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Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – M Surnames

M’CLARIN, Hanah and Garet Easland, Feb. 20, 1787.*

MERRELL (see Merrill), Seth of Sheffield, and Anne Moffitt, int. Nov. 3, 1800.

MERRILL (see Merrell), Sarah B. of Pittsfield, and Lewis Thompson, int. Apr. 24, 1823.

MESSENGER, Luna of Becket, and Michael Browillette of Springfield, Jan. 21, 1848.* C.R.1.

MIGHLES (see Miles), Lucretia [int. Miles] of Stockbridge, and Isaac Rees, Mar. 31, 1795, in Stockbridge.

MILES (see Mighles), Silvah of Stockbridge, and John Rees Jr., int. Apr. 28, 180o.

MILLEN, Joel and Diadimmie Noteware, int. Nov. 28, 1812.

MILLIGAN (see Milligen), Gilbert and Marrilla [dup. Marilla] Parish, int. Sept. 5, 1837.

MILLIGEN (see Milligan), Sally and — Bird of Albany, Jan. 20, 1830.* C.R.1.

MINCKLIER (see Minklier), Jeremiah and Margeret Thomas, [rec. between Apr. -, 1789, and Apr. -, 1790].*

MINKLIER (see Mincklier), Sophia and James Murrey, int. Oct. II, 1794.

MOFFITT, Anne and Seth Merrell of Sheffield, int. Nov. 3, 180o. Emeline and Milancton Lewis, int. Sept. 21, 1820.
Hannah and Theodore Devereux, May 27, 1790.

MONTGOMERY, W[illia]m of Pittsfield, and Clelestia Tucker of Pittsfield, Sept. 16, 1849.* C.R.1.

MOORE, Julius and Hannah Crane Spencer, July 14, 1834.* P.R.4.
Luther L. [int. Moon], baggagemaster on R. R., and Maria L. Hill, b. Canaan, Conn., d. Aaron and Lucy, Dec. 31, 1843.

MORGAN, Agnes E., 17 y. 6 m., d. Miles and Lucy, and John Hamilton, harness and trunk maker, of Albany, N.Y., Aug. 24, 1843
Julia Ann, 32, d. Miles and Lucy, and Anson Hopkins, widr., 44, shoemaker, s. John and Mary, Apr. 9, 1846.*
Lucy L. and Ransum W. Beach [int. of New Marlboro], Feb. 5, 1841.
Mary and Andrew J. Griswold, Feb. 13, 1839.* C.R.2.

MORLEY, Fanny of W. Springfield, and Gad N. Narriner [sic, Warriner] of W. Springfield, Apr. 2, 1844, at State Line.* C.R.1.

MUN, John and Anne Burghardt, int. Oct. 13, 1798.

MURREY, James and Sophia Minklier, int. Oct. 11, 1794.

MLA Source Citation:

Town of West Stockbridge, Mass. Vital records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1907. Web. 28 July 2016.
- Last updated on Jul 20th, 2012

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