJessica KarenAug 4 1995Jan 25 1996Do not stand by my grave & weep - I am not there I do not sleep - I am a thousand winds that blow - I am the diamond glints on snow - I am the sunlight on ripened grain - I am the gentle autums's rain - When you awaken in the morning hush - I am the swift
TiltmanMark SOct 20 1962Aug 28 1992Beloved Husband
WillingDennis J19491985Beloved Husband and Father
HeppStephen M19631984Love Peace - In our end is our beginning - In our time, infinity - In our doubt there is believing - In our life, eternity - In our death, a resurrection - At the last a victory - Unrevealed until its season - Something God alone can see - In the bulb there is a flower - In the seed an apple tree - In cocoons, a hidden promise - Butterflies will soon be free! - In the cold and snow of winter - There's a spring that waits to be - Unrevealed until its season - Something God alone can see
AshleyBernice R19131995
YoungRobert O19251979US Air ForceTogether Forever
YoungDot1925His Wife - Together Forever
EtlingerMichael EApr 15 1935Aug 30 1978US Air Force Korea
KellyPerry G.Apr 25 1986(NO Tombstone information given by caretaker of cemetery Age at death 85 yrs)
KellyOlga JoyApr 4 1995(NO Tombstone information given by caretaker of cemetery Age at death 79 yrs)
MoorePaul B1906
MooreMarguerite M19051983
BlezinskiFerdinand A19161986Husband
LofgrenVinia Louise19161985
LofgrenHarold Henry19171989
McKayRobert Sr1927
McKayRobert Jr19621984My son
RedmondDrusilla M
RedmondHoward G19161981
RadeckeThomas RMar 23 1944Mar 31 1984US Army
RadeckeVirginiaSept 4 1917Mar 31 1999
PearsonLeola MFeb 11 1927
PearsonJohn RMay 19 1926Jun 12 1981US Army World War II
CollierDean E19332000Death is only a wall between two gardens
PraskiVictoria marieMay 16 2001June 10 2001Our precious angel
SchilsMarilyn1931June 27 1953
SchilsGordon19291996June 27 1953
HanksBasil L19152000
HanksAda B1919
MillenRodney KeithApr 27 1963July 13 1984
MillenMelvin ESept 9 1959May 19 2001Beloved Husband - Father
CollierViona H19091997
CollierWesley E19101991
McCreadyFrederick R19361981Dear Old deeds
SmithMaizie Margaret1921
MoenartBrenda A19501982Wife of Thomas D. Mother of Julie K.
MillerRobert J19201984CEM US Novy World War II
LangleyStewartSept 30 1914Sept 15 1983US Navy World War II
LangleyAliceJan 11 1913Oct 25 1997
VanWagonerElsie EAug 8 1919
MihalaZoltan LOct 8 1959Apr 11 1996SP4 US ArmyBeloved son and brother
SageOlive L19121989
PattersonMarguerite L19111976
PattersonPhillip E19101981
ScheuerleinNancy AFeb 15 1936Apr 17 1997Dear Wife and Mother
ScheuerleinArthur AJune 20 1933Dec 13 1992Dear Husband and Father
BuechlerAudrey I19101986
BuechlerCarl F19061996
MuellerLouis W19211982
MuellerDoris M1924
BittleJessie LFeb 21 1918Jan 4 1996
BittleNorman LMay 29 1911Mar 11 1987
MillenNoameMay 13 1934Beloved Wife
MillenMelvin LDec 30 1927Aug 5 1989CPL US Army Korea
FosterJean FFeb 27 1926
FearnJay RichardFeb 19 1957Jan 27 1997In loving memory
CookDoris J1/29/19373/28/1997
CookGeorge A9/4/1930
ObergFlorenceOct-18Mar-93Mother - In God's care
ObergRogerFeb-18Father - In God's care
BassSarah Eleanor1922July 6 1940
BassStanley T19171981
SzaboMichael V IIJune 16 1962April 1 1979Son
HathawayPhillis19161979Together Forever
HathawayWalter19161991Together Forever
FerriganKeith LJuly 29 1961July 4 1979
ErskineRobert A19071981Beloved Husband and Father
ErskineRuth19051976Beloved Wife and Mother
RhoadsDonald RexJune 20 1926June 12 1980CPL US Army World War II
