Another one of the prominent battles in which the 13th served was the battle of Chickamauga. In the engagements here the regiment was under the command of Col. J. B. Culver, and they helped to hold the rebels in check from early in the morning until 12 a noon. When the thermometer stood at 90 degrees, the regiment charged upon the enemy in a most spectacular movement. In this engagement 107 officers and men were lost, either killed, wounded or missing. 217 took part in the engagement.

In 1864 the regiment served in Georgia, and joined General Sherman at Kingston on the 7th of November. They reached Savannah on the 16th of December and were on duty in trenches before that city until the 21st. The regiment also fought at Catawba River, S. C., and at Bentonville fought all day on the 19th of March, sustaining a loss of 110 killed, wounded and missing. The commander of the regiment, Col. G. W. Eaton, was killed here.

The regiment started home on the 30th of April, reached Washington on May 19th and participated in the grand review of General Sherman’s army on the 24th.

That, in short, is the history of the regiment. The conduct of the men throughout the war was considered excellent, and the 13th did more than her share in turning the victory for the side of the Federal army.