Lewis, Edmund
Bpt. Feb. 1, 1772.

1791 Schooner “Catherine.”
1792 Ship “Mary,” 182T.
1804 Brigantine “Dido.” (Jr.)
1807 Schooner “John.”
1811 Schooner “Regulas.”
1819 Schooner “Halcyon.”

Lewis, Edward
Bpt. Nov. 29, 1767.

1792 Schooner “Success,” 85T.
1798 Schooner “Germantown,” 38T,
1806 Schooner “Polly,” 74T. (Lost G. C.)

Lewis, Jacob
Bpt. Sept. 9, 1764.

1791 Brigantine “George.”

The Ship “Venus,” Lewis of Marblehead 55 days from New York, put in to Point Petre Guadaloupe, on the 4th ult, dismasted, bound to Leghorn.

Capt. Ryder out seven days from Wiscasset, spoke the Ship “Venus” of Marblehead, Lat. 37, Long. 57 on the 23rd of Jan. Lost her foremast, main top mast, jibboom, and headquarters stove in, and the ship leaky; people employed in heaving over the cargo; could not take the people off, neither of the vessels having boats; stood by the ship 36 hours, and parted in a gale. (Salem Gazette, April 10, 1804.)

This is the only record obtained of this ship and some Capt. Lewis, Probably Capt. Edmund.

Lewis, Joseph Lemon
Bpt. April 22, 1770.

1794 Schooner “Joanna.”

Lewis, Philip

1756 Schooner “Swallow.

Dec. 1756, the Schooner “Swallow,” Capt. Philip Lewis, sailed from Marblehead for the West Indies. On the 13th of the month was captured by two French cruisers and taken into Martinique. The officers, Capt. Lewis, Mr. Ashley Bowen, first mate, and Mr. George Crowninshield, second mate were confined in a public place and guarded; succeeding in eluding the guard they escaped and seized a small schooner laying in the harbor sailing for St. Eustatia, coming back to Marblehead in a sloop commanded by Ashley Bowen, bringing a cargo of molasses. Roads’ History, Page 65.

Lewis, Samuel
Bpt. April 2, 1791.

Schooner “Hawk,” 73T.

Lewis, Thomas
Born June 15, 1766.

1792 Schooner “Hawk,” 90T.

Lewis, Thomas Jr.
Born May 28, 1775.

1812 Schooner “Susanna and Lucy.”

Leach, Matthew Jr.

1809 Schooner “Friendship.”

Leach, Richard

1809 Schooner “Minerva.”

Lovis, Ambrose
Bpt. Sept. 16, 1670.

1800 Schooner “Hercules,” 69T.

Lyons, James Jr.
Bpt. Mar. 24, 1782.

1810 Schooner “Polly,” 114T.
1820 Schooner “Sally,” 70T.

Lyons, Thomas
Bpt. May 15, 1796.

1812 Seaman Privateer Ship “America.”
1829 Brigantine “Henrietta.”


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915