HansonNorbert EJan 4 1918Nov 4 1988USA WWII
HansonJean LApr 28 1915Jan 11 1989
SmithMarion H19101984
SmithGeorge L19011983
VolkosArthur HSept 2 1928Jan 18 1992
GingDorothy M19241993Mother - Grandmother
DevineRobert C Jr.19521990Budweiser can engraved in stone
StoutScott E9/14/19454/6/1990
ThompsonIrene19161999Forever with the Lord
ThompsonRobert19071972Forever with the Lord
ThompsonDon9/27/19352/3/1988Forever with the Lord - In memory of our son
ThompsonRobert LeoJan 9 1939Aug 24 1987In memory of Dad - Forever at rest
EvansRaymond R18841973
EvansMinnie B18841981
LangleyEdna MFeb 18 1916Dec 8 1985Beloved wife and mom
LangleyWalter LDec 29 1913Oct 16 1970Tennessee MM# US Navy World War II
GrindattiAnthonyOct 26 1928Dec 8 1978US Army Korea
LangleyNora MJune 18 1925Aug 2 2000Nov 28 1942
LangleyJohn GApril 11 1923Nov 28 1942
SkarrittElaine EDec 22 1925Jan 11 2000Beloved wife and mother
SkarrittKenneth JamesMay 7 1919Mar 28 1977PFC US Army World War II
KrouseStanleyDec 4 1914Mar 19 1989
KrouseHelenNov 2 1915Mar 9 1979
HeathDoris M1927June 24 1950
HeathDonald C1929June 24 1950
KastelicMarie A1918
KastelicFred F19131978
CooperBeatrice E190719
FreemanDonald19231986Loving Husband and Father
JappinenBarbara J MayMay 24 1947May 9 1992Alive in Christ
HauxwellFrederick JFeb 19 1936Jul 23 1993CPL US Marine Corps
HauxwellCarol ADec 24 1939Beloved wife and mother
HauxwellFrederick John JrMar 6 1958May 5 1978PFC US Marine Corps
ColeMarie E19151985
WoodbeckBetty Jane1921
WoodbeckAddison "Midge"19161990
StarrBetty JuneApr 29 1931July 14 1952
StarrLyle DeanFeb 29 1932Jun 27 1996July 14 1952
AdamoKathy D. Kessler19461997My loving wife
KnowltonMary I19141991Wife - Mother
KnowltonCedric19061969Husband - Father
BubergMary P18901969
BubergAlbert F18861970
BubergAlbert M19181980Son
BubergDennis M19591991Grandson
KempEuretta RSept 22 1883July 28 1970
KempSterlingAug 31 1877Nov 26 1968Michigan PVT CoK 1 Regt ILL Inf Spanish American War
ButtonNellie M1895
ButtonArthur G18751965
LuederIna M18801966
LuederWilliam C18791965
FreemanImogene18981980In loving memory - Mother
FreemanGeorge ESept 14 1895April 8 1965Illinois PVT 10 Co Coast Arty World War 1
TrauxDona JMar 21 1905Wife of William
TrauxWilliam Jr.July 31 1888Dec 3 1964Michigan CPL Hq 160 Depot Brig World War 1
ZiemannHerbert WJuly 4 1918Oct 25 1964Michigan EM2 USNR World War II
ThompsonBernice L19081964Mother
WrightHazel M18991987Wife of Ernest
WrightErnest EOct 4 1890Dec 11 1963Michigan PVT US Army World War I
JohnstonHolly CDec 30 1907Feb 19 1990
JohnstonHenry19061989Tec 5 US Army World War II
PlueHelen F19091994
PlueDareyl A19111974
PlueChristine AnnApr 30 1958June 25 1958Our darling
HeathLauern E19071999
HeathFrank B19021968
FoxBeatrice C19041967
MyersMinnie L18871981
MyersHugh D18851967
MayDaniel RuedyJune 20 1955Nov 27 1966Asleep in Jesus
KibbeRobert CurtisAug 5 1961Dec 17 1967Robbie
MayRev. Hubert OSept 26 1917May 22 1991Alive in Christ
MooreMaryland A19031985
MooreClarence B18991969
KesslerPearl J18981979Mother
KesslerBruce FMar 24 1924Oct 20 1990US Army World War IIBeloved Son Husband and Father
HasselbergOtto R18931968
LinstruthTheodore J.P.Dec 27 1941June 16 1968
LinstruthJulia T19112001
LinstruthJoseph P19071984
KesslerJean E1933July 11 1953
KesslerRobert D19251992July 11 1953
KingGladys MJune 4 1920June 3 1999Sept 8 1945
KingRoy HJuly 21 1923Sept 8 1945
TerryLynda KSept 16 1957Nov 7 1991
