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1894 Michigan State Census – Leelanau County

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United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Bingham Township – John W. Eckman, Solomon H. Trude, S. H. Roosa, Emmet Whitney, John Becker, John M. Akers, William Core, Henry Thompson.

Centerville Township – Samuel Hoisted, Joseph Lavanture, Benjamin Minsker, Jacob Jarschensky, Oliver Neddo, Charles Manns.

Cleveland Township – Henry Kerchert. Peter Loucks, Daniel B. Scott, John Dago, Sr., Vencel Hayek, William Amidon, Sr.

Elmwood Township – Lovell H. Gage, Harlan P. Weller. Charles Norris, Frank Whitney, Fred M. Jewett, Mathias Snyder, Vincent Neason, Wallace W. Weller, William Hoxie, Lyman B. Snow. Charles A. Cole. Ernest Crain, John Dalzell.

Empire Township – John Dorsey. Robert J. Middaugh, John Helm, James Anton, Edwin Gould, J. W. Van Nostrand, Randall La Core. Nathan Sargent, Charles Lackor, James McCormick. R. K. Boynton. Hiram Hallett, Marvin La Core.

Glen Harbor Township – S. D. H. Daniels, Sidney Benjamin, Chester McIntyre, Frank J. Smith, A. W. Randall, Isaac Raimow, W. H. Daniels, Henry Decker, N. B. Sheridan, P. P. Smith. Lansing Miller. George Donner.

Kasson Township. -Morris D. Spafford, James S. Stricklin, William F. Kellogg, Frank B. Chatsey, David McLaughlin, William L. Bickle, Lafayette Henderson, Nathaniel W. Harrington, John B. Nash, James M. Tilton, Abner S. Fritz, Joseph Price, Roswell W. Burke, Lewis Dormer. Arnold Freeman, Charles Webb, William H. Crowell.

Leelanau Township – Fred Baumbarger, Edward Rodgers, John Scott, Alphonso Emery, Ishmael Comstock, Byron Leslie, Andrew Scott, Edmund P. Taylor, Joshua Middleton. John Howell, Cornelius Budd, Daniel B. Roberts, John Kehl, Daniel Leslie, W. H. Porter, Willard -Heath, Alexander Fall, John Blanchard, Aaron Pequongay, Joseph Prickett, Edmund Stebbins, Joseph Ritter, Edgar Charter, Robert Degolier, William Green, George Dame, Jacob Van Natter, S. J. Hutchinson, Thomas McLean, John Thomas, Charles Williams, Philip Easternight, Simeon Williams, Charles Barnes.

Leland Township – John Bremer, Herman Dunkelow, David Holinger, Claus Kahrs, Henry Alpers, William Bochstahler, Claus Warner, Napoleon Paulus, Hiram M. Gilman, Fred Cook, [Jas. Mason, William Buckingham, Nathan Guthrie, Diedrick White. James Marion].

Solon Township – Charles A. Hannaford, John Iiles, James Nolan, David Bussey, John M. Benjamin, Steven H. McQueer, Moses C. Cate, Joseph W. Dickerman, Leonard Stevenson, Louis Ruthardt.

Sutton’s Bay Township – Samuel Boston, Melville Palmer, George J. Leaney. John Litney, Smith A. Whitfield.

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