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Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – A Surnames

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ABBOTT, —, d. Virgil S., tinner, and Julia A., Dec. 9, 1848.

ADAMS, Benjamin, Dr., Apr. 22, 1708. G.R.I.

AIN, Mary A., d. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, Mar. 22, 1849.

ALEXANDER, William, s. William P., farmer, and Climena,
Apr. 30, 1849.

AMADON, Eliza Fowler, d. Leonard, carpenter, and Roxana, Oct. 9, 1845.
Payson, s. Leonard, laborer, and Roxana, Nov. 3, 1847.
s. Leonard, carpenter (b. Charlton), and Roxana (b. Gt. Barrington), Dec. 15, 1849.

ANDREWS (see Andrus), Benajah, s. Benajah and Elizabeth, Jan. 26, 1794
Elisabeth, d. Benajah and Elizabeth, Dec. 12, 1791.
Harriet [dup. Andrus], d. Elijah and Mary Ann, Oct. 4 [dup. Oct. 14], 1817.
Lydia Clarisa, d. Elijah and Mary Ann, Feb. 3, 1820.

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ANDRUS (see Andrews), Abigail, d. Elijah and Mary Ann, May 1, 1808.
Ambrose, s. Elijah and Mary Ann, July 19, 1801, in Stockbridge.
Amos, s. Elijah and Mary Ann, Oct. 25, 1803, in Stockbridge.
Charlotte, d. Elijah and Mary Ann, July 24, 1810.
Cordelia Adaline, d. Elijah and Mary Ann, Nov. 24, 1812.
Esther, d. Theodore and Orinda, Oct. 12, 1791, in Adderson [?] [blotted], Vt.
Jeremiah, s. Theodore and Orinda, May 1, 1793.
Mary, d. Elijah and Mary Ann, Jan. 4, 1806, in Stockbridge.
Nancy, d. Theodore and Orinda, Nov. 29, 1789, in Canaan, Conn.
Richard, s. Theodore and Orinda, Jan. 4, 1797.
Sarah, d. Elijah and Mary Ann, Apr. 11, 1815.
Sophronia, d. Elijah and Mary Ann, Aug. 18, 1799.
William, s. Theodore and Orinda, Apr. 17, 1795.

ARNOLD, Abigail Fitch, d. Alvan, June 9, 1819.
Adaline Shaw, d. George, farmer, and Abigail, July 14, 1849.
Alvan, [1775]. G.R.1. [June 2, P.R.2.]
Catharine Jane, d. Charles, laborer, and Jane E., Mar. 20, [18]49.
Cynthia, d. Josiah and Eunice, Feb. 4, 1796.
Eunice, d. Josiah and Eunice, Nov. 7, 1789.
Euzebia Clementina, d. Alvan, Mar. 5, 1823, [Eusebia C., P.R.2.]
Euzebia Clementina, d. Alvan, July 5, 1825. [Eusebia C. 2d,
George H[enry], s. George, farmer, and Abigail, Sept. 19, 1847.
Hannah, -, 1787. P.R.2. Hiram, s. Josiah and Eunice, Feb. 19, 1798.
James Brooks, Mar. 16, 1806. P.R.2.
Jane Angenett, d. Alvan and Polly, Mar. 19, 1812. [Jane Angenet, P.R.2.]
Josiah, s. Josiah and Eunice, Jan. 17, 1788.
Julia Ann, d. Alvan and Polly, Aug. 16, 1808. [Julia Anne, P.R. 2.]
Justina Elivira [dup. omits Elivira], d. Alvan [dup. Alvin] and Polly, Nov. 13, 1830.
Luke Munroe, s. Alvan, Mar. 28, 1821. [Mar. 25, P.R.2.]
Lydia Ximena, d. Alvan and Polly, Feb. 13, 1815. [Lydia Ximenia, P.R.2.]
Morgan Howard, s. Alvan [dup. Alvin] and Polly, Mar. 20, 1834.
Noah Sanford, s. Alvan, Oct. 22, 1828.
Polly, Sept. 22, 1777. P.R.2. Polly 2d, Dec. 28, 1791. P.R.2.
Ralph Grenell, s. Alvan, May 7, 1817. [Ralph Grennell, P.R.2.]
Roscius Brooks, s. James B., farmer, and Sarah, May 31, 1844.
Sophia, d. Josiah and Eunice, Jan. 19, 1792.

AUSTIN, , d. Ross, laborer, and Caroline, Apr. -, 1845.

AVERY, Alfred Philander, s. Waitstill and Lucinda, Mar. 3,
Amanda, d. Frederick and Mary, Dec. 11, 1827.
Amy M., d. Frederick and Mary, Oct. 28, 1829.
Daniel Whiting, s. Waitstill and Lucinda, Dec. 30, 1827.
Electa, d. Waitstill and Lydia, Apr. 23, 1820.
Eliza Ann, d. Waitstill and Lucinda, Mar. 9, 1830.
Emily, ch. Frederick and Mary, May 1, 1838.
Erastus Young, ch. Frederick and Mary, Oct. 13, 1840.
Frederick, s. Waitstill and Amy, Feb. 27, 1797, in Waterford, Conn.
Gilbert Milligan, ch. Frederick and Mary, Feb. 28, 1834.
Hannah Ximena, ch. Frederick and Mary, May 18, 1836.

MLA Source Citation:

Town of West Stockbridge, Mass. Vital records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1907. Web. 31 August 2016.
- Last updated on Jul 20th, 2012

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