GreenHarry FrancisJune 28 1914Sept 1 1968Indiana PVT Co C 84 Armd Med BN World War II
SpencerHenry HFeb 19 1889Nov 21 1968Michigan Cook US Army World War I
MessinaMary Nettie19071969
PearsonTed Jr19121978
PearsonRuth A19191999
AllemanDorothy A18961992
AllemanEarl R18921968
LongAnna M1914
LongFreeman G19102000
RendeniJohn A19141970
MillerGeorge W19101970
SmithLillian I1915
SmithWilliam A18881970
RedmanViolet N19121970Mother
RedmanMyrtle P19221969Mother
HerrRichard EugeneFeb 10 1970Feb 11 1970God bless our baby boy
PalinMartha Summer18851969Mother
JonesHarold WOct 21 1900Aug 14 1969
BedsonMargaret A19031986
GroveHarold Downing19181969
GroveClara Marie1917
ThompsonThelma A19091999
ThompsonClarence A19021969
BurgardEarlsul RDec 10 1899Apr 13 1969
BurgardLeona HMar 17 1908July 21 1977
GrisPete NickJuly 19 1923March 31 1969Michigan Tec 5 317 Station Hosp World War II
GrisShirleyOct 7 1926Mar 14 1993
ChurchillDavid E SrApril 12 1964Oct 13 1989Loving husband and father - Beloved son
DanielsClaud E.Dec 28 1912Nov 12 1991
RockwellEdward HFeb 21 1928May 5 1996US Navy
WightmanBarbara A1936June 22 1956
WightmanRobert W1933June 22 1956
WightmanElenor R19161986Feb 8 1933
WightmanWard J1913Feb 8 1933
BurtGeorge E18871983Together Forever
ChurchillNeil LMay 12 1930June 3 1970Michigan SGT US Marine corp Korea
ChurchillVesta M1926
CoreyHarold R19121970Together Forever
CoreyMarguerite A19081986Together Forever
LinsemanLeon L19111988Together Forever
LinsemanJean L19131995Together Forever
OverleyEugene David8/15/19432/12/1997Beloved Husband
EvansGeorge T18901991
JonesRichard L18921971Father
JonesGladys M19021989Mother
PhippsHarold S18941979
PhippsMargaret K19081999
GillettRuth M19201973Feb 9 1943Mother
GillettWilson D19171989Feb 9 1943Father
LinsemanRobert L19311992BM 3rd class U.S.N. Korea
HillPatricia Kay19411999Beloved Mother
HortonGeorge M19031977
HortonThelma A19061993
HottmannAllen L19351999
HottmannGriselda M1936
SutherlandLyle J19341974Son
SutherlandDonna H19051977Mother
TeaysS. Loraite1917Together Forever
TeaysJames D19132000Together Forever
FogelsongerSusan J19112000
FogelsongerRussell E19091999
MaguireDaphne PaulaOct 16 1936Oct 9 1988Loving Mother and Grandmother
MapleyLenae DanyelDec 12 1979Dec 1 1994Rest in Peace "Nae Nae"
SpearsLaurie HerronFeb 10 1957Dec 1 1994Supermom
SpearsPhillip KylerDec 11 1990Dec 1 1994Mr. Wonderful
MartinNaomi M19342000
MartinWilliam G1921
WoodwardViola C19111979
WoodwardHenry O19051972
HallJean U1920
HallHarry A19201974
BassGeorge A19061968
BassPhyllis M19181983
DeanMarilyn BMar 30 1944Together Forever
DeanTerry LFeb 20 1940ArmyTogether Forever
HaywardNoel CharlesMar 21 1921Mar 23 1971US Army World War II
HaywardMaxineApr 18 1924Mar 28 1997
HaywardMichael JamesAug 11 1961May 13 1972
ThroopSteven J19541972
HarroonLeah M1935
HarroonFred R19341970
LaidlerBernice19132001Together Forever
ChappelGeraldine J19111989
ChappelRoy W19111975
MartinGladys E19051993At Rest
CampbellRalph EAug 30 1896Jan 28 1981F3 US Navy World War I
CampbellVera LJun 29 1900Jan 3 1995
BeardsleyMabel A1913Together Forever
BeardsleyJames F19061995Together Forever
HughesRobertDec 21 1897April 9 1997Husband Father
HughesMargaret WrenMar 13 1901June 10 1986Wife Mother
DickMarilyn C1931
DickWarren J19271986
SalswedelFlorence A1912Together Forever
SalswedelJohn A19091970Together Forever
SalswedelJohn A IIOct 8 1962Dec 20 1995US Navy
CookToni MarieMay 21 1973May 21 1973Our daugher
MiholekRichard A19491970
MiholekAndrew19152001WWII U.S.N.
