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Muster Out Roll of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company F

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Stephen B. Mann, Capt.
James L. Carpenter, Capt.
James L. Carpenter, 1st Lieut.
Asa B. Isham, 1st Lieut.
Winchester T. Dodge,
George Ferris, 2nd Lieut.
Charles Lyon, 2nd Lieut.
Charles Lyon, 2nd Lieut.
Almer Warner, 1st Lieut.
William Phelps, Sergt.
Irving Rose, Sergt.
Harmon Smith, Sergt.
Peter C. DeGraff, Sergt.
Jasper Braden, Sergt.
Asmas Hanson, Sergt.
Alvin P. Russell, Corp.
Porter Brown, Bugler.
Austin George N., Farrier.

Curry, James A.
Dopp, Charles
Dorman, Henry
Duff, Norman
Fish, John B.
Goodno, Francis H.
Green, John
Hogan, John
Hurd, John M.
Hurd, Lysander D.
Jessup, Charles H.
Keyes, James G.
Kimmerly, Levi M.
Kanouse, Moses
Kanouse, Michael
Meach, Devitt C.
Osborn, Amos
Ploof, Dewitt C.
Wilson, Perry
Wolcott, Warren, Jr.


Cochran, Harlan B.
Miner, Charles E.
Paule, Jacob
Guio, Henry
Ralph, Oscar
Hoag, Robert
Mercer, Thomas.


Cruiso, John D.% 9
Kelley, William J.
Page, Tierman% 9
Lewis, Edward
Riley, Miles% 9
Lundy, George W.
Harlan, Bedell% 9
Mellon, Jerome
Armstrong, Harrison J.
Phelps, Peleg F.
Blodgett, Jay% 9
Peck, John M.
Bedell, James F.% 9
Robinson, George II..
Blanchard, James% 9
Stuart, Clark T.
Fritts, Alvin W.% 9
Stowe, Sumner
Hoagland, Abram.% 9
Williams, Job J.
Howe, Isaac O.% 9
Wilson, Royal S.
Kane, Russell A.


Grover, John R.
Wood, William H.
Ross, John
Blair, Alexander F.
Brenner, John
Brenner, George
Cornell, Sylvester
Cross, Levi
Emerson, George
Gauther, Isaac
Garey, Nelson
Keller, John H.
Keeler, George H.
Keller, James
Laduke, Sylvester
McDavis, Charles
Strouse, Jacob
Scott, William H.
Vaughn, Edgar
Shirren, James


Buck, Andrew N.
VanVleet, Isaac
Wright, Henry J.
Armstrong, William
Hopkins, William
Bolton, Lucius J.
Bedell, Moses
Fairchild, Sueton
Terry, Joy S.
Bailey, John
Beardslee, Clark H.
Bement, Harley
Covey, John E.
Cronkhite, Samuel
Doherty, Joseph
Fuller, Jason
Godsmark, George A.
Gray, Benson,


Kelly, Robert A.% 9
Deneway, Danforth
Hibbard, William H.
Dewolf, Levanty C.
Henry, William J.% 9
Duel, Joseph
Chambers, James% 9
Eldred, Samuel
Campbell, James% 9
Eldridge, Daniel
Armstrong, Jas. Henry
Elliott, Charles
Beattie, George% 9
Freeman, Edgar A.
Bergman, Charles H.
Hunting, Isaac M.
Burger, Jacob% 9
Harper, Benjamin F.
Blood, Francis, Jr.% 9
Isham. Asa B.
Billings, William R.% 9
Ingersoll, Hiram J.
Buck, Edwin% 9
Ingledue, Eber E.
Bower, Raymond% 9
James, Irwin
Boutwell, Hiram S.% 9
Jenney, Charles J.
Chaplain, Henry% 9
Kenfield, William
Carr, Edward% 9
Leisenring, Oscar
Chandler, John L.% 9
Layard, William
Cooper, Eugene% 9
McLeod, Thomas H.
Cheesman, Jeremiah H.
McIntosh, Alexander F.
Cooper, John F.% 9
McNeal, David
Cook, Allen% 9
Mason, David D.
Dillon, Linus M.% 9
Milburn, Frank.

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