Doliber, John
Born May 8, 1774, or Dec. 8, 1776.

1805 Schooner “Friendship,” 93T.
1805 Schooner “Union.”
1810 Schooner “Five Sisters,” 80T.

Doliber, John Jr.
Born Oct. 18, 1789.

1824 Schooner “Five Sisters,” 80T.

Doliber, William
Bpt. Nov. 28, 1782.

1810 Schooner “Hero.”
____ Schooner “Ann.” (Condemned in 1812 G. C.)

Dupuy, Thomas
Born Aug. 6, 1769.

1805 Schooner “Sally.”

Elkins, Thomas
Bpt. May 29, 1743.

1775 Private in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. Joel Smith.
1776 Private in Capt. Wm. Hooper’s Sea Coast Co.
1776 Second Gunner in Capt. Ed. Fettyplace’s Sea Coast Co.
1777 Second Lieutenant Privateer Schooner “True Blue,” Capt. Richard Stiles.
1778 Captain of Privateer Schooner “Spring Bird.”
1789 Schooner “Hope,” 60T.
1791 Brigantine “West Point,” 88T.
1793 Schooner “Hawk,” 90T.
1796 Brigantine “Sally,” 176T.
1802 Selectman.

Elkins, Thomas Jr.
Bpt. Oct. 20, 1771.

1806 Schooner “Success.” (S. P.)
1809 Schooner “Fame.” 78T.
1810 Brigantine “Helen.” (Condemned G. C.)
1815 Brigantine “Columbia.”

Ellis, Cornelius

1824 Brigantine “Mary.” (S. P.)

Elliot, William

1811 Schooner “Robert.”

Ellingwood, Ebenezer

1745 Schooner “Success.” (R. Hooper’s Letter Book.)

Evans, Ebenezer Giles

1795 Schooner “Hannah,” 66T.
1796 Schooner “William,” 65T.
1797 Schooner “Hannah,” 34T.
1799 Schooner “Richard and Edward,” 64T.
1803 Schooner “Joanna,” 76T.
1805 Schooner “Tom.”
1811 Ship “Ontario,” 305T.
1815 Schooner “Four Sisters.”

In 1799 the “Four Sisters” was captured by the French and sold to Beverly owners in 1805, and to Salem owners in 1810. Essex Institute Records.
1818 Brigantine “Increase.”
1818 Ship “Galen.”
1820 Schooner “Economy,” 97T.
1821 Brigantine “Union.”
1825 Ship “Sarah and Caroline.”
1825 Brigantine “Corinna.”

Capt. Evans was lost in the “Corinna” on his passage from Cape Haytien to Boston in 1825.

Ship “Dromo,” Capt. John Devereux, off the Port of Marseilles, 1836 Original owned by H. K. Devereux, Cleveland O.

Evans, Ebenezer
Born Aug. 4, 1793.

1826 Ship “Charles Henry
1829 Ship “Susan.”
1830 Brig “Newton.”
1831 Ship “Candace.”
1834 Ship “Mariposa.”

Evans, John

1804 Brigantine “Lucy,” 129T.
____ “Bird.” (Condemned in 1812, G. C.)
1808 Brigantine “Latona,” 178T.
1811 Schooner “Eros,” 126T.

Ship “Niobe,” Capt. Richard Evans Original painted in China, presented to Marblehead Historical Society by his great grand-daughter Miss Sarah Palmer Evans of Swampscott, Mass.

Evans, Richard
Bpt. June 2, 1799.

1823 Schooner “Hunter,” 98T.
1825 Ship “Ganges.”
____ Ship “Niobe.”
1830 Brigantine “Adriatic.”
1831 Brigantine “Wolga.”
1831′ Barque “Burlington.”
____ Ship “Rockall.”

Evans, Richard
Born Sept. 15, 1824.

____ Ship “Ganges.”
____ Ship “Archer.”
____ Ship “Agra.”
Capt. Evans died a few days after leaving Manilla, in the “Archer.”


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915