PetersOlga A18941978Together Forever
PetersClarence A18941970Together Forever
CarpenterOlga E19291994
CarpenterDavid G1929
PhippsJoy Katherine19621974daughter
BeatyWilliam AMar 18 1918Aug 17 1973Michigan GM3 US Navy World War II
BeatyJane M18931972Mother - At Rest
BeatyCharles18891980Father - At Rest
TurnerVirginia M1907Together Forever
TurnerClayton G19101990Together Forever
WillobeeMartha M19071970Together Forever
WillobeeGlenwood18991980Together Forever
HarrisonFloyd R19051993Father
HarrisonElizabeth M19101972Mother
FrostMarcella J1923
RickwaltIvan AMay 27 1927May 7 1977
WiegandTimothy AllenAug 29 1991Aug 31 1991Asleep in Jesus - Our baby
BierwirthMartha F1923
BierwirthRobert M19221983
HamptonVeronica MMay 15 1942Oct 26 1986Mother of Dawn and Denise
CurranS. Patricia19201999
CurranWilliam A19151995
CurranBarbara ASept 28 1955July 18 1990
VeenFreda EOct 12 1923Beloved Wife
VeenPeterJan 18 1921Oct 27 1993PFC US Marine Corps World War II
BeatyKatherine F1922Together Forever
BeatyJack R19201990Together Forever
GalanAnnieJuly 12 1905Apr 7 1993Together Forever
GalanMacedonio PJan 31 1904Mar 13 1980Together Forever
ChappelJosephine M19161980
ChappelStanley L19081984
ChappelGerald R19411994Together Forever
ChappelJulia A1942Together Forever
KupskeyKarl J19231990Dear Son and Brother
KupskeyJulius C18961976
KupskeyTheresa19001981Wife of Julius Kupskey
ShickJanet M1918
ShickGeorge C19182001
CurranSusan Marie19481975
PodzikowskiMary Ann1924
EmpsonLois E19201998Gone but not forgotten
EmpsonGlen O19071975Gone but not forgotten
TrembleyLinda JeanJan 19 1963Mar 2 1993In loving memory - Beloved Mother
TrembleyTyler NicholasMar 2 1993Mar 2 1993Son
MorellArnoldSept 22 1924Feb 3 2001US Army World War II
MorellArnold WmJan 8 1948Aug 25 1986Husband Father
BorowskiJohn "Curley"19051968
DavisClyde C19231998PFC US Army World War II
WilsonElizabeth "Bette"6/29/19271/13/1996Wife Mother
WilsonTerrence AOct 5 1947Jan 21 1971Michigan SGT US Marine Corps Vietnam
WilsonDouglasJune 8 1954May 20 1980
MillerClovis J19011968
PattersonFrederickSept 21 1906Nov 19 1980PVT US Army World War II
NankClarence HSept 14 1904Mar 16 1974
NankGenevieveJan 2 1907May 29 1987
WoodDavid R19661993Son
WoodJanet C1943
WoodDavie R1947
AllenFrank E19051981
AllenLawrence C19101971Together Forever
AllenT. Marjorie19121992Together Forever
AllenMichael D19581976Our Son
ConnerJudy KJuly 28 1954Nov 21 1993In loving memory
ConnerJessie MMay 15 1930Wife
ConnerRoyal GJuly 18 1932June 26 1977Husband
AllenBernice Arlene1925Wife Mom married 52 years
AllenWesley M19211994Husband Dad Married 52 years
AllenJeffery L19591986Son Brother
StilwellVelmar L19261985
McGuireLloyd LAug 2 1911April 4 1990
WilsonGeorge E19011980Together Forever
WilsonA. Delana19021990Together Forever
KosteckiDiane Le19411979A whirlwind of Love
FullerMaren Jean19232000Always in our thoughts forever in our hearts
NelsonDonaldOct 25 1926Jan 20 1999PHMS US Navy World War IILoving Husband and father
NelsonShirley MMay 13 1939Beloved wife and mother
