The following data is extracted from 1894 Michigan State Census.

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United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Alcona County

Alcona Township

Sam’l Savers, Wm. Clearwater, Wm. Spoon, Jas. Moore, Dan’l Hecox, Wm. Bickford, Chas. H. Stafford, Jas. H. Harrison.

Caledonia Township

Nathan II. Gorsuch, Jno. Nelson, Jno. Bougie.

Curtis Township

Wm. H. Deacon, Elijah Deacon, Jno. C. Pelton, Jos. Bell, Wm. P. Blake, Peter Simons. Robt. Goodfellow.

Greenbush Township

Geo. A. Joslyn, Geo. H. Stevens, Silas Coon, David A. Monroe, Sam’l L. Govro, Wesley Hess, Hiram Delano, Jno. McArthur, Geo. Berneizer.

Gustin Township

Albin S. Vincent, Aaron Marcellus, Thos. H. O’Con. nor, Caleb White, [Hugh Buyers].

Harrisville Township

Chas. Claton, Lyman Dunn, Jno. Carrolle, Jos. Savey, [Jos. Van Buskirk. Frank La Chapelle, Nathan Byce].

Village of Harrisville

Howard C. Kibbie, B. P. Cowley, Nathan Emerson, Wilder B. Hogue, Sherman Hale, Wm. Mitchell, Guy C. Lewis, [Patrick McGrath].

Hawes Township

Geo. Rifenbart, Henry Loux, Josiah M. Donalson, Alva Treat, Chas. Beach. Geo. H. Lee.

Haynes Township

Jas. H. Johnston, Wm. Smith, Geo. W. Balch, Owen Fox, Ephraim Waldron. David Mulholland.

Mikado Township

Wm. L. Dolson. Pool Mills, Jas. M. Johnson.

Millen Township

Dan’l Lavier, Geo. Butterfield. Herbert M. Lyman, Dan’] H. Noyse.

Mitchell Township

Asahel Atherton.