MALONEY, John, s. William, miner, and Hannah, June 30, 1844

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MILLIGAN, John, s. William and Hannah, May 22, 1807.
Sally, d. William and Hannah, Aug. 31, 1813.
Thomas, s. William and Hannah, Nov. 30, 1799.
William, s. William and Hannah, Oct. 19, 1804.

MINKLER, Jedediah, s. Barnabas and Christine, Apr. 26, 1786.
Reuben Bird, s. Jedediah and Lucy, Feb. 20, 1806.

MOFFATT (see Moffatt), Charles A., Sept. 6, 1807. G.R.3.

MOFFITT (see Moffatt), Almira, d. Lemuel Jr. and Eunice, Dec.
3, 1810.
Emmeline, d. Lemuel Jr. and Eunice, June 21, 1801.
Harriet, d. Lemuel Jr. and Eunice, Jan. 21, 1808.
Laura Anne, d. Lemuel Jr. and Eunice, June 20, 1815.

MONAHAN (see Manahan).

MOON, John, s. Jacob, laborer, and Delany, June 25, 1849
Marietta, d. Jacob, laborer, and Deborah, Oct. 2, 1846.

MOORE (see More), Albert C., s. Julius, innkeeper, and Hannah, Jan. 26, 1845. [h. Luanna (Thorp)] G.R.3.] [ch. Julius and Hannah Crane [h. Luanna Cadwell (Thorp)], P.R.6.]
James Spencer, May 31, 1842. P.R.4. [ch. Julius and Hannah Crane [h. Emma J. (Nicholson)], P.R.6.]
Julius [h. Hannah C. (Spencer)], , 1808. G.R.3. [h. Hannah Crane (Spencer)] Mar. 20, P.R.6.]
Spencer Guy, -, 1834. G.R.3. [Aug. 30, 1835, P.R.4.] [ch. Julius and Hannah Crane, Aug. 30, 1835, P.R.6.]

MORDEN, Michael, s. Michael, farmer, and Bridget, Apr. 20, 1845.

MORE (see Moore), Alva Churchell, s. Henry and Lucy, Feb. 2,
Peter, s. Henry and Lucy, Jan. 15, 1789.

MORGAN, Adalade, d. Miles and Lucy, Sept. 30, 1823.
Agnes Alzora, d. Charles, farmer, and Emeline Adelia, Oct. 22, 1844
Agnes Eloda, d. Miles and Lucy, Feb. 18, 1826.
Charles, s. Miles and Lucy, Aug. 13, 1809.
Edwin, s. Miles and Lucy, Aug. 27, 1811.
Harriet, d. Miles and Lucy, Oct. 26, 1807.
Julia Ann, d. Miles and Lucy, Sept. 11, 1813.
Lucy, d. Miles and Lucy, Jan. 16, 1816.
Lucy 2d, d. Miles and Lucy, Oct. 7, 1820.
Mary, d. Miles and Lucy, July 29, 1818.
Mary Elizabeth, d. Edwin, livery stable keeper, and Mary E., Feb. 22, 1846.
Miles Jr., s. Miles and Lucy, July 28, 1822.
Phinehas Woodbridge, s. Miles and Lucy, Aug. 20, 1805.
Thomas, s. Patrick, laborer (b. Ireland), and Ellen (b. Ireland), Dec. 4, 1849

MORN (see Mun), James, s. Michael, farmer, and Bridget, Oct. 1, 1846.

MORRISON, Michael, s. John, basket maker (b. Ireland), and Johanna (b. Ireland), Dec. 26, 1849

MOSHER, Lewis, s. Lewis, laborer, and Philliret, Apr. 10, 1848.

MULLANNY (see Mullawney), Ellen, d. Patrick, stone cutter, and Rose, Apr. 7, 1849
John A., s. Michael, stonecutter, and Ellen, June 23, 1847.
Michael, s. William, miner, and Hannah, Sept. 25, 1848.
Winniford, s. Patrick, stonecutter, and Rose, Nov. 11, 1847.

MULLAWNEY (see Mullanny), Ellen, d. Michael, stonecutter, and Ellen, Jan. 5, 1844.

MUN (see Morn), Abel, s. Daniel and Lydia, Sept. 3, 1785.
Anne, d. Daniel and Lidia, Mar. 5, 1778.
Betsey, d. Daniel and Lydia, Aug. 27, 1783. Daniel, s. Capt.
Daniel and Lydia, Dec. 5, 1781.
Michael (Morn), s. Michael, farmer, and Bridget, Aug. 15, 1845
Neoma, d. Daniel and Lydia, Jan. 1, 1780.

MUNSON, Anna Maria, d. Edward and Anna, Jan. 9, 1803.
Caroline, d. Edward and Anna, Dec. 19, 1799
Edward Frederick, s. Edward and Anna, Jan. 8, 1807.
Fanna, d. Edward and Anna, Oct. 19, 1805.
Marshal Andrew, s. Edward and Anna, Dec. 2, 1810.

MURPHY, Daniel, s. John, miner, and Catharine, Jan. 14, 1849.
Michael, s. Daniel, mechanic, and Mary, July 2, 1848.