KimmelRay M19061985Together Forever
RosebushFred C18841977
RosebushKenneth FJune 29 1914Jan 28 1978Michigan US Air Force World War II
RosebushIsabel G1925
TatuEula EJul 12 1909Nov 20 1991Wife of Floyd Tatu
TatuFloyd HJan 21 1914Jun 8 1988T SGT US Army World War II
EarpWenoma V19191974
EarpF. Perry19161974Deputy Sheriff Oakland County
BooseWallace A19231974TEC 4 US Army
SniderWarren FAug 19 1926Oct 26 1997CPL US Army World War II
StrongClara M19271984Mother
StrongIrven M1927Father
MartinJeanne LFeb 20 1915Jan 1 2000
MartinLloyd AMar 2 1915Mar 25 1994
DonaldRobert D19181976
HartwickShirley O Sr.May 16 1908Dec 16 1974TEC 5 US Army World War II
CornellEthel19111991Mom - At peace in the garden
CornellOscar19101992Dad - At peace in the garden
JohnsC. Ray1936Beloved dad
JohnsAlice V19371999Beloved mom
FritchPenny SueNov 15 1967Feb 7 1972Our daugher
FritchLester EJan 16 1910Dec 11 1977
FritchViolet DApril 6 1910June 16 1987
BursteinChristopher S19661987
MeyersAmanda SNov 3 1983Nov 11 1983
MeyersKristie JNov 16 1982Nov 19 1982
MeyersBertha V1915Great Day in the mornin
MeyersWesley E19111994Great Day in the mornin
StanfieldR. JerryNov 28 1942May 30 1995US Navy VietnamAlways loved by Rita Ya know it
MooreMildred I1919Mother
MooreEarl L19141985Father
MooreMichael PFeb 27 1954May 16 1995Music was his life
WoodbeckDonald EJune 20 1925Nov 19 1971Michigan SO3 US Navy World War II
WillettRobert E19141971Together Forever
WillettBarbara E1918Together Forever
MasonDaryl MMar 4 1963Aug 1 1986loving son
MasonNancy R19421998
MasonJacob G19361998
WebsterCharles A Jr.19141968
WebsterEdith H18861980
WebsterCharles A18831969
FrancisPorter S18791965
FrancisCora L18801958
ThorpRoy E18871957Father
ThorpAlmeda A18901947Mother
JuddBasil RNov 14 1923Aug 20 1981SGT US Army World War II
JuddCaroline L1897191Mother
JuddFrederick W19201947Son
MarshallLena B18761963
MarshallRobert W18711950
MarshallBernice L19081979
MarshallDonald B19101959
MarshallRobert F1938
MarshEmma L18681958
MarshHenry N18681955
ReedCatherine A18701950
MooreGladys M Cornfoot19121996
MooreCecil Robert19071994
E. BurtBelle18661955
E. BurtEdward H18571945
CornfootWilliam D18701943Father
CornfootMillie D18701951Mother
MerrellAda May18931954
EdmanElizabeth S18961989
EdmanMartin W18931974
PaddisonElva H1919Wife of Vernice W. Paddison
PaddisonVernice W19001997Husband of Elva H Paddison
PaddisonLena Mae19091985
PaddisonVernice W1900
McTavishJohn E1943Son
McTavishOlive C19092000
McTavishWilliam T19131981
FrenchLloyd S18951971
PorterLois Helen FrenchJuly 10 1924Aug 26 1995
HarmonGeorge W18751965
HarmonLinnie18861949Wife of George W Harmon
VanWagonerLee S19021978
VanWagonerAlice M1904
ThroopMinnie HJune 26 1906Oct 17 1976
ThroopClyde H Jr.June 16 1928Feb 20 1991
ThroopClyde HAug 12 1902May 9 1967
BellairsWilliam E Sr.Jan 10 1927May 6 1999MOMM3 US Navy World War II
BellairsJoanne MJuly 13 1930Beloved Wife and mother
HolmesHilda MJan 13 1905Aug 21 197812/16/1921
HolmesHarold AOct 2 1900Dec 26 198512/16/1921