United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Calumet Township – James N. Cox, Charles Niles. Casper Shellman, [Henry Kempper. Charles T. Carlson. Joseph H. Lathrop. Jacob Renther, Peter Knechgles. Thomas Merter. Antoine Gipp].

Village of Calumet – Clefts Terrian. William A. Childs. Jos. Manser. Henry Colton. Charles Grimmer.

Village of Red Jacket – W. H. Hull. Harry Storms. Jno. A. Low.

Chassell Township – William Allen. James Bodie.

Duncan Township – Patrick Ryan. Alanson Handlin. John H. Wentz, William W. Fraiharty. D. Snyder. William Nesbitt. Charles Brown. Edward Teets, A. J. Kimes, James C. Corbin, George H. Houser.

Franklin Township – Frank Richards. Christian Miller. [Arno Jaehing, Horace B. Rogers. Christian Broemer. Jno. Bogan].

Hancock Township – Joseph Burns. August Hartman, Charles H. Beatty, Joseph Perkins. John A. Uren. Edward K. Lord. William Shandrew.

Village of Hancock – Peter J. Wagner. Thomas D. Mason, William H. Mason, Charles Stramlorr, A. J. Scott. James Ross, Sydney Bates.

Laird Township – Christopher C. Wonders. J. 0. Ludlo. [William M. Peterson].

Osceola Township – William Klink. Joseph Frances, Francis Wayne.

Portage Township – Henry Bockshecker. Joseph Haase.

Village of Houghton – Graham Pope. C. D. Sheldon, Francis DesRoche, John Hummel, Samuel Cannon, F. Demas. George C. Sheldon. John A. Cameron, Theodore Day.

Quincy Township – James Moore, George Johnson, Henry Brulean. Peter Windall.

Schoolcraft Township – William J. Smith, John D. Friska. William Green, Samuel T. Gregory.

Torch Lake Township – Charles Smith, Peter Kirtchen, Sylvester Hollister, James W. Wyckoff, Edward Krause, Henry Pearce, Fred Prince, Philip G. Baumgartner.