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Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – P Surnames

PALMITER, William Henry, s. Henry, laborer, and Mary A., July 16, 1845.

PARK (see Parks), Alanson Jr., s. Christopher Jr. and Rebecca, Jan. 3, 1789.
Joel, s. Christopher Jr. and Rebecca, Oct. 18, 1790.
Ward, s. Christopher and Rebecca Jr., July 15, 1787.

PARKS (see Park), –, s. George, painter, and Ann of “Wisconsin T.”, Sept. 27, 1843.

PARMELE, Asahel, s. Charles and Mary, Aug. 3, 1781.
Ester, d. Nehemiah and Hannah, Mar. 20, 1736, in Killingsworth.
James, s. Moses and Anna, Feb. 3, 1775. Phebe, d. Charles and Mary, Nov. 8, 1779.

PARRISH, Emily Marilla, d. George W. and Harriet A., Mar. 10, 1843.
George Tallman, s. Milo M., quarryman, and Mary, Oct. 31, 1845.
Henry M., s. Milo M. and Polly, Nov. 7, 1833.
Lucius, s. Milo M. and Polly, Sept. 10, 1837.
Lucius G., s. Milo M. and Polly, Dec. 2, 1835.
Martin Hinman, s. George W. and Harriet A., July 26, 1840.
Nelson B., s. George W., laborer, and Harriet, Sept. 28, 1847.
Polly, d. Hezekiah and Phebe, Jan. 7, 1782.
Solomon, s. Milo M. and Polly, Dec. 17, 1839.

PATTEN (see Patton), Asher, s. John, farmer, and Elizabeth, Mar. 13, 1849.

PATTON (see Patten), Matthew, s. John, farmer, and Elizabeth, Mar. 13, 1847.

PEET, Irella Elizabeth, d. Reuben R., merchant, and Irene, Feb. 20, 1847.

PINNEY, John, s. John and Polly, July 6, 1805, in Chatham, N.Y.
PLOSS (see Bloss), William Henry, s. William H., farmer, and Mary, May 31, 1845.

PLUMB, Hariet Hempsted [dup. Hempstead], d. Luther and
Lydia, Sept. 27, 1817.
Jerome, s. Luther Esq. and Lydia, Jan. 8, 1826.
Luther Henry [dup. Henry Luther], s. Luther and Lydia, Feb.
28, 1820. William Harris, s. Luther and Lydia, June 11, 1822.

POMEROY, Albert, s. Grove and Eunice, Dec. 26, 1808, in Hillsdale.
Charles, s. Hiram and Louisa, — [1837]. G.R.3.
Elbridge Gerry, s. Grove and Eunice, Jan. 11, 1802.
Electa, d. Grove and Eunice, Nov. 15, 1793, in New Canaan.
George, s. Grove and Eunice, Mar. 18, 1800.
Grove, s. Grove and Eunice, Apr. 4, 1789, in New Marlborough.
Hiram, s. Grove and Eunice, Jan. 18, 1798. [h. Louisa] G.R.3.]
Laura, d. Grove and Eunice, Oct. 10, 1791, in New Canaan.
Lois, d. Grove and Eunice, Jan. 16, 1796.
Louisa [–], w. Hiram, – [1803]. G.R.3.
Milo, s. Grove and Eunice, Jan. 3, 1805.
Sophronia, d. Grove and Eunice, June 21, 1806.
Sybil, d. Grove and Eunice, June 22, 1787, in New Marlborough.

POWERS, Frances Boynton, d. Philip, railroad agent, and Frances A., Feb. 12, 1848. [Francis [sic] Boynton, C.R.2.]

PRENTICE, Ellen, d. Theodore, r[ailroad] conductor, and Sarah, July 4, 1843.

MLA Source Citation:

Town of West Stockbridge, Mass. Vital records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1907. Web. 8 February 2016.
- Last updated on Dec 1st, 2014

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