United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

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[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Crawford County.

Ball Township. – William Edwards, Peter Rohleder, Daniel L. Whipple, Wilson Hickey,

Beaver Creek Township. – Avery A. Smith, A. Annis, Lewis Parker, [Jonothan Hanna].

Blaine Township. – William 0. Bradford, George Fauble, Jacob Lightner, Myron B. Dye:, Andrew C. Cruzon, Seth B. Smith, Oliver Dishaw.

Center Plains Township. – Charles D. Vincent, Peter Valadd, James Burton, Henry T. Shafer, Alfred H. Wisner, Lowell Fox, John B. Carter, William Fuller, James C. Neff, [S. H. Johnson].

Frederick Township. – John W. Wallace, Henry Davenport, William Putnam, Wellington Batterson.

Grayling Township. – Alexander Wilcox, Joseph Lee, Andrew Rine, John Ballard, Amos Corwin, Lewis Parker, Charles Frantz, Hiram Robison, Daniel Bower, Dell Smith, Asa J. Rose, Philip J. Moshier, Edgar M. Wainwright, Uriah J. Shirts, Charles Eickhoff, Daniel S. Waldron, John Wilcox, Orville Bell, Charles Ingerson, Reuben P. Forbes, Jacob Fox, Henry Trumley, John Hanna, Joseph Jones, William Chalker, John C. Hanson, Collins W. Wight, Thomas Wakeley, David McCormick, Perry Phelps, Mike Hartwick, Samuel Hempstead, John Staley, Adelbert Pond, Adelbert Taylor, Wright Havens, Oscar Pa:mer, William Woodburn, Henry Holbrook, Daniel Squires, F. W. Worden, Robert McElroy, Edwin Alger, Henry Mansir, Charles H. Turner, [W. H. Mayharter, Charles Ferguson, A. H. Misner, C. K. Chitago, George Morgan].

Grove Township. – Judson M. Francis, Jacob Knecht, William Peacock, James Carr, [Thos. Makeley].

Maple Forest Township. – M. W. Gaynor, Dolphus Shuart, John J. Coventry, James E. Weeks, Henry Graff, C. B. Johnson, Thomas Jones, Charles A. Ingerson.

South Branch Township. – David E. Clark, William Ostermann, Henry Fnnck, Julius Richardson, Hubbard Head, Dyer Youngs.